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Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

Originally Posted by marinera
What exactly ‘sore’ means, Georgia? Aching? Pain?

It aches only when I pull on it even after my rest day also

Yes you are applying too much force. Take rest since when you don’t feel anymore aching, not even when pulling. In the meanwhile you can perform jelqs and read this thread from the start, so maybe next time you’ll know better.

Originally Posted by marinera
Sounds good. CS is a spongy area, CC iswarmwater part that gets erect. It would be interesting to see what happens doing both clamping and fulcrum stretches in one session.

Yes, I have read that fulcrum stretching then clamping after will get great expansion..

Wonders if pumping direct after will do the same?

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

It should.

Thanks for this information, I tried the reverse v grip.. I can’t believe the stretch I get pulling straight out.. Good demonstration picture.

Thanks to you for the feedback.

I had some questions about the spiral stretches, a technique I explained in another thread. I’ll explain it again here with some pics as soon I’ll have a bit of time. Probably on Christmas, lol.

I tried all the tips and tricks to make the stretch manuals. What can I say: perfect grip, there is a lot less effort to maintain this tension over time.
My problem was always that of having to pass the minute of traction.
Among other things, the relaxation of the whole body is necessary just to make sure that the tissues of the penis are best placed to deal with the stretch.

Thanks for the valuable advice and suggestions. :)


I have read this thread, and am beginning to utilize some of your suggestions. I am having some difficulty with the grip you described early in the thread. I am a man of average stature, but I have rather large hands. I wear an XL glove (US).

My flaccid glans is 44 mm in diameter. This makes it necessary to put quite a bit of pressure on my glans using the grip.

I have tried a modification where I am placing the glans between the second and third fingers. This helps some, but there is still a lot of pressure on the glans.

Do you have any suggestions?


08-12-2014 BPEL 8.875, EGMS 6.6, EGB 7.25, EW 2.101, EV 30.331, FL 6.75, FG 5.6, Glans Girth 6.5p

I will think about that and see if there is another way to appy the grip. I am able to grasp cylindric objects thicker tha 44mm of diameter to be honest, maybe my hands are built different.

By the way, can you post a pic showing how do you apply the grip? You could be doing something wrong.

Should I move the skin on the shaft toward the base of the shaft so as not to include it in the grip? When I perform the V grip I am keeping the foreskin so it is up over the glans. This does increase the diameter of the area being in the grip. It also forces pressure on the coronal ridge and thus on the glans?


08-12-2014 BPEL 8.875, EGMS 6.6, EGB 7.25, EW 2.101, EV 30.331, FL 6.75, FG 5.6, Glans Girth 6.5p

Of course you should pull the foresking back! Gripping the glans covered is uncomfortable, since, as you say, creates too much pressure on the glans.

I started back my manual stretch today. I notice that I can feel all my ligs stretching but the left side. That’s the side that I was sore a few weeks ago. Should I focus more on the other directions?


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