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I’m Back

I skipped yesterday, I didnt even Shower. Lol I’ve been sad. I even asked her to take me back and she said no. I did a short routine today. I warmed up with helicopter swings, did about 50 jelqs at 40% erection, with a warm down. Will try and do a more intense routine tomorrow

Didn’t do a routine today. I masturbated yesterday and figured I’d take a small break from PE and try and build a tolerance to that. Since i struggle to last long as it is. I like to do PE and masturbation together but not where i can Do it everyday like i plan on for a short time.

Technically it is Friday. But this post will consist of Wednesday and thursdays logs, just masturbation with some edging before it. I feel Like my tolerance is growing, but masturbating and sex aren’t exactly the same lol. I’m still single as well so hopefully all the PE i put in will be worth it the next time i have sex.

Friday I had also masturbated. Saturday and Sunday i took Off because busy with work and stuff. Today Monday i start working out (took last week off because sad and not eating enough) and PE again. 5 minute warm up, 50 jelqs with not a full erection but pretty hard, cool down with cool water. Want to get thicker and can’t do that without putting in the work. Fear is temporary; regret is forever

Today i did a much more intense routine.

Warmed up with helicopter swings and hot water, did A LOT of jelqs. I did not count, maybe like 200-300? More than usual.

I did it to see how it would affect my unit, will post it how it feels tomorrow. Short cool down more so manual exercises like swings and water

As of right now my unit seems normal. Will take today off and see how it feels when an erection comes.

Yesterday I took the day off and got some random chubs throughout the day. I think I’m gonna try that the more intense number of jelqs today. Also edge tonight maybe tomorrow I’ll see how I’m feeling.

Warmed up with a few helicopter swings and warm shower. 200 jelqs at 60% erection. A little tighter of jelqs than usual, I’m testing some stuff out. Gonna report to see how my unit feels and the EQ

Originally Posted by Peakaverageguy
I’m testing some stuff out. Gonna report to see how my unit feels and the EQ

Very nice, keep us posted!

May the penis gods bless you!

Once upon a time (2015): 6.40” x 4.50”

Today: 7.25” x 5.00”, Thunder Cocks Unite!

I think we can...Little Engine’s Climb

Today i had a good EQ. Felt a little bigger. Did some really light stretching and idk what to call these but, it’s like you’re about to stretch but right after you extend you let it flow back to normal. Kind of like a jab (the punch) where it pops out and you bring it back to your chin. But with your unit?

It feels like a quick stretch

I took Today off as a rest day. Got drunk last night so you know I went ham when I got home. Will continue the more intense sessions

Today i did a more so manual warm up.

In the shower with helicopter swings and kind of massaging it. 200ish jelqs. Warm down with shower water. I’m gonna measure soon. I dont think I’ve grown, but that way i can Record it for length and girth gains. Since I work with my ex and her ex also works there, he called me little dick today”jokingly” but i know him and her are close and text/talk often. I’m not saying she told him anything I wouldnt know for sure, but it could be possible i could see her doing that. It’s time for me to try and get some gains again.

I took Yesterday off. Today was manual warm up of helicopter swings and some very light stretching with a short massage. About 100 jelqs 50% election. Slow squash Jelq for 1 minute and a half. Another 80 jelqs or so, with another slow squash Jelq for about 1 minute. Really targeting girth here. Woke up with a good erection this morning, and i gave Blood yesterday which seemed to affect it kind of in size? Makes sense to me. Trying to find best time to masturbate in my routine because i want To edge and you know continue my adventure for lasting longer.

Rest day today. Flaccid hang seemed good, will train tomorrow.

Not too intense routine.

Manual warm up, 120ish jelqs, warm down. Gonna try and PE again tomorrow, gonna see how EQ is and stuff.


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