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I've fallen and I need help getting back up.


I've fallen and I need help getting back up.

I would like to see some of the vets or people who have gained share more information about their working progress. I’ve been on this forum(and I was one, before they kinda went under) and I have only had one person message me to talk to me about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. Afterwards offering me tips and routines to try, now mind you me an many others have made frustrated threads about how much time and effort is invested into pe and getting nothing to show for it). I know everyone is different like I keep seeing on here, but how fucking different can we be? I mean you have genetics, physical health, and diet. I would like to think that genetics can not hinder ones ability to grow their hot dog. Physical health im sure is a huge role in how the body reacts to certains situations and work outs. Then there is diet, some people eat healthy and some don’t, some like to mix it up. At the end of the day I just would like to have some people who have had “luck” with this pe stuff help us “unlucky” guys out. The whole point of me joining this site was to seek out to the fellow man, ya know be a student and you be the teacher.

I know the vets/gainers do get frustrated with having people sign up on the site and ask the same damn question over and over and over and over and over and over and over again when the question they had was literally right in front of their face. For me it just seems like when someone ask a question on here it gets 150 views and 6 replies with the author making 3 of them, and the other answers are kinda ehhhhh…Im not saying you guys are going to have every answer, I know you don’t have this crystal ball that tells you the future b/c if you did I hope that you are the wealthiest person on Earth haha. I personally do use the search button before making a thread about a question I have, but if you type in a certain type of stretch, anyone that has ever posted stretch comes up!!! WTF I’m not going to sit and go through every thread that had the word stretch in it to hope that I find the answer I am looking for.

It just find it really hard and displeasing for people like myself that have attempted and tried and tried and tried to the edge with pe and never saw anything. I literally have been doing PE on and off for about 5 years now and haven’t seen a single gain. I have been on and off for those 5 years b/c after devoting so much time and effort into something and never receiving any reward, that is pretty fucking discouraging. I went a whole two years straight doing pe, and got nothing from it. I am not trying to sound like a dick or be the emo guy, but something has to happen here. I’ve been trying to for 5 years so its pretty obvious that I want this just as bad, if not more(b/c i haven’t gained and you have) than some. I try to accommodate my confidence in things I know I am good at, but when it comes to the size of my sch-long I have absolutely no confidence at all and it fucking sucks.

All I’m saying is me, myself, and others like me(I’m speaking for them) would just like a little more one on one communication? At this point i am so frustrated I have forgotten the initial reason why i wrote this. Now after typing for this long its more of a rant, but if I didn’t give a shit I wouldn’t have written it. Just help please.

Oh and ric025 was the gentleman that went out of his way to talk to me and help me with my frustrating routine, props to that man right there!!!!

Cookie Tree’s routine

What I don’t get Cookie Tree is how you can go for 5 years without gaining and still be at it. Maybe it feels like banging your head against a brick wall because you are trying all the things that have failed you in the past. I had to check your routine and it looks like a newbie routine. How many newbie routine variants have you tried? How many have failed?

So, rather than everyone looking through your entire post history, it might be useful to actually state what you’ve tried and what you haven’t and how hard you tried.

For example, you’ve tried manual newbie routines but have you tried hanging? It’s really easy to fuck up a manual routine, it requires a level of dedication and skill that some people don’t have. It’s practically impossible to fuck up the stress from hanging (though it’s quite possible to fuck up your penis). You’re either hanging a particular weight for a particular time or you’re not.

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I have gone from just about 100 jelqs to 500 jelqs a day, manual stretches, 3 different extenders, heat, pumping(wasnt a good pump though), nothing but stretches, certain vitamins and supplements. I literally have done just about everything but hanging.

Currently I am doing
rice sock warm up
5 mins stretch in all directions
heli shakes 10 times
v stretches 3 points 20 seconds each 2 times
100 jeqs
All of the stretches again
100 jelqs
stretches again
100 jelq
extender for as long as I can.

I just see threads that say do 1000 jelqs to get gains, then someone says less is more, so I try both and still nothing happens.

See what I mean 39 views already and one person replied, hahaha.

The majority of people viewing can’t reply, they haven’t registered.

It’s very hard to tell from what you’ve posted, how much effort you’ve put in. If you’ve put in loads of effort, then I’m sure you are very disappointed. If you’ve gone from one thing to another without giving it any time to work or been the least bit half hearted, then I’m not surprised. PE is actual hard effort and I think a lot of people think they can gain by lubing up and wanking at porn.

