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Tell me about your permanent clamping gains


Originally Posted by Mick
This is how I gained through clamping. Mostly compressions (pressing back on the head along the shaft) as opposed to bending. Compressions can give an insane amount of pressure, so be careful if you try them.

I did these with no rest days. If you take rest days, the day after rest you’ll get red dots again and will have to take it slowly. With no rest days your dick is constantly used to the pressure and it seems like you can do basically anything without getting red dots.

This is my experience at least.

Wouldn’t this inhibit growth, because it’s not allowing sufficient time for the penis to grow? I was someone who needed more rest in order to gain length. Would it be the same with with girth?

Also, as I had mentioned I received slight gains in base girth. I just measured again the number isn’t really slight. I went from 5.7 BG to 5.9 BG however my 5.5. MSEG has stayed the same. Any ideas on how to improve this? I read an interesting thread here that said if you have a prominent curve half way up your shaft it’s ridiculously hard to gain MSEG. Is this true?

I don’t think anyone can answer any of this… it all varies person to person.

For me, and I know for some others (read posts by Clubber), rest days are not necessary. I’m not talking infinitely… once in a while you should take a rest day or a just have a light workout. I just mean it’s not necessary to go 5 on 2 off, or whatever variation. As it is right now, I haven’t taken a full day off for at least two weeks, and things are going great.

I have no idea about the curve and girth, just keep working on it.

Your base girth might be a bit bigger cause it’s the area right beside the clamp and so there’s even more pressure there. I’d try compressions… you’ll get intense pressure all through the shaft. Be careful though and take it slowly.

Mick - just to clarify, are you doing your compressions clamped? I have taken those up recently, but of course unclamped.

I do them clamped by hand sometimes myself. I find it difficult to do them with an actual clamp on, as it seems to force blood out if I apply even a moderate amount of pressure/compression.

I’m curious to hear as well, how you are doing yours Mick.

Ya I do them clamped.

The fact that I don’t lost my erection when I do them clamped could be the fact that I triple clamp, lol. Yes I know this might sound insane, but it worked for me.

Actually ya that’s it. I never single clamp, but I remember in the past that when single clamped, even without compressions, I’d lose my erection.

Even when triple clamped some blood will go out, but not nearly as fast. Also, even though blood is going out and you’re getting softer, you can get really good pressure for the entire session (5 - 10 minutes).

I generally don’t start compressing until a few minutes into the session cause I’m so incredibly hard at the start, and the pressure in the beginning is enough on its own.

You have to go with how it feels. I can just tell that at the start that if I put more pressure on it something bad will happen. There is actual pain from the pressure too. I mean it’s not horrible pain, but there’s a slight pain… that’s how much pressure there is.

Mick, just curious what is your expansion while clamped? My erections were rock hard to begin with and while clamped I only get an expansion of .25, is this enough to gain girth from clamping? Is there any way to increase this? I feel like my gains at the base were only from the CS and are mostly temporary. Thanks for all your help.

I never actually measure while clamped.

After my utmost intense sessions, I could have gained about 1.2 inches in girth right after a session (several 5-10 minute triple clamped compressions). A bunch of this was just from swollen skin I should mention though from repeated sessions, and most of it would be gone within 24 hours.

I think the only way to increase that is to go more intense. Like I said I did triple clamping. Not only did I triple clamp, but I put extra pressure on my cock from compressing it. This worked for ME. You could try it out, but start slowly and be careful.

Whether that’s enough for you to gain or not I don’t know. Try it for a couple weeks and see what happens. Before going to double or triple clamping, try more single clamping sessions. How many do you do right now?

I measure while I clamp. I kind of track how much more expansion I get as I progress. It seems to be an indicator of gains to come, at least for me. To add some input to Grocerystore’s question to Mick, I only get 1/4 to 1/3” expansion beyond my max normal EG when clamped (single clamp, Air Clamp). Sometimes I get another 1/10” above that by my second or third set, if it is a day I even do a third set.

Don’t be worried that you will not gain if you are only getting another 1/4” girth while clamped. If your dick is completely hard, feels almost like it might pop, the head is rock hard, and veins are really showing, all while clamped, you are doing ok. It took a while for me, persistence, but I started to gain, then all of the sudden it started coming in 1/10” to 1/8” incriments.

