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More Hangers Or Extender Users?

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Have You Tried Hanging/Extender For A Significative Amount Of Time?

I tried hanging but not wearing an extender


I tried wearing an extender but not hanging


I tried both


I tried none of the two

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Originally Posted by wawawuh
Dang Alin that is a looooong set, I’m new to the vac hanging and was worried about going 30 minutes without a break. From your stats it looks like you’ve made some solid gains too. Could/Would you recommend I work towards longer sets rather than higher weighs? I recently went to 7.5 lbs from 5 lbs for two 30 minute sets in the morning then repeat the same routine before going to bed.

Actually I’m 0.2” longer now(haven’t updated my stats) . I think time under tension is more important than the weight used.

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

No to both. I’m afraid of anything that cuts off circulation (cock rings) especially to my head.

My current dimensions: flaccid: 8" x 6.5" erect: 9.5" x 7.125" glans: soft length:1.825" soft diameter 1.65" firm length:2.286" firm diameter:1.90"

Goal: flaccid: 9" x 7" (.1" length .5" girth) erect: 10" x 8" ( .5" length 1" girth) glans: soft length: 2.25" soft diameter: 2" firm length: 2.5" firm diameter: 2.25"

Ultimate goal: flaccid: 10" x 8" erect: 11.5" x 9.75" glans: soft length: 2.5" soft diameter: 2.25" firm length: 4" firm diameter: 3" In other words: A big, fat elephant cock!

Tried both.
I started the wrong way, trying hanging first and after a couple of years the extender.

I gained something near 1/4” with hanging. I stopped it after 6 months, I was able to sustain 12 pounds for all the sets (3-4 sets /day, jelqing between and afterwards). I stopped because I had not made gains for 2 months (in the meantime I went from 9 to 12 pounds).

With the extender I gained about the same, maybe a bit more, closer to the 3/8” mark. Most of my gains came in the first 1000 hours which were in less than 4 months. I tried to use it everyday, and I was only taking break days when I had privacy issues or really needed a rest. I plateaued afterwards, and only made some minor gains while using the extender with a fulcrum and sometimes with my penis twisted a full 360 turn or more.

When I will be mentally ready and my personal time allows for it, I am thinking of trying hanging again, and this time sticking to it until I will get to big weights. I think it’s the only method that might produce any new growth for me.

It takes time and devotion.

Thanks Axrhstos.

Tried an extender, hard to use, painful and hard to hide. I tried, but just to painful had to loosen it every hour I think it is dangerous, too much like a tourniquet on your cock.

Ddi you vote Bigduke? If so, what?

I voted that I had used an extender…. I have not hung yet, but that is next. I am still getting gains with my routine, so I will add it after I hit a plateau.

Well, anyone who has ‘just tried’ hanging or extender, shouldn’t vote, as explained in the first post. Only those who tried consistently and long enough that gains had to start to show up should vote.

Tried an extender. Found out about the velcro mod later on which was great. I actually like it as it was comfortable to wear but after 600 hours I didn’t gain anything. Never tried hanging and doubt I will

Start 2-3-08 BPEL 7.25" EG 5.25" Midshaft

Now BPEL 9.00" EG 5.50 " Midshaft

Long term goal NBP 8x6 - "The Magic stick"

velcro mod

Originally Posted by miami-cock
Tried an extender. Found out about the velcro mod later on which was great. I actually like it as it was comfortable to wear but after 600 hours I didn’t gain anything. Never tried hanging and doubt I will

Miami-cock, I got the idea of using a silicone sleeve with bandage under it from one of your posts. Makes all the difference when using the Velcro mod. Stops slipping and allows for higher tensions. Thanks for posting it

I have only tried hanging.

I had been doing a couple long sessions of fowfers after hanging but I honestly don’t think it did anything for me.

Now after hanging, I heat immediately with a heat pad for 15 minutes minimum, then sleep. Works great for me.

Then, 6.1 x 4.5 Now, 7.25 x 5.25

Late to this party. I hang only and have never tried an extender. I did mess around with PE weights but I had a little problem with them that actually interfered with hanging.

After that I decided that hanging should be my top PE priority. So I am just going to build up to the maximum amount of time that I can hang and not worry about the other stuff.

12/11/2013 BPEL 5 3/4 NBPEL 5 1/16 BPFSL 6 1/16 NBPFSL 5, EG Base 5 EG Mid 4 7/8 EG Below Glans 4 3/4

11/02/15 BPEL 7 1/8”, BPFSL 8 1/16”, EG Mid 5 1/4 —- Goals BPEL 7 1/2”, NBPEL 6 1/2", BPFSL 9” Motivational Resources Wanted

8/9/2014 259 lbs ---- 11/2/15 248 lbs 33.2% body fat Bhcentral's Progress Reports and Pictures

I tried hanging but couldn’t bring myself to splurge for an off the self, so to speak,externder. I hung 20 minutes a day every other day. I started with 1 pound and worked up to 3 pounds. I tried 5 but it left me in pain after the hanging, more than I thought was acceptable.

I gained steadily with an extender, only reason why i stopped using it was because of lack of privacy. If I remember correctly my first 3/4 of an inch was from an extender. I used it for 2 to 4 hours a day for 5 days a week for about 6 months. My last 1/2 an inch gain was from mostly manual stretching and then hanging. Luckily I did it in that exact order. Without much knowledge to PE if i would have started hanging first I think my results wouldn’t have been so impressive.

Starting Stats: BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.375 <> Current Stats: BPEL = 7.25, EG = 4.6

I don’t know how well qualified I am to post but feel like I should share my experience. I jumped into hardcore hanging (relatively speaking) 1 month into my PE journey last fall. I hung for two months and had to take a break while traveling for the holidays for a week. My Dick felt great for the first two months, but after Christmas I couldn’t retain the magic. I didn’t lose any gains however I lost some “fullness.”

Now I am focusing on manual routines with jelq sticks. I wouldn’t mind trying an extender later on but it is less practical than hanging.


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