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I’m Back

Warm up with light stretching and hot water. 120 slow jelqs, warm down with water. I had Good EQ today and woke up with erection.

Might train again tomorrow depending on EQ

I took Yesterday off because i was Too busy. But been having great EQ, been waking up with a bunch of erections. I’ve also been thinking about sex a lot more too so there’s that. Will try to train today

Originally Posted by Peakaverageguy
Since I work with my ex and her ex also works there, he called me little dick today”jokingly” but I know him and her are close and text/talk often. I’m not saying she told him anything I wouldn’t know for sure, but it could be possible I could see her doing that. It’s time for me to try and get some gains again.

Let it motivate you but never let it get the best of you.

Easier written than done.

@lunarbuggy I’ll try thanks.

Had a warm up with light stretching and hot water. Did about 100 jelqs flaccid and did some more stretching with about 30 second slow squash Jelq. Not a lot of training but i want To keep the good EQ so will try and keep that for as long as i can. But it also might be because I’ve been thinking about sex a lot(more erections). Will post measurement soon. Haven’t accurately measured in awhile maybe I’m still not as big as before who knows we will see.

Yesterday and today were light days. Tonight is consisting of edging finishing with maturbating.

Today was an off day.

I was Very productive with personal things though, got a lot of work done and went to training.

Today was another off day. But my EQ has been very good. Like best EQ in awhile. I might train tomorrow

Slight warm up with hot shower water and some light stretching. About 200 normal jelqs then i did Machine gun jelqs for about 1 minute. Warm down with shower water as well. I’m in a mood to have sex lately lol

Measured today.

BPEL: 6.75 i have a banana curve. But figured this is the most useful way to measure.

EG: 4 with 28/32 grooves. So almost 5. Which would be a nice goal.

Short routine. Trying something out.

About 5 min warm up with hot water, then i did Hard jelqs but only about 40 jelqs, hot water warm down. I wanted To see how they would affect my unit. I was thinking. I mainly want girth still, some length would be nice but girth is the goal.

I took Today off.

Last night i edged A little bit and my EQ was great. I then Masturbated and this morning woke up with a decent EQ erection. Will train tomorrow, back to normal routine.

Good training today.

Short warm up with hot water. About 4 minutes of stretching with helicopter swings. About 75-100 jelqs around an 80-90% erection. Great unit pump afterwards, gonna continue this. I’ve been flirting with this girl for a little bit. I know It’s early to think of anything but we had something in the past about a year ago. Lately we’ve been hanging out and i feel Like is she feeling me. Somewhat more motivation to continue training. There is nothing that comes out of quitting, except knowing that you didn’t finish

Good EQ since last training. It feels a little thicker but who knows, i wont Measure until at least a couple of weeks. Will train later tonight.

Today’s training was ehh. Sometimes when I want an erection it’s hard to get. I think It’s anxiety sadly. Anyways hot water warm up, about 4 minutes of stretching with a little helicopter swings. Not many jelqs, maybe 100? With 30 of them around 60% erection the rest were less. I still Tried to do slow jelqs. I’m thinking about doing ULIs again. We will see


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