I recommend setting a baseline, make a strip of thin fabric and mark a line on it where your max EG is. Then make another line where your max expansion is when clamped. Use this every time you clamp. Eventually you will see it going beyond the higher line. If you are like me, once you are going beyond that max expansion line, after a couple rest days you can measure your normal EG and see that gain!

I need to update my stats in the PE data site, but I have gained 1/3+” girth since adding clamping to my routine, during the last 6 months. I do an intense routine (by most people’s standards) but I attribute the speed and most of the gains overall to the clamping. There was one point where I discovered I had gained almost .2” (EG) all of the sudden! I couldn’t believe it. I measured repeatedly over a couple weeks to be sure, and sure as shit, BOOM. This came right after my de-con break of a little over 2 weeks in February.

Beretta and mick have you had any discolouration if you don’t mind me asking?

I´ve gained about 0,5 inch from clamping (the other 0,3” is from jelqs & bends). I use tremendous ammounts of force when I clamp though..

I get very much more expansion in my cock if I take a really hot shower or bath before session!

When I started clamping I did 2x12 minutes per session, now im on a 3x5 minutes session. When I do 3x5 minutes session I can tell that my cock gets better expansion after each set - and on the 3d set it is on my maximum expansion. I do full force jelqs with about 95% erection after a clamping session, not too many though - around 50 or so, this leaves my member hanging real heavy throughout the day.

Started: E .Length 7,0" E .Girth 5,0" F .Length 4,8" F .Girth 4,0"

Now: E .Length 7,3" E .Girth 5,8" F .Length 5,5" F .Girth 4,8"

Volume increase: 28,7%

Good gains chucki. Clamping seems to be way to go but I’m worried about discolouration(can you tell :) )

Originally Posted by kimc
Beretta and mick have you had any discolouration if you don’t mind me asking?

For me, very, very minor discoloration. Usually it just lasts half the day following my routine (I do my routine in the mid morning). I am convinced my lack of permanent discoloration is because I use the Air Clamp, and keep sets under 10 minutes usually. It is not as rough as cable clamps can be, especially multiple cable clamps. I think it could be worse if I were to really ramp up intensity and/or my set times. Just take it easy, and ease into it until you know how your dick responds. You shouldn’t get anything permanent going that route.

I am curious to hear what Mick has to say also. He definitely pushes the limits with his clamping. That lucky dog has a fucking monster already!

Ill quote deerhunter from his progress thread about his clamping girth gains

Kingpole, yes the clamping/squeezes gave me about a half an inch of permanent gains. The half inch came from a year of jelqing with some squeezes mixed in. I do keep the clamps on tight. I reset them about every 5 minutes and kegel some to get fresh blood in there. If I don’t clamp tightly, I really don’t develop enough pressure on the chambers to gain and all I get is fluid build up. My discoloration is mostly from the heavy hanging that I do. I just came off a month long decon break because of a plateau in length gains. When I started back, I got a lot of dark spotting. It will fade. After the two decon breaks that I have taken in the past, the color of my unit returns to normal except the frenulum stays uniformly darker.

stroker, I add clamps through the routine to help keep engorgement—up to three. I end with one clamp and do squeezes to fill out the base as far as I can.

And from PM

I used horse squeezes initially after some jelqing. Then, I added clamping. I worked my way up to 20 minute sessions with 2 to 3 clamps. I could do 4 sessions in a row. You have to get aggressive to gain like I did. It takes deformation of the tunica. Be careful.

Originally Posted by kimc
Beretta and mick have you had any discolouration if you don’t mind me asking?

Hey… ya quite a bit of discolouration. I’m working on getting rid of it now.

Originally Posted by Grocery Store
Mick, just curious what is your expansion while clamped? My erections were rock hard to begin with and while clamped I only get an expansion of .25, is this enough to gain girth from clamping? Is there any way to increase this? I feel like my gains at the base were only from the CS and are mostly temporary. Thanks for all your help.

I was just about to ask a very similar question but you beat me to it.

Without a clamp my eg is 4.438
With clamp on I get to 4.750

That’s a difference of .312

My erections are always rock hard, heck I did my clamping about 10 min ago and I still have an erection. BTW would clamping negatively affect possible length gains?


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