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Just tried out my Cable Clamp

Just tried out my Cable Clamp

Well, I’ve finally got my cable clamp and just gave it a go…now my dick looks like it’s been in the blender :(

I started by wrapping bandage around the base to aid the grip and stop skin nip. Then, after watching a bit of porn I did some horse squeezes. My dick was hard as rock and my glans looked twice as big. It was so hard, in fact, that I could hardly squeeze my glans.

Now, I hadn’t intended on doing a workout as I hadn’t warmed up or anything, but wanted to give the clamp a try. I ended up doing about 10-15mins worth and then took it all off.

My dick now looks red raw with big and small red spots all over the it and there’s fluid build-up around the circ scar. So now I’m gonna have to take a small break and recover :mad: .

For those of you who are using the cable clamp, where did I go wrong? (is it just because I did no conditioning beforehand?)

Please tell me your routines when using these.

Have you been doing hard core squeezes like horses and ulis for a while? If so you should be in okay condition. But, if you’re keeping it on for 10 or 15 minutes at a time that’s too long, especially at first. Maybe start with three or four sets at a time lasting 5 to 8 minutes each. Find threads on the Uli thing for more recommendations and theory. Here’s a good discussion: On tourniques/cock rings/ulie things… And another: New ULI device… some nice benefits… Safer! Cable clamps Oh wait, here’s another: Question for BIB Re: Extreme Ulis

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Thanks Ike. I’ve been doing horses for a while using an ok grip to clamp off the base. I think it was probably the combination of clamping off so hard with the cable clamp and the fact that it was the first pe in about 5 days (without a warm up) thats done it. Also some of my scrotum at the base is very bruised which is an obvious sign of clamping off too hard.

I’ll let the bruising subside a bit, then try again properly.

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