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Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

The longer the better. I think the best is achieved with 45-90 minutes long sets, but it is about impossible to do so long sets with manual stretches, even using any imaginable tips and tricks; on this point, hanging is better than manual stretching; but stretching has the advantage that rest between sets can be very short, where if you make use of a clamp-style hanger you need not less than 5 minutes between sets to restore circulation. Manual stretching also allow a more fine alignement of force vectors, so making better use of the force on the points you want to target; it also allows for greater amount of forces, for advanced users that want to go along this route.

I think a manual stretch set should be at least 3 minutes long, that’s when I start reaching the highest stretched length with no much force.

So basically what you are doing is gradually increasing the stretch (lengthwise) as your penis adopts to the force during the set?

Also, thanks for a great thread! :)

Right. I think people focus on the wrong thing when doing stretches (or hanging or using an extender, for that matter) : it’s not the amount of force we are interested in; they start thinking ‘Next time I have to add more force/weight/tension’; wrong: if you apply more force, but your penis is not stretching further, is your work optimal or not? The goal should be obtaining a longer stretch with the same force. If you need more force to stretch at a given length, either your penis is tired or you are doing things wrong, since you are making your penis stronger, not longer.

Right. The key is to obtain BPFSL slowly and then, stretch a little bit further.

If You get a firm resistance during stretching, probably You stretch too fast or with too much force.

That’s my opinion and experience about manual stretching. Sorry for poor vocabulary- I just can’t write it better.

Would these long sets also apply to fulcrum stretching?

Originally Posted by marinera

1) Don't pull, hold
Ok, what the hell this means? To understand what I mean, do a little experiment; grip your penis and stretch it to it’s max length, with all the force you can comfortably apply; measure this length the best you can. Next day, proceed in a different way: grab your penis and gently stretch it to its NBPEL; you’ll need very little force to do that, about 0.5-1 lbs. Hold your penis at this length for 1 minute, then push it a bit further, again gently, and hold it again at the new length for 1 minute; repeat the same step for 4-5 times or anyway untill you can’t stretch your penis further without applying a serious force. Now measure and compare with the length you reached the day before: I’m pretty sure that there will be a significative difference.

(to be continued….)

Would golf weights fit the hold criteria for a straight down hold “about0.5-1lbs” ?

You’ll need more force than that, although still a mild force. When I said 0.5-1 lbs was referring to the little experiment I suggest, to understand how stress relaxation works, not to the force you should use when doing regular manual stretching sessions. The optimal force applied in regular stretching sessions should be more in the 5-15 lbs range (for most of people, for most of their PE ‘career’).

Beside that golf weights don’t pull the penis from the tip; moreover, and this is the main point a weight works differently from stress relaxation, because even if the tissue is trying to adapt to the stretched state the weight goes ahead pulling, so the adaptation is less effective. The predictable outcome is that you’ll thoughten up tissue more using weights than applying progressive stretch, even if the absolute tension is the same in the two cases.

Thanks that clarified alot of things for me .

Marinera if I could ask some questions because I really like your thoughts on PE and give good advice. I am trying to decide what route to take and just hammer it for the next few months. All I want is to pass 8”, sitting at 7 3/8” right now.

Regarding extenders (noose or vac), Using a spring based extender could you just keep adding small bars for the stretch relaxation progression. I mean after 15 mins add a small bar and so on or would it be better to use the screws? Also once the stretch has been relaxed into would you then wear it for as long as you can but then need to repeat the process again for say toilet breaks and showers and so forth?

Regarding Manual (fulcrums), If I can stretch for 3-5 mins per stretch then Would I relax into the stretch then hold that same position for the rest of the set. How long do you think is enough to do per day of downward and upward side fulcrums?

Regarding Hanging (vac), Using low weight over a fulcrum for up to 4 hours a day. So would this be less effective then because stress relaxation can not be achieved?

I don’t own commercial extenders, the sole extender I used is a homemade one similar to the Maxxtender (see pic) which has no bars neither screws; I guess with an extender like the Proextender, jes etc., I would add bars more than use the screws, because bars add length where screws raise the tension. I could be figuring wrong the mechanics of these devices though.

I think for length upward stretches will not add much; I think if one wants really to have maximum gains from manual stretches he should do a total of 30-60 minutes per day of manual stretching in these proportions: 2/5 simple stretches, 2/5 side fulcrum stretches, 1/5 downward fulcrum stretches. This could be done in several small sessions. I heard many complaining that they don’t get gains from manual stretching and want to go through an extender or hanging; but they are eager to spend at least 3 hours per day on hanging (2 hours hanging + rest between sets) when they don’t wan’t spend 30 minutes on manuals stretching. How strong they want gains? Most of people will get more gains doing 1 hour of manual stretching per day than 3 hours of hanging per day IMO.

‘Regarding hanging (vac) ….’ etc. etc.; hanging relies on creeping, not stress relaxation. Of course the difference between techniques is not complete: hanging will allow some stress relaxation, if a mild weight is used, and prolonged progressive stretching will cause some creeping. The difference is that creeping has the side effect of toughening the tissue faster than progressive stretching. So in the long run hanging will carry less gains.

But think to this: instead than using a weight, you could use an elastic band attached to the hanger; when tissue relaxes into the stretches, the band will start pulling with less force. So you can just move a tiny bit to raise the band tension to the starting tension, and keep the stress relaxation going.

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Thanks for taking the time to answer.

I was referring to upward side fulcrum stretches. I kind of knew what I wanted to do but thought I would get your input, your explanations of why things should work and not has always made sense to me. I will focus on manual and to begin with really focus on achieving the stretch relaxation in my stretches and longer holds. Thanks again and the guides are great.

Oh didn’t understood that; upward side fulcrum stretches are the best for length IMO.

Somebody said that my pics are not explicative I’ll find the time in the future to add better pics.

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One question I’ve always had pertains to force. How much force can an average person typically generate with their hands in terms of pounds (I.e is a really hard stretch equivalent of 5 pounds)?

I’ve never been able to fugue out how manual stretching produces gains if it isn’t anywhere near as intense as hanging. I say this because people typically do a strtch for 30 seconds and the. Release tension. Also, I’ve never heard of anyone talk about “riding the fatigue” hen it comes to stretching as they do with hanging.

I’ve never heard pumpers, clampers, jelqers etc. speaking of ‘riding the fatigue’. Hangers are the sole group who speak of this thing and I havent’ found any clear explanation of what they mean with that word.

How much force can you apply with manual stretches? Even a very weak guy can pull with 60 lbs of force with one arm, 100 lbs with both hands. I can do a 1 arm push up for reps and I weigh 180 lbs, over 200 lbs standing military press, so go figure how much force I can apply with two hands if I want to pull full force. Hanging 100 lbs with a vacuum hanger is impossible; with a clamp-style hanger is just to uncomfortable and, beside that, hanging 100 lbs from your dick puts as much stress on your low back as deadliftng 500 lbs or so.

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Thanks Marinera. Once again great information. I have usually done longer sets of stretching because it seemed to give me the best results. I always stretch manually and your ideas will help minimize fatigue.


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