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I can't jelq anymore

I can't jelq anymore

So guys, I thank in advance any veteran that will help me to understand my issue, because even with my few years of experience I’m having a hard time understanding how to get through this.

I also want to say I’m proud to be part of this great community and I’m wishing you guys the best out of your PE journey.

So very briefly as the title says I can’t jelq anymore, I started 3 years ago with simply wet jelqing (I never used advanced techniques), later on I found out I was doing it wrong, doing it completely erect or at least with a 90% erection.

This led me to increased vascularity, a much better EQ but also very small girth gains which is my only goal and also a very big amount of overtraining. Last year I found out the correct way of doing it so I started a simple but amazing dry jelq routine with a max of 30% erection which made me gain a good amount of girth in just 2 month and a half. I can’t tell you how much exactly because I never really did misure myself during my journey, but these gains got noticed by my partner and by grabbing my unit by myself.

So after this good result, my routine just simply doesn’t work anymore. I always felt a warm feeling of blood running through my penis, but now I just can’t feel anything. I’m not fatigued or anything, just doesn’t work, it’s like my dick is enough with it.

My theory is that I grew with this routine to the maximum of the possibility, so now the exercise is practically useless and my penis needs another kind of exercise to keep progressing.

The problem with this is that I’m a bit afraid of clamping for example (my unit is very easy to overtrain), and I don’t believe enough in pumping gains to be permanent even though I’m also afraid it’s not very healthy for the penis. So I have a general fear to devices.

I would love to keep dry jelqing manually but I have no idea how.

Thanks to everyone, Accro

First of all if you’ve been doing this for this long, you need at least 2 months break in order to de condition you penis.

You can try horse 401, sadsak bends and jelqing with one hand clamping the base. All of those are manuals but produces a higher pressure and are more intense exercises.

Just search the forum for those terms.

But remember, first rest then you start over with something new.

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I agree with taking a break for a month or 2. I think this will do the trick for you, but just remember to take it easy when you start up again.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

You noticed more girth with lower erection jelqing? I may need to try that.

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Yea definitely, I only gained once started lower erection dry jelqing. Max of 30\40%.

I think you should try to always jelq with a slight erection, but definitely not a full 90% or 100% erection, because then what you are doing is close to normal masturbating.. From my experience.

Clamping has never been my thing. If you want to venture into a new frontier and experiment, try pumping. I’ve used a few different pumps, and have loved it. The best pump is the LA Pump from LA Distributing I believe that you can just search for on Google, with a metal handle and all sturdy parts that won’t break over much usage. They also come standard with a flat, smooth base so there is very little discomfort with usage for 30+ minutes in a day. Of course, refer to the pumping section for more information. For girth gains, I am a strong advocate of pumping.

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I would give a try to pumping trust me, if I wasn’t afraid of devices.

Originally Posted by Accro
I would give a try to pumping trust me, if I wasn’t afraid of devices.

Nice, kind of like all women are afraid of me and my penis. There is a sensual aspect of meeting women that I haven’t become comfortable with yet, in my 26 years. I am basically a straight man, but I know most women do not like me very much.

Starting stats September 2007: 7.5" BPEL, 5.5" MEG.

Current: 9.3" BPEL, 6.2" EG

Its time to think in another routine. Specially with clamping or pump if you are aiming for girth, and after 3 years your already have some conditioning so Its Ok try some advanced routines. But go slow and listen to your body.

And also a short break its a good way to go before re start.

So I have been doing it wrong for about two week. So how should I jelp it? I am easy to get hard.

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
You can try heat or more intensity or more time with your jelqs.
Its normal that after some time you wont grow anymore to the same stimulus.

Sadly more intensity for my unit is a fair straightforward “no”. I need to be really gentle and pay a lot of attention or I will overdo it.

The good thing I noticed about this is that if I find the correct routine it’s very very easy to get gains and not lose them.

As others said, switch your routine to something new, or better, keep the jelqs (maybe lower the amount) and add something new :)

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I do not understand how lower erection % would help with girth..

But yeah, the body adapts over time. You either increase frequency / strength or quit for awhile and hope for the best after

3 years of jelqing then you realized you are doing it the wrong way !! That’s a Long amount of time wasted. I believe you overdo it and you give no rest days and no enough sleep which are factors to grow your tool. Personally I started close to a year. And I can see progress not a lot, but it’s noticed esp the bottom vein became thicker.

I do Everyday half erect 60-70% jelqing, and I stop 1 or two days. Sometimes more than that.

I have no idea about dry jelqing!

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