Personally, I have a certain lack of faith in extenders. I think they may help harden the penis up, so it’s harder to gain. Imagine if all those hours in the extender are just making it harder for you. I can’t really back up this opinion, it’s built from observation and that is potentially erroneous, like when you buy a car and suddenly you notice loads of other people driving them.

Time to try hanging. If that doesn’t work, time to give up.

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I do appreciate your advice and speaking with me memento, but what you said at the end is the reason I have written this blog/thread. “Time to try hanging. If it doesn’t work, time to give up.” I don’t see how that is acceptable. For one, or many to believe on the fact that a idea is reasonable and rewarding then shrug their shoulders if it doesn’t work, is FRAUD. There is nothing more to it. I have been with this for a long time and have tried many things, but I am starting to believe this is all a bunch of bullshit. I mean, if I have to live the rest of my life knowing that my size will not change besides surgery, I would rather be content with that fact as to believing that something out there may change it. It maybe hard for you or many to agree or see my eye on this subject. After all is said and done, this seems to be some guys getting revenue off of stupid fucks like me believing in a man helping another man out.

I am just frustrated with this stuff, nothing I do or change seems to have an effect and that is troubling to my mind. I can drink and smoke and live the fast life for as long as I want and out of no where work out. Then i become stronger and bigger, yet if I jelq my penis doesn’t grow? Strange….and trust me I know biceps arent like a penis muscle, but at the end of the day a muscle is a muscle. If you work it, it gets stronger, it grows, it sees the potential.

I am irrelevant, but truthfully this pe thing seems like just some guys that found a way to make money, just like pills, surgery, and cream….no difference.

Damn cookie tree you sound like me! I’ve been at it for 5 years as well, and also been dedicated to various routines. I own MonkeyBars extender, I own a pump with a gauge, I have tried using sleeves all day, I have gone back to the newbie routine and done simple manual stuff for over a year now and only recently started doing pumping. Its unreal. I didn’t think after 5 years of being on this forum I would still doubt whether or not it was even possible…and I had to have a 25K venous leak surgery because of PE probably. either that or I was born with it, but I’ll never know because I wasn’t sexually active until after starting PE. Anyway, cheers to you for posting this thread, I’ll be watching it closely.

Cookie and Goldenbear,

I get the frustration. There are many people getting rich from penis enlargement. There was a quote I noticed in our quote database from a pill/patch seller.

Originally Posted by AndyMN
There is no research behind this, this is pure marketing.. I’m not here to give false claims, I’m here to get your suggestions to make things better, this is infact one of the first things I plan on removing.. This will be replaces with benifits of using our “complete system” over other patch programs.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention again, again this is the first thing I plan on working on!

Source: AndyMN - Comments on ProEnhance Please

If you think people are getting rich here though, I can tell you I’ve never received money from this site. The best I’ve got is a prototype to test. It was a really good prototype but never went to market. For me, at least, it’s the opposite - this site has sucked up my time.

If you believe that and of course you don’t have to (there could be a con you can’t see). The question would be why I’ve put my time into the site. I think that’s a question that lots of people could answer. Apart from the fact that I have a lot of people here I like, there’s the fact that it worked for me and I want this site to be around so other people can get what I got.

So, why do I suggest that you give up? Because spending 5 years on something and getting nowhere is dispiriting, it’s often better to stop and start doing something that gets somewhere.

Why can’t you gain?

The obvious reasons are

  • It’s all a con, no one gains
  • You’re not doing it right
  • You have a penis that is stronger than other people’s

If the first one were true, I don’t think this forum would have lasted or you’d have to be paying people to post. That could be the case for all you know, I can’t really argue against it other than by saying what I did above.

If the second is true, then you need to spend a lot more time reading to get the right techniques and actually apply these techniques. Do you read a thread and go ‘yeah, I don’t do that’ and then forget about it. Do you spend your time reading the forum and think that equates to time spent PEing? I’ll say it again, for effect, PE is hard work.

The only reason I gained, I think, is because I was single minded about it. I didn’t take time off unless I was injured. I’m pretty certain I caught the curve of maximum gains by monitoring progress closely and never allowing full healing.

