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Real Average Must Be Bigger

Don’t get this the wrong way, but you’ve got some serious issues that go beyond your dick size. Why do you need to be in top 1%? What are you trying to prove? There are much more important things in life than dick size, especially when you already have more than 8”x6” (which is in top 1% anyway, I’m sure). If you think some girl will consider your tool inadequate because she’s had someone who was 0.25” longer, you’re with the wrong girl to begin with. Stop busting your size with irrelevant details and enjoy your life, you’re only 19. If I were you, I’d hit the gym and bulk up. That’s what girls will see before getting into your pants.

Neven if you consider weighlifting or some martial art I would advise you not to use anabolics after your at least 22 years old that is of course if you plan on using them.

Btw your sick but in a good way,you want to get even bigger but I am positive that 7” would scare the shit outta any girl.Reality is not porn.They use pumps,camera angles and all kinda shit and scams.I think you should reconsider cause if you get to 7 there is no turning back.I am dead serious about this.I can go deeper but I think this should be enough

Originally Posted by Wamrage

Neven how big is your fat pad?

About 0.25”-0.35”.


BPEL - 8.25" - BPEL - 8.65" - BPEL - 9" - "SHANE DIESEL" or "JACK NAPIER"

MSEG - 6.35" - MSEG - 6.70" - MSEG - 7" -

Guys… I realize this thread is alread getting out of control and I DO NOT want to hijack it. But I cannot start my own thread and I have a HUGE dilemma that I have to get advice about!

It’s kind of related to this thread, so that’s why I choose to post here. It’s the best I can do. I apologiz in advance if this seems off topic.

Ok..Here goes:

I met this chick tonight at a bar… fucking gorgeous! I actually told my friend before the night began, “I really want to meet a girl-next-door petite brunette tonight.”

Bingo. She’s 5’2”….a professional ballet dancer! …nice C cup tits… ass like something from a euro porn. This chick is fucking dynamite.

Here’s the kicker. I started the conversation with a usual opener that I use which goes, “Ok, so if you guys could have any super power right now what would it be?” It’s a fun question and it always gets good convo going.

Anyway, this girl goes to me, “To see people without their clothes on.” And I chimed in laughingly, “oh.. why u little size queen! You just want to see who’s got the biggest cock in the room, huh?”

And she laughed and nodded yes! So then we get to talking and it’s totally on between us. I got her digits and I’m ready to meet her again.

But to be honest, I am REALLY nervous about living up to her big cock comments.

So guys… be honest with me… I want to fuck this girl’s brains out, but I’m 7.75 BPEL (8 if I push it completely to the pubic bone but I’m trying to be really brutally fair with myself here..) and 5.625 EG… 6.1 Base EG

DO you guys think I should be worried about her laughing me out of the bedroom?

I mean.. I know I’m by no means small…but she is probably hoping for a whopper.

I’m just nervous, but I feel like I hit the jackpot with her.

Any advice about how I should feel would be SO goddamn welcomed!


I need some opinions on this and you guys are the only ones I can go to.

7.75x5.6 and you afraid?

You must be smoking pot.How old are you?

You have absolutely nothing to worry about. If she’s not satisfied with it, punch her in her god damn throat. (:

Are you sure she wasn’t just playing along with your joke when she said yes? Anyway, no girl is going to laugh a 8” bp x 5.6” “out of the bedroom”. Not even a size queen, if that’s what she is. If she has any idea of what size most guys are, she’ll probably think you’re pretty damn big.

OK Thanks for the comments so far guys.

I’m 33 (not that age has anything to do with this).

It’s just the fact that she seems to be big-dick fixated but, for the record, this was drunken banter at the bar.

I just didn’t want to give her a disappointed feeling when I finally pull my cock out.

And like everyone here knows, it doesn’t seem to matter WHAT size you are… guys can get insecure.

BTW, any female comments on this?

I just read how the girls on this forum describe their perfect dick as 8x6 or perhaps even a shy bigger.

Judging from this as “perfect”, maybe I would be laughed out of the room if she was hoping for a big dick.


Vagabund… it’s hard to say because you don’t know what she’s already seen. You’re way above average, so to her it’s very likely that you’ll be big to her. Maybe you’ll be the biggest she’s ever had… who knows.

It’s possible she’s had bigger for sure. I’m like 6.5” in girth, and I’ve had a few girls tell me they’ve had bigger, so you never know (most do say that I’m the biggest they’ve seen though).

But either way, I think it’s very doubtful you’d be laughed at.

Originally Posted by Mick

I’m 6.5” in girth, and I’ve had a few girls tell me they’ve had bigger

I highly doubt that!!
I mean that chances of that are like one in a million


Indeed relativity will come into play as it always does in any aspect of life.

I wasn’t being literal about her laughing. I just meant that I wonder how she will internally respond. Will she say, “ok, this will be good.” Or will she say, “Jesus dude.. you said you were big! This is run of the mill!”

But as you say, it will depend on her past references.

So amazing that you’re 6.5 now, Mick. I congratulate you (as I’ve done a million times before). It makes you a genuine monster dick owner and the girls most go crazy for it!

I gather those girls that comment that they’ve had bigger, by the way, was strictly said to try to undermine you.

Why the hell would any girl say that to a guy?!!

You just can’t trust information like that.

Originally Posted by vagabund

I just read how the girls on this forum describe their perfect dick as 8x6 or perhaps even a shy bigger.


I’m not familiar with any such consensus among the women here.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Ideal penis size for women

Read half way down the first page. Anna Nimity and Sunshine both say 8x6.

I don’t think that the opinions of 2 women who hang around a penis enlargement site is necessarily reflective of the penis size preferences of the general female population.


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