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Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

Are you using something like toilet paper to aid your grip fgtttt?

If the colour comes back very fast and there is no numbness, you probably have nothing to worry about, but it’s not an ideal situation.

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All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. The ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth. Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

No, it’s not a problem if You aren’t feeling numbness/cold feeling.

You can solve this “problem” by adding some piece of cloth/latex to grip ( if You haven’t yet) and/or try to grip mostly at sides For me it works.

Yea, I use a piece of toilet paper to prevent slippage. The main problem is my frenulum, I think. It’s very short so my foreskin rolls back very easily unless I really hold it tight. It looks very much like in the picture in the frenulum breve article on Wikipedia (2nd one):

Frenulum breve - Wikipedia

I went a bit off-topic, sorry about that. I guess for now, I’ll have to try using a grip that is as loose as possible, not holding my stretch too long and make sure I regain circulation between sets. Thanks for your replies!

I have tried all kind of ways doin my stretching sessions. . and standing in the shower under warm water is the best way.. at least for me.

You get full body relaxation under entire session wich is great when doin exercises that need heat. The stretch gets better & the complete session gets better when you are totally relaxed. The more relaxed you are the better your workout gets!

And don’t do your strerching to hard, pushing with full strenght against yor head. Of course it gets beaten up turning purple and shrink, complaining: “take it easy man don’t push to hard”..

Moderate strenght/pressure is the way to go!

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Heat is the key!

Originally Posted by mr.lover

Moderate strenght/pressure is the way to go!

That’s right.

Marinera, I was wondering what your thoughts were on a passive stretcher like stealth innerwear. I think I’ve read some of your previous posts that “healing” in an extended state is bunk. What so you think about a device like this?

The Stealth is not a stretcher. It is a push up for guys. :)

Good stuff, marinera. I hadn’t checked this thread since the beginning. Very good advice, IMO, particularly in post #40, which is here: Golden Rules

I agree 100% with the importance of easing into stretching, doing long holds, as well as relatively long sessions, etc.

For any disbelievers, measure BPFSL before and after a stretching or hanging session. Do it often enough and you’ll discover your expected temporary post-session increase (which is about 1/8” in my case). If you’re not getting what is normal for you each time after a session you’re doing something wrong.

Thanks Hobby. much appreciated.

Concerning heat, I think it can help, though that depends on how you are heating. A soak in a hot bath or jacuzzi is wonderful. Everything is loosened up and relaxed. A heating pad or IR lightbulb pointed at the penis, not so much in my experience.

In my mind, there are at least two things going on with this.

1) Relaxation. I’ve always gotten a lot better stretch when relaxed, and coming out of a 15 minute soak in a very hot bath certainly accomplishes that. Try stretching with and without, and you’ll discover the difference. A decently hot shower works ok also, though it isn’t the same.

2) Relaxation again, and this is a subtle difference. I don’t know how much heating contributes to the elongation of the tissues we are stretching. Heat certainly is popular in the physical therapy world. Sometimes even ultrasound is used in therapy sessions. I made my best hanging gains hanging immediately after a very hot soak in a bath. How much of that was due to general relaxation vs. temperature increase of the tissues being stretched I don’t know.

So, I say heat before PEing if you can. It obviously isn’t essential, but I think it is helpful. Likely at the least it shortens the “easing in” time, as in you can apply full stretching tension more quickly when thoroughly warmed up than when starting from cold.

Damn, so a hot bath it is

New spin on the bottle.

Originally Posted by marinera
I got a good number of questions about fulcrum stretches. With a bit of experimenting, you’ll find by yourself what’s the best way to do them; to save you some time anyway I’ll give you a few tips. The first thing, is that the fulcrum should be thick and smooth. The best fulcrum is a glass bottle or a metallic pipe; in pic F1 you can see what I would use for fulcrum stretches, a 5” diameter big bottle for upward side stretches, a slightly smaller bottle for downward fulcrum stretches; the ideal fulcrum should have a diameter about your NBPEL/3 for downward stretches, NBPEL/2 for upward side stretches.

In F2 you can see how downward fulcrum stretches are performed; notice the position of the body and arms, I’ll return on this pic in another post to illustrate another point.

Down ward fulcrum stretches, with your penis flat over the fulcrum, are good for length and girth IMO. If you really want to target length, the best way IMO are upward side fulcrum stretches; this means that the side of your penis is relying on the fulcrum; otherwise said, once you have grabbed your penis, rotate your hand 180 degrees toward the floor. I hope in pics F3 and F4 you can get what I mean. This way, the surface of your penis relying on the fulcrum will be smaller and consequently the force fighting the stretching tension will be smaller as well.

I like the bottle idea for fulcrum stretches.

Just an idea, that I am going to be implementing, is filling the bottle with very hot water, plugging the end, and doing the stretches with a hot fulcrum.

Thought I would share.

It’s definitely good idea. When doing something similar I’m gaining (length and girth as well).

Agreed good idea, a simple way to keep your penis warm throught the stretching.


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