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Long Tongs journey to 20cm

Long Tongs journey to 20cm

So this will be my journey and progress.
I’m finally doing an thread to get some pressure so I will stick to my routine.
I think I started with PE like 2 years ago and discovered it through another website by a chilled dude presenting his results and some routines so I was interested.
I think a probably gained like 1,5cm since then. I never really sticked to a routine for long, did one for like 2 months and did nothing for 3 and so on.. Well this time will be different I want to stick to PE this year and don’t want to quit, so I’m starting this thread. I’ve never felt like a was very fast in gaining length but it never felt slow when I sticked to a routine as well, like 0,2cm in one month was realistic. But it was always really hard to gain girth for me and I have no real improvement with this..
My past routines were very different like 25min stretching and 25min jelqing 2 one 1 off or like 5min jelqing and stretching 1 on 1 or 2 off. Funny thing is I think I gained with both of them but I don’t really know because I fked up my note taking with length and stuff. I have some written down but they’re only good enough to tell that PE is indeed working..

I’m 20 years old, do athletics and some weight lifting, started an vegan diet but still eating fish (insane improvement in erection the cleaner ur diet gets), taking vitamins d3 and prolly some zink.

My current routine:
In the morning 10mins jelqing
In the evening 10mins of random stretching
5 on 2 off

It feels pretty good and I think I will get some good gains with this. Maybe I’m gonna increase the stretching part every 1 or 2 weeks.
Just measured a 19,3cm BPFSL after the stretching part on day 5. That’s the most I have ever gotten by far.

I’m going to update this thread in some days.

Lets beginn again

Well, I didnt stick with my routine. Just did some on and off stuff again for probably the last 2 years. Pretty funny to see how long I know PE and how unwillingly I was to focus on it. What I did do the last years was using the bathmate more or less 2-3 times a week for 5-12min. Most of the weeks. My BPSFL is now 19,4cm. Last measurment was AFTER! Stretching like 2 years ago 19,3cm. So this increased. Also my MSEG increased by 0,1cm but probably more like 0,3 because of bad measurments. So the bathmate kinda seems to work but because I didnt really heavy a real schedule and used it on and off I didnt get good results. My routine for now will be 5on2off, 30min stretching, 15min Jelq, 15min Power Jelq. Already did this routine now 2 times and have a realllyyy good feeling about it. Sadly I have problems keeping my erection while masturbating and measuring. I think if I could get my EQ to 100% there would be some gains as well but don’t really know what I can do. Maybe its because of my overconsumption of porn?

First week

First week felt pretty good. I think this routine is working for me. I will switch my measurements to standing instead of seating, feels like there is some inaccuracy with the seated measurements. Sitting I’m measuring 18,3 BPEL and 16,5 EL / standing its more like 17,8 BPEL and 16 EL so sitting down gives me an increasment of 0,5cm. Tbh I don’t know how I measured my former stats but I believe it was sitting down. Sadly there is still the EQ struggle and the quickly fading erections when I stop stimulating or start standing up, this could lead to some inaccuracies as well. I will stick with the routine for atleast a month without increasing things, I think I will get some good gains in the next months and will probably increase the jelqing part in 2 month or so. I will look for some stuff to help me with my quickly fading erections and EQ, could prolly make some increasments with better bloodflow or so.

Session 1 Week 2

I somehow had real problems with the jelqing part today. Could not get a good semi erection, maybe like 30%. Maybe I am overdoing it with the volume but I had a good erection yesterday while edging. Will look this week how things are going. I want to incorporate some more kegels and the angion method somehow. I measured an 19,6cm BPFSL after the stretching part, means I’m increasing it for 0,3cm while stretching. But I really think I could do best improvements when I would get my erection right and do some great jelqing.

Hello Long Tong

Welcome among us after two years. From what you write I can see that you are very motivated but be careful not to run too fast and give time to time besides you have a very good size. I have been doing PE for over six months now, adopting the basic exercises for the first two months and then I started to increase the minutes of the exercises and adding more jelqing, stretching, and kegels. After the third month I combined the bathmate with three 5-minute sessions which works mainly on the circumference and I got good results according to the measurements hopefully done well, 2.0 increase in length 1.5 in circumference. The measurement should normally be done while standing is more reliable. I also noticed difficulty in maintaining an erection during the jelqing and measuring exercises, I think it’s a psychological issue combined with the stress of the exercises and that’s why I stopped for 2 weeks. Then I resumed and I notice more confidence. I suggest you don’t resort too much to chemical support but as you wrote in the first post follow a good diet and exercise. Greetings

