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Ancient African herb cured my premature ejaculation


Ancient African herb cured my premature ejaculation

Many people have a unique story that has happened to them. No matter what the outcome of that story was, most people are able to relate somehow even though they haven’t experienced the same exact event.
I have been a member of Thundersplace for 10 years but I lost my previous account(because I lost the email attached to it). I started looking into penis exercises After I had my first baby. A little bit about me, I am an entrepreneur and I’m 33. When I met this young and beautiful girl we were both in college. I Was 22, she was 19.One thing led to another and we started dating. We quickly got attached. The following semester we moved in together. Now let me point out something very important at this stage: THE SEX WAS GREAT! We were banging literally every day of the week! After a while I started to notice that I was no longer able to please her like I used to. I was not a marathon runner but on average I lasted 5min in bed. Usually she would come within 3 minutes. Not anymore. Now it started taking her longer and I would end up cuming before she did. “Can anyone relate?” At first she didn’t mind but it was clear that she wasn’t too happy about it. That’s when I began looking into penis exercises such as pelvic floor stretches,stretches, clamping and edging but none of these helped me last longer. I did notice some gains which I kept working on throughout the years since 2011( I haven’t measured in a while but I will post my stats later) but I would still blow my load before she came. The tensions and frustrations started rising… She resorted to looking into getting a sex toy… Needless to say these weren’t my proudest moments… I kept looking for other solutions. I couldn’t get my hand on viagra but I tried almost any over the counter pill like Rhino. At first it worked but then it started fading away and stopped doing anything for me. As a result I was getting less sex in the bedroom and things were getting worse. She was going more for her dildo. I started to notice that I was losing her… I was desperate… I didn’t know what to do so I tried to downplay it thinking that everything will eventually get back to normal. After a couple months they didn’t, in fact she started spending more time on her phone where she put a password on it. I began to realize that she was looking at guys’ profiles on a dating social app. I felt like my heart had dropped in my stomach… I just could not believe it.. In another incident I overheard her talking to someone on the phone with a flirtatious voice.
One day I was called in for a double shift at my job but I got off earlier than expected. Usually I would call her when I am on my way home but I opted not to because it was around 4am and I didn’t want to wake her up. It was a great surprise to walk into our bedroom and find her laying there with another dude and they were both snoring… I felt like my whole world stopped for a second.. Then I jumped on him.. I almost commited murder that day!
I moved out and stayed in my car for a couple days until I could find a decent place. It was like my whole world had fallen apart. I could never imagine that anything like that could ever happen to me and I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get out of my situation. I resolved to move on. I was single for a couple years after that. When I would usually hook up with a female because it would only be because it has been a while I avoided relationships because I didn’t want the same problem to occur again so I remained single. In 2020 due to the pandemic there was an extremely high demand for masks. A friend of mine owns an e-commerce business and needed help shipping hundreds of thousands of masks in the shortest amount of time possible. So I went in and helped. While working there I met this man in his late twenties who was basically the warehouse’s supervisor. I will name him X. So X and I became good friends because we were working together all the time. So we would talk about anything and everything. One day we got into a deeper conversation about relationships, girls and sex. He openly told me about a product that he always uses to last long and wear out all his girlfriends. At first I pretended like I was not interested but he kept talking more about it. He told me that it is a 100% natural herbal plant extracts that some African tribes have been using for hundreds of years to satisfy their multiple wives without getting tired. After he told me the mysterious story around the product, I didn’t want to let him know that I was in desperate search for a product like that.. So I lied. I just said ” I usually last long enough and I don’t have such a problem but I am open to trying it to see how much longer I can last”. He said “Ok I will bring you some tomorrow”. At the time I was messing around with this chick I met on Craigslist(yes it’s still happening in 2020). It was supposed to be a one night stand but she kept hitting me back so I figured I could use her to see how long I could go. I invited her over one night after I applied the product. We hung out for a little while then things got hot… I took her clothes off and we got straight down dirty. Usually when I penetrate I have to be careful and use the stop and go method for the first couple minutes because I get overly excited and when that happens I usually blow my load shortly after. This time things were different! OMG it was like I could feel everything except the feeling of getting closer to the point of no return. I CAME BACK ALIVE that night. I pounded her for a whole straight hour before I finally came. She was moaning, screaming and coming all night! I was on top of the world. I felt like I ran this shit(sorry) lol. She spent the night over because she was too tired to drive back. When we got up in the morning we did it again. And again, I was able to pound away like a GOD until she orgasmed twiced. I cannot express exactly how it feels… but all I can say is that you have got to experience it for yourself! I feel like I have found what I was looking for my whole life lol.
One thing I have noticed for sure throughout my whole journey is that a lot of men are looking for the same solution everyday. Also the majority of people are shy to talk about it so they don’t always get the help they are looking for. I have been using this product ever since. It works all the time. I no longer have to worry about performance in the bedroom. I will not lie, it is a huge weight lifted over my shoulders.
Since I was able to solve my problem I wanted to help anyone suffering from the same problem because I know how destructive it can be in a relationship. So please if you or anyone you know is suffering from premature ejaculation or is trying to improve their performance in the bedroom tell them to check it out. The company is called Afromina and their website is Afromina - Best Male Sexual Enhancement, delays sex climax, last long!. I am just sharing this because it may help someone. I actually will give you an overview of what it looks like.

