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Only noticing the red bruises when stretching

Only noticing the red bruises when stretching

Anybody else like this? I notice discoloration when stretching, but that’s it. Not really during clamping. I mean there is quite a bit of it. What looks like burst capillaries on head, purple brusing on the sides, and it feels a bit more tender. Otherwise, I don’t really notice any discoloration, should I be worried?

Maybe only worry about it when you stretch. :-)

Warmup first and it should be minimized, I don’t warmup so always notice bruising like that. But it goes by the next morning.

Thanks audacia. The problem is even after warm up, my glans look really purple right when I begin stretching almost to the point it looks like they are going to bleed, and it feels bruised, sort of a dull pain, but it does go away within two days, and it doesn’t happen when I do girthwork (which I suspect is actually the cause) I wonder if this would go away with 6 months or so off PE, or if it is permanent?

This occasionally happens to me too - though I have been jelqing and stretching I think my red dots are simply from gripping too hard around the glans. When you’re stretching, don’t go so hard that you feel like you might rip the head off!

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