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Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

Originally Posted by drw81

Today suppose to be my rest day, my routine is 2days on and 1day off, but I for got and did some PE now that makes 3day in a row should I be concern or just take 2 rest days to make up for the day that I suppose to rest or should I change my routine and start doing 3days on and 1 or 2days off.

Take 2 days off. What this has to do with the topic of this thread?

Originally Posted by marinera
. Are you saying that fulcrum stretches were useful to ‘stabilize’ the girth you got from clamping? I think a lot of the girth you get from clamping is interstitial fluid build up, not just in the skin but between the skin and the tunica albuginea, so you are temped to say it is ‘real’ gains; and if you are consistent enough this fluid build up never clear, so you can believe it is ‘permanent’ growth; but actually a lot of that will disappear if you take a long break. Also, clamping and pumping inflates CS, which add to the girth expansion, but it is temporary as well

So if you are getting the same expansion without doing clamping, that is a great new, because stretch doesn’t create fluid build up and the expansion you get should due to real tunica enlargement. Stretching is great actually to reduce fluid build up.

About the last question: it hanged lower? And lower you mean the flaccid length was increased?

The fluid from clamping was gone after 2weeks . My girth stayed the same but from what i can explain it was an exchange in the CS to the CC therefore my girth stayed the same Girth went down during to week break then went back up after starting fulcrum stretching but in a different area. My flaccid is hanging lower in the beginning it was skinnier but it is slowly getting fatter, when clamping next day flaccid girth would be 4 5/8 sometimes 4 3/4 sometimes 4 1/2. without clamping doing just fulcrum it started 4 1/4 sometimes 4 3/8 once a blue moon 4 1/2 , now i see 4 3/8 more and 4 1/2 more . hope this is more easier to understand.

Sounds good. CS is a spongy area, CC is the part that gets erect. It would be interesting to see what happens doing both clamping and fulcrum stretches in one session.


I began reading this thread last night. I have tried the V grip. If my glans, flaccid, was only a bit larger I would not be able to do it. That aside, I did manual stretches last night using the grip. It seemed to put a lot of stress on my glans. I repeated it just now. I noticed the same thins, a lot of stress on the glans. I stretched in 5 directions. While stretching I gradually increased the force in my penis. When finished it felt quite good.

I was wondering if someone could/would review my recent routine and advise me where I could improve on it. I am only interested in length gain, nothing in the area of girth.

Advance thanks for your consideration in these matters.


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I think you are doing something wrong Restored; I tried appyling the V grip on a 7” thick bottle and I had no problem. About your routine, I’ll give you advice in your progress report.

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Excellent tips! Saves doing repetitive stretches. I will give these a go over the weekend!

Thank you for this post Marinera. I am trying different grips and introducing fulcrum stretching for the first time as a result. Additionally, I am using thick glass bottles for the fulcrum and filling with hot water to keep my unit very warm throughout the session. Hoping this helps as well.

Yeah nice idea the hot water.

How long can I wait to do manual stretches after jelq? My goal is girth and length

There isn’t any required rest time, do as you like and when you can.

Listen to your PI’s.


I been doing stretches only, 1 minute all directions. Notice that at the base left lig is sore. Should I ease up on the force or should it be sore like that. I’m doing 2days no 1day off ? What should I do?

Originally Posted by georgia
I been doing stretches only, 1 minute all directions. Notice that at the base left lig is sore. Should I ease up on the force or should it be sore like that. I’m doing 2days no 1day off ? What should I do?

I think you should only stretch straight out and to the left until you rest the left sides of the ligs enough to were you don’t have too much soreness.

Stretching to the left will target the right side of the ligs and stretching straight out it will be neutral.

A little soreness is a good thing in PE for most types of PE but when you experience loss in EQ or major soreness or a big penile injury like a thrombosed vein, loss of sensitivity, etc you need to chill and take a good break until you heal.

Research PE as much as you can, also study the anatomy of the penis and tissue regeneration and healing to get a good idea of what to do next.

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What exactly ‘sore’ means, Georgia? Aching? Pain?


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