On the pic attached you can see a condom and a herbal powder.
Basically this is how it works:
Apply lotion on the tip of your penis,
Apply the powder on the tip of your penis as well,
Mix both together on the penis head only.
Take the condom included in the pouch and cover the tip of your penis like you are putting a condom on but only cover the penis head(The reason for covering the head is so you can move around freely without running the risk of the product rubbing off while you wait for it to kick in).
Wait 1-2hours(The longer you wait the more effective), then wash it off with water.
After that you are good to go at any time. I noticed that even though the product says that the effects last 24hours I have found that it actually lasts 48hours before the effects begin to fade. It 100% herbal and smells pretty strong. You can smell the potency. I don’t know if anyone has ever used this product but it works for me and I wanted to share it with you guys.

I hope this helps!

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Hey, thanks for the information! Do your partners smell, feel, or taste the product? Like can they tell you are using it in any way?

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Not amazing at all… just a basic sales pitch to hook some suckers.

Very sad… and hopefully gets removed soon.

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Originally Posted by Mike03016
Not amazing at all… just a basic sales pitch to hook some suckers.
Very sad… and hopefully gets removed soon.

But it had everything! Relating to the reader right out the gate! Then hitting with the emotion and the heartbreak, right into the mysterious Mr. X who helped OP find this amazing product. And the resolution OH the resolution! His dreams, his worries, his broken heart all saved by the mysterious mystical 100% natural herb used by tribes in Africa. As we all know modern science has nothing on the mystical powers of ancient tribes around the world over.

The best part is the link directly to the site, with zero reference to the actual herb, which only speaks more to how lazy this attempted sales pitch was. Also, ‘Dacock’ or OP, tell whoever built that site that its terrible. Just because you have access to wordpress plugins that let you add fancy JavaScript does not mean you should.

Seriously anyone who read this hoping this man had an actual answer for a problem they are having,
A. do kegals
B. They sell ‘numbing’ lubes (essentially what this herb claims to do but actually works if you need that)
C. Dont overthink sex (mental stimulation has a lot to do with physical responses)

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only thing missing was the ‘unexpected 4” gain in the length’

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Guess I’m more gullible than I thought. I was really gonna try it. Thanks for saving me some money guys!!

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Wow a sales pitch.. This is my real story but you don’t have to believe me but it is interesting to see your twisted minds at work here. Keep up the good work I will do the same!

Dacock I PM’d you and you have not responded. In your first post you stated you were previously a member here under another username. What is your previous username? It is against forum rules to have multiple accounts, and your multiple accounts must be reconciled.

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Hi 32 quarters I just responded to your message

I’m a little skeptical about this, but I’m not 100% sure this is a scam. It probably is just a numbing agent, but that’s not too say it doesn’t do what he claims it does. I honestly might be a Guinea pig and try it. It’s only 10 bucks plus shipping. What’s the worst that will happen? I’ll do a little research first when I have time and if I remember. It might be a sales pitch but if you suffered from premature ejaculation for years and found something that works you’d be pretty excited too.

I used to suffer myself, but with a lot of edging and kegels through the years it’s a lot better now. I still don’t have complete control of it yet though.

Dazeagra is a good option as well for a quick fix but its hard to get depending on where you live. Although I’ve noticed that it’s not near as effective for me now as it was when I first got it.

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Originally Posted by jumbojim26
I’m a little skeptical about this, but I’m not 100% sure this is a scam. It probably is just a numbing agent, but that’s not too say it doesn’t do what he claims it does. I honestly might be a Guinea pig and try it. It’s only 10 bucks plus shipping. What’s the worst that will happen? I’ll do a little research first when I have time and if I remember. It might be a sales pitch but if you suffered from premature ejaculation for years and found something that works you’d be pretty excited too.

Its not even skepticism, it might work? Sure, but it comes with a cream that I would be hard pressed to find out doesn’t have numbing agenst found in other OTC creams. Or even that the herb itself isn’t used in things already.

My biggest argument for the sales pitch is going straight to a 3rd party seller. With 0 reference to the magic herb itself. I use a lot of notropics and supplements and never once have I purchased a proprietary blend or branded product of one when 99.9% of the time you can get any herb, roots, supplements directly from whole sellers at 1/10th of the price.

Another thing as far as numbing agents for sex im almost positive I’ve seen lubes at my local gas station for numbing. And I can’t imagine it would be difficult to find more lubes or creams online sold by reputable sellers that use proven ingredients for numbing. At again a portion of the price.

Lastly, a lot of e-commerce that sell “snake-oil” or other related items usually are super cheap, and its extremely common for the shipping cost to be expensive, as thats where they are actually raking in the money. I worked with a dude who does this exact kinda BS. If shipping is more than 5 bucks 90% wager its a rip off.

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I’m one enough to admit when maybe I didn’t look into it enough, at first. And well I went on a little research hunt.

the magical herb is called congo dust, and it really is mysterious. As in theres litterally about no information on whats in the damn stuff or where it comes from. Or if the online sellers really have it or not. Just some random articles people have done in South Africa about it, and the information they do get is random testimonials about dudes getting fat elections and fucking a lot.

Its all really wierd IMO. I would be lying if I said the idea that someone is mixing a topical vigra and selling it possibly under the radar hasn’t peaked my interest in just trying it.

Its difficult though, with so little information it seems like the perfect thing to either be a waste of money, or mess up your willy.

If people do try it, post here for others I guess. Maybe we will be the one forum online that actually has more info on it. If only we had a chemist on the board that could test the shit too.

"Pain is temporary, pride is forever."

From the “rain forests of the Savannah,” one ad says.

Congo dust = Pericopsis Angolensis. “leaves are used in traditional medicine for improving blood circulation and treatment of conditions like diarrhea, nausea, eye problems, pain, edema, sore throat, toothache, and headaches.”

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