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best newbie wrap material -- lightweight neoprene

best newbie wrap material -- lightweight neoprene


i just wanted to make sure you all knew about my discovery — that lightweight neoprene makes the best wrap material that i have found yet to use with the bib hanger, for a tender young newbie like myself at least.

the fabric side is very comfy against the skin of my penis’ shaft, plus the rubbery side grips the hanger perfectly. it is great because it stays on between hangs better than can be imagined, does not bunch up like the theraband and other wraps, and i have been able to hang 2x or 3x as long (i.e., for 2-3 hours instead of just 1 hour) by means of this most comfortable of wraps.

i have always had very “thin skin” — very freckly — it’s my irish/scoth heritage i guess — and i’ve always been prone to chafe down there after too much “action” — and hanging has certainly been an ordeal that way…


this is the material that wet suits are made out of. i made sleeves of several different lengths by sewing the fabric into a tube that is slightly smaller in circumference than my flaccid dick. i have like a 2” long sleeve, a 4” long sleeve, and a 6” long sleeve. i use them very well with both the regular bib and the starter bib.

(obviously this takes the kind of fanaticism and attention to detail that only a serious pe adherent would exhibit! a sewing machine would help…)

you roll up the sleeve into a little ring (sort of like a small cockring actually) manually force it on by rolling it over the head of your flaccid to half-hard dick, then unroll it down over your shaft.

you adjust it to exactly where you want the bib hanger to sit. it’s important to keep the fabric side inside and the rubbery material side outside.

where to find this material? well, without buying a whole new wetsuit, i dunno. i happened to have a small swatch for repairs that came with my new fall/spring kayaking wetsuit.

for the whole story about how i made my brilliant discovery, you can read about it in the very long thread (which I pretty much comandeered by means of my boastful verbosity — sorry dudes, the internet continues to elude me) entitled: “new bib users.” it is the kind of discovery that makes me proud to be a knucklehead. many more important advances in pe will certainly be made this blundering type of way.

it’s funny to look at my profile (quite boastful to stay the least) where even before i had my bib i was a self-declared “wrapping expert.” ha!

do i get credit for this? is there a pe hall of fame? when is the induction ceremony? are there any royalties that will come my way? big, do you want to start a co-venture?

lol! keep hangin’ dudes!

bill in washington dc (soon to be bill in boston, ma)


Sounds like an excellent solution. A few questions:

1) How thick is your neoprene? How thin is “thin”?

2) Did you overlap the edges or butt them? Did you use a machine or sew by hand? Any tips on the stitching? Does it seem like it will hold up with repeated rolling and unrolling?

Oh, BTW bill, I think you get credit for being the first to post about making a sleeve out of neoprene, but someone else beat you to the punch by doing the same with Theraband.

Hey, great minds think alike. :)

you have to be a good sewer to make these, btw

yes, i sewed them by hand and just stiched really neatly, butting the edges exactly together (no overlap) doing extra stiches at the ends. these sometimes unravel so they have to be re-stiched. already they are wearing out, so you would need a constant supply. (yes, of course the gay guy would be the good sewer, right?)

though still i think my sleeves will last 6 months with pretty regular use. they are amazyingly sturdy. i can’t imagine sewing theraband, which would rip with any pressure. being handy with a sewing machine, i am going to try that when i am at home with my mom’s machine. and see if i can produce a bunch or three.

leightweight neoprene is very thin. i dunno, l.5 millimeters? it is exactly the same material that makes up my fair weather (i.e. spring/fall) kayaking wetsuit gear. a little thicker actually might be better.

it’s best that it’s a tight fit. i also find the sleeves stretch with age and are as tight. i would say make the sleeves slightly smaller than your flaccid dick. i find it’s easier to put them on when i have a hard-on, cause once i’m over the head, it just kinds of slides down, and unrolling it down the rest of the length of your shaft is very east.

over and out,

bill in washington dc (soon to be bill in boston, ma)

(luckily i found my first sleeve as part of a donut ankle weight and once the weight was out of the donut, the resultant fit me perfectly — that’s what orirginally gave me the idea.)


