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I’m Back

Good morning erection, felt bigger than usual. Rest day though I was busy. I might edge tonight we will see. I’ll post results tomorrow and plan on training tomorrow. I’m thinking a 2 on 1 off routine

Yesterday i took Ofc was busy with work. But good EQ.

Hot water warm up, 5 minutes of stretching, about 50-75 jelqs with a decent erection. Maybe 60%? Finished with a good pump, i have found out slow jelqs work better than fast jelqs. Which makes sense. I need To find a shoestring to start ulis again

Want to make a quick post. Got a random erection, it was rock hard. I think it’s the increase in stretching honestly. I’m loving it though

Quick training today, will be busy.

But just hot water warm up with about 4-5 minutes of stretching. EQ has been good, I’m excited to measure. Will try and do a 2 week measure maybe 1 month.

Rest day today, only because i wanna edge with a finish tonight lmao.

Slightly different

Hot water warm up with about 5 minutes of stretching. Not many jelqs about 50, with 3 sets of 30 seconds ULIs. I do These with a shoestring though. Nice pump

Good morning wood today.

Hot water warm up with again about 5 minutes of stretching. Not much jelqs, like 30-50? I didn’t count. I kind Of used it to help get a bigger erection for ulis. 3 sets of ulis with shoestring for 30 seconds. Nice pump afterwards. Also not doing these at a full erection. From 40-70% erection level

Yesterday was a rest day. Edged at night will train today.

Warm up of hot water

5 minutes of stretching with helicopter swings

About 60 jelqs all together

With 2 sets of 30 seconds ULIs

Side note: the head of my unit seems to be bigger than usual. Maybe from the ULIs?

Yesterday i couldnT PE because i got Caught up with work. Early rest day

Hot water warm up

About 5 minutes of stretching. I did About 50-60 jelqs at chub. Each jelq about 2-3 seconds. I did two sets of 30 seconds of ULIs. Further on the day (as I’m typing) i got a semi-erection and my unit was looking good. I think my routine is solid. Looking forward to measuring

Yesterday it was the same routine as before. Good EQ

Today was rest day with some edging, ready to unleash the beast

Yesterday and today were the same routine.

Hot water warm up, about 4-5 minutes of stretching with some jelqing at a 50%-60% erection. Then 2 sets of ULIs for 30 seconds each. Great pump, i think I’m gonna get lucky soon, excited to see how I perform. I’ll keep y’all updated


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