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LG Hanger


Potential gains?

The question I get asked the most is “how much can I gain?” That question is almost impossible to answer with any degree of certainty. It’s kind of like asking “how much money will I make in my lifetime?”. The answer is always the same….. it depends upon you and what you do.
I don’t want to mislead anyone because that’s what the snake-oil salesmen do, and I don’t want to be vague and imply that there’s no real answer…. because there is some good news for those who have a goal, are dedicated and disciplined.

I’ve said it countless times…. penis enlargement is difficult, but not impossible. Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation floating around the internet that gives men inflated expectations and false hopes of quick and easy gains. I’ve seen those promoting penis enlargement pills say things like you can gain 2-3” in a couple months! It’s sad to think there are men out there that actually believe that and will spend money on these worthless supplements.

So let’s get real! Is it possible to make a multi-inch gain? YES! Is that the norm? NO! How many people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and never achieve their goal? How many will buy a treadmill or elliptical machine only to have it turn into a clothes hanger? How many men will purchase some kind of penis enlargement device, use it for a month or two, not achieve what they think they should have and the device ends up collecting dust in a drawer or broken and in the garbage can?

There’s a few things that prevent men from reaching their goals….
#1 - Unrealistic expectations
#2 - Worthless Penis Enlargement devices
#3 - Lack of Discipline

What’s the real truth? I believe our associate Dr. Richard Howard who has over 35 years of PE training under his belt has a fairly accurate formula.
It goes like this…. you can potentially gain 50% of your original erect length. Key word “potentially”. As an example let’s hypothetically say you have a starting erect length of 5” - 50% of 5” = 2.5”
This is BPEL or Bone Pressed Erect Length. Since most men are primarily concerned about length they fail to understand that your girth circumference will also grow and increase too! That’s why we named our device the LG Hanger (L = length / G = girth).

Do most men reach their full potential? No….
Why then don’t they? Refer back to the three bullet points above.

If you’re a very dedicated, disciplined individual who is highly motivated to make gains what can you realistically expect?
A 1” gain is very respectable, a 2” gain is exceptional and a 3” gain is phenomenal!

In my own personal experience I gained 2 1/4” -2 3/8” in erect length, and 1 3/8” in erect girth (*depending on where measurement is taken - Mid shaft). It took me 4 1/2 years to make these gains. I started out at 5 3/8” BPEL with a 4 7/8” mid shaft erect girth.

Could another make those gains sooner or faster? To be honest, I don’t know. Too many variables to take into consideration, and without getting too far into those details I contend the main variable is genetics. The second is how you train and what you train with, and the last one is how disciplined and dedicated are you as an individual?

The how you train and what you train with is where we can help! LG Hanger has been in business since 2011. We manufacture the only custom fit, C.N.C. (computer numerical controlled) weight hanging penis enlargement device on the market, and we are made in the United States. We are committed to providing the best customer support along with training tips and advice to those who take their penis enlargement goals seriously!

Custom prototype clamps

The past year has been an exciting and busy year for LGH. I’ve spent a significant amount of time developing new devices that will compliment and promote gains in your PE training.
We’ve had a number of guys make suggestions regarding a custom made clamp that is wider and isn’t made from plastic. Since PE is a niche market that’s flooded with all kinds of very inexpensive things made in China, it’s difficult for me to invest countless hours designing and developing new items if I can’t sell them and make a buck doing so.
So here’s an opportunity for the PE community @ ThundersPlace to provide me with some input. I’ve already gotten some ideas from a couple forum members, both of which have merit.

So let me hear your ideas about design and suggested price. Obviously I can’t compete with the mass produced, plastic injection molded cable clamp that you can buy for a few bucks down at your local hardware store, so please keep that in mind when you think about what you’d be willing to pay for a custom C.N.C. machined clamp made from aluminum with stainless steel fastener / lock mechanism.

Anyone who has followed my training with the LG Hanger knows that I designed the system to not only be the most effective penis enlargement device, but also the safest. Prior to the LG Hanger many men opted for compression clamp devices that cut off circulation, caused excessive skin stretch, and had potential negative side effects that caused tissue and nerve damage.

I’ve always kept an open mind regarding other devices and their effectiveness. I believe pumping has it’s place in promoting gains that can be synergistically combined with weight hanging and traditional hand stretches. That being said I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention other PE exercises that promote gains. One such exercise device is Clamping.

I would consider Clamping an advanced girth exercise that should not be done by novice PE trainers. I wouldn’t recommend anyone with less than a year of training to attempt to clamp.

It requires a significant amount of tissue maturity and conditioning, otherwise you could injure yourself.