Indeed feels like I’m over-motivated. I will most likely cut back on volume and days and increase it slowly every month or so. First week felt great but today on sessions 3 week 2 I still had EQ problems. So it seems like I am doing too much. I want too keep the jelq part big but decrease the stretching and I will incorporate more off days, thinking back I also gained on less training. I thought I would be more conditioned because of the heavy bathmate sessions I sometimes did but it doesnt seem like it. I will also try to fix my diet, I’m not vegan anymore and not eating as much veggies and fruit as I can. I will read some threads on the Newbie Routine and maybe some more basic stuff. Although I know PE for some quit long time now I might still be a beginner (in gainz and knowledge). I will try to not rush things and take atleast 2 days off before doing a lighter routine.


Well with more peace of mind you get good results, we don’t have to nag and get anxious. Since you have a long experience of PE, put it to good use. For EQ try the anjon method, it gives me effects. Always carry on like this hello

Big Update

Okay so after my days off I did 20mins of stretching. I lowered the stretching part by 10mins and used the heating pad not for the warm up but while stretching, I also pulled not so hard and tried to ease a bit more into the stretch. I measured 19,5cm BPFSL standing up before and 19,7cm after the stretching part. After I did 15mins of jelqing and 10mins edging. I again measured my BP length and it was 18,5cm seated and 18cm standing up. Short before orgasm I even measured 18,8cm seated. What I realised was, that I need porn to get aroused and get a boner. Without my jelqing is with like 20-30%. So I can’t say if my lower EQ from the first and second week was because of overworking or lack of stimulus input e.g. Porn. I don’t know if I should quit porn or not because wihtout my jelqing isnt good but its also not good to be addicted to it. I also realised that I probably can make way more gainz atm with good girth workouts and improvements in EQ and maybe shouldn’t focus that much on stretching and length training atm. If I could get my normal erection to the size of my pre orgasm erection (which should be 18,3cm standing) that would be awesome and some good gainz without really increasing the length of my penis. Also with loosing some body fat and decreasing my fet pad I should have a really good size already. I don’t really know how I want to carry on. Surely I will deacrease my stretching to maybe 20mins or even as low as 10-15mins and keep my EQ and girth work at 30mins or probably increas it. I will have to do some more reasearch on ways to improve my EQ and what would be best jelq routines or other possibilities. I think about decreasing the workout days to 3 followed by 2 offs, but as I said, I’m not sure if it was overworking or if the decreased stretching time would be already enaugh. For now, I will stop measuring that often because its distracting from the work I am doing and and should have enaugh starting measurements and look at the numbers in 14 days again.

Hi Long Tongs

From what you write I sense a lot of anxiety in your state of mind. You have very good penis measurements so whether or not there are gains is certainly not what you are missing.

I think this anxiety is also affecting your erection. If you can do without porn be better, focus more on techniques to improve EQ. Also try not to measure yourself continuously because you are more likely to make mistakes, I think once a month is fine. Have a carefree journey

What I will do

I just measured a 18,1cm BPEL standing after 2 days off and a 19,5cm BPFSL. I started doing Kegels and will look if they will help me with my EQ. I will switch up my routine to just stretching with heat for the next 4 weeks with 5 on 2 off and look how much my BPFSL will improve in this time. After that I will do atleast 4 weeks of only girth work (jelqing, pumping maybe some clamping?). I hope this will let me get much done without too much fatigue and time consuming. I will only measure BPFSL and look if the increasments are working. I will also try to not watch porn and hope that I will be able to jelq without the need of stimulation after this month. I am really excited how I will measure up in 2 months! I will start reading the threads by Kyrpa, 5.5Squared and scienceguy. They seem really interesting and promising, this is totally new PE knowledge for me that I missed over my 2-3 years abstinence.

Well Long Tong

Conviently and shrewdly continue what you set out to do (good measures). Do kegels which help a lot for strengthening the whole pelvic system and EQ.

We await with good news

Measured 19,6 BPFSL after taking this week off because of potential overtraining. Will start next week with 20min Stretching with some heat in the morning and 10min jelq in the evening. As I said I will lower my volume and focus more on stretching and keeping some jelqing for EQ. Will see how my BFSL will change in a week or two.

Measured 19,8 cm BPFSL after the stretching.

19,9cm after stretching

Originally Posted by Long Tong

19,9cm after stretching

Very good congratulations, always keep it up, bye

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