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Hanging more than 20 minutes...

Hanging more than 20 minutes...

What are you guys thoughts on hanging more than 20 minutes? I find that at about 20 minutes my ligs are fatigued, but my glans seem to still be in a condition that would allow another 10 minutes to be squeezed out. Any thoughts?

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Yes, it not recommended, not worth the risk. Are you in a rush?



Just when you are trying to study or perform other tasks it can be bothersome taking 3 breaks an hour, knocking it down to two would be more hands free.

Current stats- 7.75" BPEL X 5.25 EG Goals- 8.5BPEL X 6.00 EG

what I have been doing since conditioned and used to the bib, is this:

1st set — 25-30 min DEPENDING ON GLANS COLOR/WARMTH/FEELING (be careful here).
2nd set — 5min less than 1st set
3rd set onward — 15 to 20 min (as long as i can stand but no more than 20min)

the best time saver is not wrapping. Search for my threads on not wrapping but using toilet paper instead. Some have been converted to no longer wrap again.

Originally Posted by UpgradingUnit
Some have been converted to no longer wrap again.

Who has?

You don’t want to cut off the circulation for more than 20 minutes

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I second that. 20 minutes tops!

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It will be beneficial for your growth to extend the workout if your not experiencing any discomfort. I hang up to 45min but not all in the same configuration. It sounds like you have a good hanging method and it will be an easy effort. You just want to be sure your head is visible and you can observe the condition, you should always feel sensation if you touch it (although it will be quite numbed by the stress).


Do not hang for longer than 20 minutes at a time, it just isn’t safe.

>>(although it will be quite numbed by the stress).<<
If you’re hanging correctly with a suitable hanger for a safe amount of time, your glans should not become “quite numbed” by the stress. This is a very bad thing and is an indication that your hanger is not gripping the internals of your penis enough.

I thought I read that Bigger used to hang for more than 20 minutes, but I could be mistaken.

The Bib Hanger (which I use) was designed to allow continued blood flow.

I confess to having hanged for more than 20 minutes on occasion, but only when my glans was staying very warm and pink, and everything felt good (no numbness, no soreness from the wrap).

As far as wrap goes, I’m finding that less is more, especially when trying to hang for longer sets. The Bib Hanger’s blood flow “channels” don’t work properly with too much wrap. I’ve ditched the cloth and am just using about 18” of Theraband. Much more comfortable, to me.

As with all these safety rules, it’s wisest to follow them. I believe Bib also said that if you extend your set to beyond 20 minutes, it generally makes it harder to hit even the 20 minute mark for your subsequent sets.

The key is constant vigilence.

I was thinking about possibly hanging overnight..

Would that be bad even at low weights?

I believe that cell death occurs at 17 minutes. Not something I would want to gamble with when dealing with my penis.

Using “The Grip System” ( I hung every day for 1 to 2 hours without a break at 6 to 8 lbs. The glans stayed warm, pink, and w/o stress. But after 400 hous, blisters would form on my glans which would take about a week to heal. My take on it was that I had somehow sensitized my skin to blister. I found that I could no longer use the Grip System. I have been off of it for a year and a half and have switched to the bib for 10 to 15 min sessions, but I have not done it very often—just not comfortable like the grip. The interesting thing is that I can pump for hours (at 5 lbs) and not blister, so the vacuum created in the head tube by the wts must exceed that.

>>I was thinking about possibly hanging overnight. Would that be bad even at low weights?

That would not be a good idea. Any PE methods employed, hanging included, should be done with attention and presence of mind.

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