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Is girth work REALLY counter-productive to length gains or is this a myth?


Is girth work REALLY counter-productive to length gains or is this a myth?

I am focusing on pure length right now with the PM and figured I would start with girth once my desired length is achieved. My reason for this is that it is my understnading that bigger girth gains means length gains become more difficult.

Is there any truth to this? Can I begin doing some Uli’s or should I really wait and focus on length for now?

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Maybe doing some light jelqs just to restore blood flow after you take off your pm wouldn’t affect your length gains.

I don’t think it affects it unless you are truly hitting the girth department hard, in which case, your tunica is getting tougher at the same time.

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Here are the stats:

Does Big Girth Kill Lenght Gains?

Higher starting girth negatively correlates with length gains, but the effect is far from absolute. Note that guys starting with girths under 4.5” tend to be much bigger length gainers than guys starting with more girth. This could be attributed to many factors, however.

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Nobody knows for sure, but I think it’s best to take any increase in size you can get. PE isn’t like ordering a pizza.

Cheers :)

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

Do length first. Girth last.

I don’t know if the are counter productive to each other, I think people just focus on one or the other. When I first started PE, I gained length fast. I think I was gaining over .25” a month in length. You will see over the same time I only gained .2” EG over my entire PE time. That may speak to the theory of skinnier EG guys gaining girth fast.

But what about the hanging guys that gain crazy girth while putting on length? Hanging is purely a length exercise but it seems that one of the great benefits is EG growth. I think if you focus on length, but use jelqs as well, you will gain some girth too. I will say that although I got over 7” BPEL, it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought when I had sex. My gf isn’t as tight as some girls I’ve been with, so for us EG is the way to go. Length is fun to measure, and look at, but I don’t know if I would want to wait until I was 8” EL x 4.8”EG before I started on girth work.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

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I’m not sure if it hampers gains or not. However I do both and have made gains each month.

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I completely disagree with that theory, I clamped for a year and a half for girth gains and gained an inch in length and almost half an inch in girth.

If you check my picture thread in my signature I have picture proof and that gain was completely from clamping.

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I’ve never done any clamping or Uli. I think I got all my girth from jelqing. I would also sometimes make a ring around my base with one hand while masterbating and would get that inflating a tire effect,was I unknowingly doing girth excercises?

I have been thinking if I should incorporate any girth work into my routine of hanging 6 sets? I want length as fast as possible. Is there any proof out there that having big girth would hamper gains?Where did this theory come from? I’m sure in terms of hanging,if it did make any difference(which there is no proof) it would just mean you would have to add more weight to achieve fatigue, but as long as your fatiguing, you would be gaining at the same rate.

Originally Posted by pauly891

Do length first. Girth last.

Pauly891, you state that as if it was just that simple. It’s not. Men try for length and get girth; try for girth and get length; try for whatever they can get and get neither.

There is no such thing as a ‘pure girth’ or ‘pure length’ exercise or routine. Whatever the intent, there is always someone who had either gotten something different or no result at all.

I’m with Insane_Man: “Nobody knows for sure, but I think it’s best to take any increase in size you can get. PE isn’t like ordering a pizza.” If you’re not ready to accept whatever gains you might get, in whichever dimension, you probably ought not risk PE.

And this does come up from time to time. Members will say “I’m long enough! I don’t want more length; I just want girth!” or not want any more girth and just want length. No one can guarantee that gains in one dimension will not also mean gains in the other.

I think the theory that girth hampers length gains comes from the theory that it is harder to stretch a thick rubber band than a thin one. I don’t know that there is a lot more science than that behind it, although there are some statistics, as have already been cited. Correlation, though, does not necessitate causation.

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Yea on second thought I don’t think it matters, because reaching fatigue is reaching fatigue. If your huge girth wise, I think if anything, you would just need to use more weight, than a guy with less girth. Your gains should be the same regardless. So I vote myth.

Hey Thunder!

Thanks for having me on your forum! It is a privilege! I am sorry if I said anything wrong, I should never generalize or talk bad about this website, when really it’s just a couple of people that I thought were being deceptive. Sorry about that, everyone is entitled to there opinion. I love your website.

I’d try length first - you may find that ancillary girth gains will come anyway. I’ve never done specific girth exercises for any length of time but have found that my girth has increased just as a result of pursuing regimens targeting length. However, as others have mentioned, your mileage may vary.

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