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More Hangers Or Extender Users?

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Have You Tried Hanging/Extender For A Significative Amount Of Time?

I tried hanging but not wearing an extender


I tried wearing an extender but not hanging


I tried both


I tried none of the two

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More Hangers Or Extender Users?

I am interested in knowing if there are more people who tried hanging or extenders. If you tried just for a very short amount of time, out of curiosity, then you shouldn’t vote as I see this, because I want to know the ‘frequency of compliance to the protocol’, to use a big sentence. I’m not giving a specific time-frame though, judge by yourself if the amount of time was enough to give you a hint on what you could gain from hanging/extender.

Explicative posts about your experience are appreciated of course.

PS: I will leave any other Mod free to correct mistakes in how the poll is written or adding more options etc., no need to ask my previous permission.

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Ok don’t make me ask loud, vote people please.

And some explicative posts too, if I’m not asking too much.

Tried hanging, looking into extenders. As you’ve probably guessed.

Thanks DomXZ.

Good idea. Thanks Boss.

I have been hanging for almost two months. I hanged because, honestly, I heard/read a lot more on it vs extenders. From Bib to Tom Hubbard to this forum, it seemed/seems like hanging is a good way to get results.

I didn’t really look into extenders, at all, until last week from the Hanging sets vs extender thread. Very curious now, as an extender may be more feasible to me depending on my work environment.

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Thanks Bradbartender, those are actually the kind of things I am more interested to know. :)

I have tried both. I have gotten some length from hanging on its own, but more with hanging plus an hour or two of extender use after the hanging sessions. I tried an extender on its own for about 8 months, but gained nothing, but I attribute that to only being able to get, at most, 4 hours a day. I’m of the opinion that hanging properly for ~10 hours a week or using an extender for ~50 hours a week can give similar results. I think it depends on what fits better in your lifestyle. One is a little more discomfort, active participation, total privacy required for short duration and the other is less discomfort, minimal participation, semi-privacy required for long duration.

To note, neither rate of gains even come close to the first 6 month-ish gains that I made with just stretching and jelqing.

>>..extender use after the hanging sessions. I tried an extender on its own for about 8 months, but gained nothing, but I attribute that to only being able to get, at most, 4 hours a day<<

or mybe the toughening effect of previous hanging? Thanks Illivan, informative post.

Originally Posted by marinera
or mybe the toughening effect of previous hanging? Thanks Illivan, informative post.

That very well could be, I went to the extender when I felt I just couldn’t continue hanging. It’s possible my results could have been different if I had not hung prior to using the extender.

I hang over the shoulder, 3 sets fifteen minutes three or four times a week, for some reason this gives me pretty good EQ and that’s all I really do it for.

I have never tried an extender, firstly I just don’t like the style of attaching them, I have thought about making one just to trial them out though and more so lately because of your comments Marinera.

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I hanged dedicatedly for several months ending in the spring of this year and gained approximately 1/4” after six months of intense sessions, and had to stop as it was effecting my marriage.

I have never worn an extender as my work wouldn’t allow it.

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I tried hanging a couple times out of curiosity, but not enough to meet the criteria of the poll so I voted I tried wearing an extender but not hanging since I primarily used a homemade extender/stretching device.

I stretched at 5 pounds of force for about an hour, sometimes twice a day (morning and night), with that hour broken up by a very short break every 10 or 15 minutes partially due to trial and error designing fastening system as well as intentional experimentation of releasing tension every 15 minutes so for my experimentation, a fastening system that could be quickly engaged/disengaged was more important to me than one that could comfortably hold in for 18 hours at lower tension.

I realize now that the force and time frame I used was much more similar to a hanging routine than a traditional extender routine so I hope the way I voted positively contributes to the poll marinera!

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