Clamping is done while being erect in the 75% - 100% range. I refer to clamping as BFR = blood flow restriction. What you are essentially doing is forcing tissue expansion within the penile anatomy. This is primarily a girth building exercise, and will promote significant vascular development.

If you believe you have the proper amount of tissue maturity and are ready to try clamping, then I suggest the following…

First and foremost have comfortable padding / wrap under the clamp area. I highly recommend our silicon rubber Girth Band. They are soft and pliable and provide a mild amount of compression by itself, it will also prevent the clamp from pinching skin. Install a Girth Band at the base of your erect penis. Apply the clamp and cinch / ratchet down until you feel your penis swell. Only you can determine the appropriate amount of clamp pressure. I suggest starting with the minimum and gradually working up as you become more experienced and determine how you respond. The clamp session should not exceed 5 minutes in length. You can do as many as three clamp sessions all five minutes in length. Between each session take a five minute break and massage / jelq your penis to promote expansion and promote fresh blood flow. Experiment with this a few weeks, as many as three times per week and see how you respond.

Once you’ve become accustomed to the single clamp, you can try double clamping. Same procedure…. except this time install a second Girth Band at mid-shaft and then the second clamp. Same five minute / three sessions. If done properly this exercise is a really girth builder! The vascular development of veins and capillaries is no less than phenomenal.

Never do clamping prior to hanging. You can however pump after a clamp session.

Best wishes in your PE training - LGHanger

LG Hangar: First Impressions

Reposted from my journal entry linked .
Customer Service

First things first, a shout-out to Marlon for answering all my questions via email while completing my order. Second, a shout-out to Stacy, who is basically the receptionist, for telling me all about the product when I called to ask questions. It’s a duo that I gotta respect, because they both gave me insight into hanging and vacuum that I did not have before and…that is saying something given the amount I’ve already spent on Penis Enlargement and the sheer time logged doing it that I have.

I can say with certainty if you have questions, either of them can answer them. I asked everything. I asked how they use the numbers you provide, why, what happens if the cylinder is too small, how long does it take before you need one larger…If you got questions before you buy, they will answer them. Period. You can call or email them.

Plus, Stacy is really nice. She doesn’t do the hard salesperson thing where they keep talking about their product needlessly. She only mentions the product if you ask about what makes it different or features of the product. Which I find refreshing, as far as any retailer of specialty products is concerned. Considering we talked on the phone for 40 minutes without her crowding me with sales pitches, I think that’s a pretty serious statement.

Equipment in Package B Kit

Pictured below: This is an LG Hangar Package B + Bundle Arms kit.

1. LG Hanging Cylinder Custom made to order, with sleeve attached and secured by rubber band. Something the picture cannot show is the groove machined into the cylinder for the rubber band that secures the sleeve quite nicely. They’re quality rubber bands and they’ve got the company name printed on them and are in blue, my favorite color.

It uses a standard female pump coupling so you can easily attach a handpump and pump it to pressurize it before removing the hand pump and starting your session. They can provide you with a hand pump with gauge but I opted not, since I have a reliable one and don’t need an extra one.

2. Bundle Hanging Handles: This is an upgrade that sets the LG Hangar apart from other systems. They provide some custom machined metal (I think aluminum but didn’t ask) handles that screw into the sides of the cylinder creating a pair of handles by which you can turn the vacuum chamber while it is pressurized. The finish is similar to that of decor in your home of a brushed stainless steel light fixture or faucet. A bit nicer than…dick enlargement tools need to be, which is very nice and worth a chuckle lol.

3. Tape: I’m going to go without, as I have excessive pumping practice at extreme levels and normal levels. Tape would just slow me down and aggravate me. I didn’t use the tape that came with my Xsleeve kit either (after the first few times) but I recommend you try it once to see if it is something you need. I may come back to it but…for now, not using it.

4. Spring clasp for attaching load/Velcro cuff- If you have never set up a hanging system a clasp is key. Personally I will likely use a small metal post to crossbar against the nicely placed eye hook in the very thick (literally about an inch thick) top of the cylinder. So really it depends on how you secure your load and what you’re using to generate weight that will determine if you even need this particular clasp over some other connection. I have a weight galley and this clasp would be useful if I was NOT running cord an1d pulleys between my hangar and the load itself.

5. Not pictured (post attachment limit exceeded)- A baggy with a papertowel wrapped spare sealing sleeve and two rubber bands. It’s wrapped and sealed because silicone gets dirty and dusty almost as soon as it is exposed to air and I don’t think I need to open that up to show you when it’s pretty much the same thing that is already attached to the cylinder and I don’t need it yet. Just know they have you covered. The system isn’t cheap but it’s designed to run a while without any maintenance or additional purchases needed.