i'm surprised there has been no discussion of this topic

i guess everybody has their own “favorite” wrap material. still, i THOUGHT i had found the perfect wrap material and had wanted to pass it along to all you most EXCELLENT FELLOWS, but this thread seems dead in the water. or shall i say: it’s gone belly up?

it’s interesting because i happened to be at this sex products show (a convention in Washington, DC, actually — can you believe it? right down the street from John Ashcroft) and they had a lot of new products which, believe it or not, where made of neoprene! (a sort of “double-faced” neoprene — shiny side on both sides). i bought a couple of sleeves that they sell for masturbation purposes, and they actually work GREAT as a sleeve with both of my bib hangers.

still, however, i prefer the very LIGHTWEIGHT neoprene that i devised myself out of my ankle weights and my kayaking weight suit material.

oh well, i guess in order to be innovative in this day and age, you have to be willing to CAPITALIZE on it, which I am not necessarily so interested in.

or perhaps simply: neoprene is the suckiest wrap material ever conceived by mankind. that’s likely the case, given the interest here …

verbose willy weighs in, a tad bitterly, perhaps for the last time in this thread, damned by God.



Don’t be discouraged. Probably not many seamsters in here. Also, I can tell you from experience that not all neoprenes are alike. It is very hard to find a consistant, widely available product that works for the majority. Theraband is about the closest I have found.

Also, I doubt many would want to go through the same process you did.

Keep plugging,


Bill, I plan to try it when I find a good deal on something made of thin neoprene. It’s on my mental list of things to watch for in second-hand stores and yardsales.

Well put, Bib. I’d like to advise against using any neoprene from waders…even the 3.5mm is to thick and spongy for wrapping. Just not enough compression/grip was provided. Same for gaiters and other common neoprene products. I can see the utility of a very thin, properly textured neoprene product for wrap with respect to hanging. Sourcing is kinda bitchlike as these types of materials usually are found in a ready made, rather expensive finished product as opposed to a supply/DIY form in economical, easy to use rolls. Good luck with it is you’ve got the material, though. If one does and decides to go with thera for the hanger, save the neo and try it for base wraps-do search on “wrap’s” if in question. I’m speaking about the ones Dance is fond of and familliar with the intricacies of. Can’t recall the name of the bigass wrappng thread…anyone recall? groa

Thanx, Hobby

Would’ve taken me about 18 years to find that post ‘cause I couldn’t remember the name for anything! groa

The best wrapping material for your dick is Xmas paper.Your wife or girlfriend will really love it

easy solution for you non-seamstresses out there

finding a neoprene sleeve

an easy way to get a lightweight neoprene sleeve is to buy a donut ankle weight from the sports authority or other sports store. cut the weight and drain out the weight (sand or metal pellets. cut the sleeve to the desired length to fit with your bib hanger.

to put it on

simple roll it up like a condom and then slip on your appendage and unroll it wherever you want to place your bib hanger.

et voila!

easy solution for you non-seamstresses out there

Thanks Bill,

I was really interested in your idea of the using the neoprene for wrapping as this has been the biggest issue I have had to overcome with hanging. I still don’t know if I am going to be able to go over 12 pounds hanging, and I have been trying for 1.5 years!!! I must be the dumbest person on the face of the planet. But I can’t wait till the workday is over so I can head to the Sport Authority and buy perfectly good anke weights and then vandalize them.


‘The force is with you young Skywalker……but you are not a Jedi yet.’ - Darth Vader TESB 1980 - My fondest memories of childhood

good luck dude!

it really is an awesome wrap material. the only problem i can foresee is that the thickness of your dick might make it a different experience for you than for me (6.5 thick here at base about 5.5 nearer my glans).

make sure you keep the fabric side in toward the skin of your penis, and the rubbery material outside, where it really grabs the bib hanger.

you’ll see how convenient it is for multiple sets of hangs. how you can keep it on inbetween hangs, pee with it on, etc. it’s awesomely comfortable.

you might have to do a little bit of sewing as with use, the threads tend to unwravel, since you chopped the sleeve apart from the original, intact donut.

also, there are a lot of different kinds of ankle weights out there, so i really wish you luck in finding the ones that i found, which i haven’t been able to find since.



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