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Injury & Inflammation supplements for recovery


What if i mix Cayenne pepper, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric? Would have great effect as well as your alternativ?

Wow thanks for this Behemoth. I’m difinitely going to try this as soon as possible after my workouts.

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Those herbs/spices are good. I agree. However, if you want fast pain relief (in minutes for some and seconds for others), try real time pain relief at It has 19 ingredients and 14 of them are anti-inflammatory. I also use it on my back and no longer have to use a back brace. My grandmother used it on her carpal tunnel.

I am going with turmeric and black pepper :)

Got some hard veins.

The most powerful and effective method for reducing inflammation is to FIRST STABILIZE INSULIN!!!! This means cutting OUT SUGARS, and cutting out grains and starches! Think Paleo and Rosedale diet. This will set a powerful foundation for health. The other thing is to reduce omega six fats and increase omega 3 fats. Omega 6 oils under the effect of elevated insulin produces eicosanoids, which are powerful inflammatory chemicals. Lowering insulin as low as possible AND cutting down or out omega six fats will work magic on your health. This is the FOUNDATION for health.

NOW, if you do that first THEN add these wonderful anti inflammatory nutrients, as well as abundant raw healthy vegetables (think greens for example) you will be able to reverse most modern diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, impotence, heart disease, dementia etc. IF you are trying to reduce inflammation by nutrients and herbs and you don’t first lower your insulin…you are really fighting a losing battle.

Its a lot like trying to clean up a polluted river, downstream from a polluting factory…you will never win. However, if you shut down the factory first, then cleaning up the river is vastly easier and can be done.

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With regards to your diet advice, agreed 1000000%.

I would add two supplements to the list though, acetyle carnitine and coq10(especially if on statins) . Both have shown promise in studies on Peyronie’s, which is a fibrotic condition, so should be very beneficial to anyone with a penis injury.

Good sleep is important also.

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I’m just gonna throw this out there and get some more direct answers whilst I bury my head doing tons of research for it…

But I got a swelling on my penis from jelqing. About 20 minutes jelqing per session.

It made me stop PE for a month because the jelqing gave raise to a swelling on my penis, about 1 cm diameter. Originally it ended up bleeding as it became a little blister. Also left a bit of darker marking around the blister, like a spot. After I bled it for a little bit until it just weeped fluid (water), I thought that would do the trick.

But after that it still left a bit of dark marking. More jelqing and it made the swelling just grow larger until after the advice of people here I was told to stop for 4 weeks.

Today I went back to PE and did light jelqing for about 10 minutes. 5 minutes in I had noticed that it was beginning to grow again into swelling. After PE there is slight darker marking the same area as where the swelling was.

So, looks like I’m stuck with this damn swelling. I have no idea how to stop it. I take another month off? Like bollox will that do anything to change it. A year off? I reckon the seed that has been planted to make this swelling will still be there. It’s like a very tiny pinprick size of a problem that is generating this swelling when it gets blood pressure into it irritating it.

So I don’t know how to get ‘in there’ where this problem is being generated to eradicate it so it or anything else no longer stimulates this swelling.

This swelling is only there when I PE. So is there anything that can be put onto it or to treat it so that the swelling doesn’t get genertated when I put jelqing blood pressure into it?

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Hi guys I hope its okay that I’m posting here.

I been doing newbie routine for some time now, like 3months or so.

Just couple days ago started to do much more intense routine.

Warming up with IR lamp for 15min, then doing more intense stretching with extender than before for up to 8hours, with heating periodically and with 5min break each hour.

Then at evening I add some manual stretching or jelqs for an hour, also with heating.

Did 2days and 1off, today once I tried to apply extender again it hurts under my penis head where I apply force mostly once stretching, maybe I did pull it too tight idk

Should I take some days off and heal the pain with heat and continue once the pain is not anymore there? Or its common for such an extender as size genetics. And I can continue but just a bit less pressure ?

Sorry for my English

@Gurkitis This is not a good thread for your post. My recommenadtion is stop any PE until you feel 100% okay.

Guys, I just made the almost full recipe drink (without Allspice) and I tell you this. It was the worst drink I’ve ever had in my life, the taste is just a horror. The problem lies within Spirulina, it’s the spice with very specific flavour and aroma, it also doesn’t mix well with milk. So my suggestion is, dont make my mistake and give the 1/2 of proposed dosage. And keep your mints in emergency, because one drink equals one mint.

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I don’t know about this recipe. Before falling asleep (30 minutes) I farted like 30 times. And they stunk. Incredibly. So I’ll try it for 1 week, maybe my stomach is getting adjusted as I have pretty predictable diet. However if I continue to gas that much I will have to leave it and look for alternatives.

Starting 01-10-2015 (6.9 BPEL, 5.1 EG) / Humble goal 7.5 BPEL, 5.5 EG

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Does anybody know what’s wrong with my dick and how I can fix it. I had an injury in puberty where my penis filled up too fast with blood when my penis was cold. It was like a super forced erection that stretched the skin too fast. After that erection it was swelled up in the middle for a couple days. Ever since then I sometimes get erections that will slowly fill up in the back and front, but the middle stays shrunk. These kind of erections especially occur with cold or not being relaxed all the way. Attached is a pic of how it starts to fill with blood sometimes. What is wrong with it? What is damaged? And how can I fix it?

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I get that too sometimes, but I don’t know what caused it, or what it wrong with it. I think it’s referred to as hourglass penis though.


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