Since I stopped my main PE stint, I’ve dabbled occasionally, never keeping it up for more than a couple of months and never treating it as important or central. Guess what, I haven’t gained a thing. If your 5 years has been a couple of months and then you give up and then you feel the need again, so you start again, and now you’re complaining you’re not gaining - now you know why.

If the 3rd is true, you’re fucked.

So, start hanging. If that doesn’t work with 3 months (of continuous effort) find something else to do.

That’ll be $59.99, pay at the till.

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Lol, memento I have no doubt that this is a legit site. I have PM’d with people and have gotten to know some great folks. There is no doubt that I was doing it wrong in the beginning, hence the leak. I will tell you exactly what I do now. Ever since the Surgery, I have been very scared to do anything too intense. For about a year and a half (fell off the wagon the last few months) I did a very simple thing:

warm up with rice sock
20 minute manual stretch with 30 second holds in all directions while wearing a latex glove for amazing grip and strong force
20 minute jelq
warm down in shower

I generally did this 2 on 1 off, or 1 on 1 off. But mostly tried to watch my PIs

Thats it. I refuse to use the stretcher given my past and I only recently started dabbling in pumping and recognize that I am doing so at the risk of my cock getting worse. I’ll add that I hardly know anyone that works out or eats as strictly as I do, so I am in decent shape. I’m all ears…your check is in the mail.

Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread. I bow out.


In your position, I’d be worried about having sex, I don’t think I’d be PEing and definitely not doing a girth routine. You’re screwy :)

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Cookie tree and Golden Bear I’m right there with you.
I’ve been at this for over 3 years with pretty much no gains however I did gain a bit of length since I started manual stretching.
I don’t want length but it did convince me that it can work.

I do share your frustration with the whole thing though, it clearly can and does work !
Assuming it’s not lack of effort which I’m confident it’s not on my part then I just don’t know why some of us have such a hard time.

There are times when I believe it works, then there are times when I don’t. What I am trying to understand is what separates a group of men(gainers) from another group of men(non-gainers). Is it that their genetics are better? They eat better? They work out and dont put poison in their bodies? Is jelqing a waste of time even though it is the concrete that kinda started 99% of pe forums and communication? Do the non gainers work less or not as hard as the gainers?

I just want to discuss the underlining secret(maybe more pictures or videos would help us guys out) that seems to be indirect most of the time. Pics/videos of the vets or gainers explaining what to do how to do it at this force(referencing a squeeze), recommending days, routines, shit like that is what I want to see. When I see pics its someone else progress pictures of how he grew a inch in 7 months and a 13 second video of someone standing in front of a web cam jelqing hahaha. I want to be a believer in this stuff, but after a while once you keep running into a brick wall you want to just stop and walk around it the next time.

Momento, once again I am and have been doing a strict and continuous pe routine since the beginning of December. Starting with the newbie routine and working my way from there. I didn’t pe for about 2 years religiously and saw nothing and lost all hope in it. I guess I will look into hanging and if that doesnt work, ill try something else. I will not accept another person that is capable of doing what I can and visa versa gain or have something that I want, thats just not my personality. I do not accept defeat very easily, especially when I can go to a pe forum and see everyone having what I want. I plan to continue my routine for another month and a half and then I will look into other alternatives.

Hi Cookie,

I did manual routines on & off for a while, but also found results lacking overall (because of impatience, lack of immediate results? Technique? Who knows) so I went more the hanging/extending route. I chose more of a lower force/longer time type approach, and *for me* this has worked. Especially so since I devoted time for it over the past ~4.5 months, and have been very dedicated to it. I did have gains before this, but it was definitely more sporadic as my dedication to extending wasn’t the best by any means. That said, I DID gain something in the past so that was encouragement enough for me to make it work and continue on. I can understand you are probably incredibly frustrated.

All that said, I still do very basic manual routines even today — including jelqing, some stretching — even if I don’t believe that the manual exercises alone were effective *for me* all by themselves. I still feel they are beneficial as an adjunct for bloodflow, keeping plump/extended, etc and good as warm-ups/warm-downs in preparation for hanging or extending at the very least. I recently posted a long (too long ;) ) post on my results and what it is I’m doing. You might want to take a look, something may be of use there. (( Success So Far and Lessons Learned )) Basically, I’m a big believer in the monkeybar vacextender/xleeves now, but it definitely takes time & dedication to work.

Best of luck.


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