Since I have to be special, I’ll take pictures of how I secure the load but…the spring clasp is one of the more solid ones I’ve handled.

Closing Thoughts

With an increasingly crowded market for vacuum products (the pump tube hanger is a new one on me above this post) the customer service is going to be key for a company to continue to stay on top of the market. As someone who regularly corresponds with monkeybar at autoextender, Dave at Pumptoys and the one guy at Hardwear (hardboy network) that helped me with all my horseshoe cock rings (who remembered me with a 5 gap in buying stuff for me to get my sex cockring last year)…you want to create a rapport with your customers. You want to remember them years down the line when gear is lost, broken or outgrown and they need to set up a new system. I’ve done it with those other vendors…and if I hang long enough successfully I could see doing it with LG Hanger.

Really, if I can say that…then I think it’s worth it and that…is enough said.

Now: 9" BPEL x 6.25" MSEG as of 11/10/2019 This is my story, a few progress pics of me here, and all my methods.

Then: 6.25" x 4.37" in 8/2009 Are you new to PE? Here's some advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

My Extender and forward to 10" and balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *10* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

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Bundle hanging

Really appreciate your review TG! I’m looking forward to you using the new Bundle chamber that you got a while back. Very interested in how it can complement your P-shot results along with your pump training!

LG Hanger changed the way I hang, started using more weights for longer time periods. Excellent device.

Just ordered the silicone glans caps.

Hopefully they are a valid replacement for wrapping, and will allow for more weight without issue.

Will definitely report progress.

Just want to finally gain that final inch in length.

Pf and Bm

I’ve used the combo of the two for 288 hours now and plan to continue for the duration of 3000 hours + .I just purchased the l g hanger sleeves to adapt to the L of head. It’s working so much better at the moment. I’ve had to adapt before, this due to my glands. A little bit of donut at the same time but the couple of ladies have been even pleased with that. Come to hanging in a few more weeks, what kind of weights should I start with?

Glad to hear!

Originally Posted by dudemandudeman
LG Hanger changed the way I hang, started using more weights for longer time periods. Excellent device.

Happy to hear you’re enjoying your hang experience with our device! Be sure to check out our blog, as we have tons of information and tutorial videos made by customers who’ve successfully made gains with the LG Hanger.

L.G. Hanger, LLC

Girth Bands

Originally Posted by HenrikL
Hello LG Hanger. With the girthbands which side is supposed to be against penis? Smooth side against penis or ribbed side?

I prefer the rib side out, but they can be worn either way. The 1/4” ribs at each end provide a little more rigidity to the Girth Band vs. just using a straight cut section of sleeve.
Since they have multiple applications, I really like wearing two when having sex. One at the base and one just above it…. the wife says they feel like speed bumps LoL.

L.G. Hanger, LLC: Search results for Girth Bands

I see that LGHanger is an ex-member. Hopefully someone on Thunders will be able to answer this question. I PM’ed Longerstretch on this and he gave me an abbreviated answer. I hope that someone else can explain this or point me to a discussion.

What allows the LG Hanger to hang so much more weight than the other vac hanging devices without producing a high risk of blisters?

I mean, vacuum is vacuum, so it seems to me that what is going on in the chamber is pretty much the same for the other vac hangers (unless you have overdone the initial/unweighted vacuum).

Ok, so the LG has a custom fit. I get a pretty good fit with the various chambers that come with the other vac hangers. If a guy’s glans expands or he gets his glans measurement off a little, then the fit of the LG is not likely to be the custom fit that separates the LG Hanger from the other vac hangers.

Could some of the secret be the long sleeve that I see most guys using? In that case, the other hangers can be fitted with the long sleeves.

What about taping? Could the LG Hanger taping method be contributing to the higher safe weight? In that case how is Ernie Banks (OP) posted that he hangs 17.5 for 30 minutes without tape … just a glans cap.

I am not implying that there is anything wrong with the LG Hanger, I just want to understand how it is different and how this difference relates to its ability to allow heavier weight without added blister risk.

Thanks in advance.

LG Vacuum Hanger

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give my review for lg hanger, ordered their vacuum hanger after trying a cheap eBay system. Don’t even waste your money on the cheap ones, they are uncomfortable, the silicone sleeves are trash, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t just go with lg from the beginning. The LG hanger is comfortable, easy to use and apply vacuum to, and most importantly the sleeves are really strong. Definitely worth the money, wish I had started vacuum hanging years ago, my length gains have stalled with manual stretches and pumping, this vacuum hanger is going to get me to 8 inches, I can feel it growing it already.


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