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Tell me about your permanent clamping gains

A morning after heavy drinking is always going to be subpar because the alcohol is still present in the blood.

One thing I’d introduce in my concerns over clamping is age. I am 49 and in no way are my valves stellar like they were at 20-25. Any type of self-damage would be difficult for me to reconcile psychologically, tbh.

But I have time before I move to clamping (my final PE project), so hopefully some more comes to light. What would be useful is to know some of the ages of guys who have gained from clamping and report still having good EQ.

Well tbh I am quite happy with my final info as I managed to locate reliable information detailing the exact structure and function of the valves. The question is, with them being muscles themselves, what muscle fibres exactly are they made of, and will they hypertrophy in response to increased mechanical tension and/or increased time under tension (again thank you weightlifting knowledge) or will they stretch gradually? Either way, clamping firmly at 80% erection, then jelqing to 100% erection and clamping so tightly that the veins and the deeper arteries are fully shut and then compressing the penis vertically (pushing the head down) should reduce the volume the blood has to occupy and therefore increase the pressure within that volume. The supertight clamp should prevent any major pressure reaching the valves.

Again, I’m not a doctor.

And thank you Likeness79 for your input. The bit about the fluid leakage being different with pumping vs clamping is certainly interesting.


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