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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes


<”Are you using NO2?>

I’m using Nitrix - the same stuff as NO2 (L-arginine Alpha Keto-Grutarate aka AKG). I realize if the Nitrix does it’s thing I could get a misleading first measurement from the enhanced blood flow. After 3 doses, I can feel the pump in the rest of my body. I figure any gain is a good gain, and that if, the gains continue beyond the first week they are attributable to the Aderm.


Goal = 5" x 5" flaccid;]

It shoud not increase size, just give you a viagra effect.

I’m using Nitrix - the same stuff as NO2

NO2 has glucotize-a time released alpha-lipoic acid.

When did you start using Nitrix?

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars


I started 2 days ago. Nitrix has CRTS2 - some sort of time release ingredient.

Goal = 5" x 5" flaccid;]

Originally posted by Jones8315
No, I was not. I meant what I said, your doc did not say topical penile hormones could cause impotence or infertility.

Your answers to legitimate questions get shorter and shorter, Jones. What of the questions B&B did not at the time think to ask his doctor? I worry about that, given that impotence and infertility are just two of many possibly adverse effects of artificial hormonal adjustments via TRT.

Here is what I am thinking is going to happen:

Either you get real clear about your data and your responses to significant questions or you are going to be out of here. As I see it, you are adding more to confusion than to good science at this juncture.

Shape up, or ship out. I’d hate to see a creative mind stifled here, but you are pushing all the wrong buttons. As I have said before on these pages, “If you want ‘A,’ do not push ‘B.’

Forewarned is forearmed. Give yourself a Reality Check and decide.



Put up or shut up

Jones, please respond:


Originally posted by Jones8315
I don’t think I overreacted. I just wanted to know if he was accusing me of something. That is all.

OK, I am accusing you of something. You are using basic Troll techniques. Specifically: Misinterpreting anyone questioning your data or intentions as a personal attack. Refusing to provide links to support you claims. Dodging legitimate questions. Attempting to portray your self as the voice of reason beset by unreasonable and entrenched authority figures. Using pre-suppositions to attempt to make all that question you look unreasonable.

I do not have the knowledge to talk about juice-technology with guys that are up on this stuff. The web is even more full of opinions that the real world. Perhaps you are dead on with your ideas, or perhaps the members with Doctorates in medicine and pharmacology are right. This is one of those cutting edge science things that even the handful of people in the world that fully understand it don’t agree upon. That is not the point of this post. The point is that you are using standard Troll tactics, refusing to address legitimate questions and concerns, preying on the hopes and fears of OUR members and endangering the health of those members. A chemistry student does not have the knowledge or expertise to assure the safety of what you are proposing. Many of the members at love-scents have questioned the safety of your ideas as well.

Do I say you are a Troll? I do not; perhaps you truly do have the best of intentions. However you ARE displaying most, if not all, of the attributes of a Troll.

Please, read the following and prove the suspicions of some of our members to be unfounded. Be mature and address our concerns rather than feign persecution. If your intention is to help guys get a bigger unit this should be no problem.


Originally posted by Jones8315
“I´ve read the phermones board but I prefer counting the guys over here, besides, one guy could sign up for 10 boards under different names and post his results. That would still only be one result. Here we have a good chance of knowing that 1 guy is 1 guy. I think that´s fair with everyone. ”

Are suggesting Whitehall and I are the same person? You are forgetting that I am also on that forum. And he has been there much longer then me.

Rocco never wrote that. Nobody ever wrote that. Once again Troll behavior, trying to derail legitimate concerns/questions by pretending that they are personal attacks. Also using non-sequiters and presuppositions to link what was written with something you made up.


Originally posted by Jones8315
[Bbiggerandbetter, I have no interest in fighting with you. If you choose not to believe me for any reason, I don’t care. Please don’t waste our time. I think everyone reading this thread is capable of coming to there own conclusion. [/B]

???? Yet more Trollisms. Everyone is capable of coming to there own conclusions….but…if they question you they are wasting OUR time. And once again you never addressed legitimate concerns raised by a member who has demonstrated his willingness to go the extra mile to help others. Once again you have attempted to cast your self as the everyman’s voice.


Originally posted by Jones8315
I don’t think I overreacted. I just wanted to know if he was accusing me of something. That is all.

Wrong. Basic Troll method of trying to cast your self as a victim. He never accused you of anything. (referring to Rocco’s observation, above) He simply pointed out a basic internet truth “one guy could sign up for 10 boards under different names and post his results.” And you never addressed his actual point.

In response to Dino’s “What six, I didn’t know we had six people from this board on the experiment can they post there results.” Questioning that 6 guys in addition to Jones have gained from doing this.


Originally posted by Jones8315
This is not the only message board on the internet.

More from Troll 101. Use a Redirect and do not address the actual question. Name the 6 people that have gained from this and provide links to prove it. Also provide a percent, 6 out of how many. If you have lab rats at sites other than Thunder’s and love-scents provide links.

When asked (at love-scents) if doing this will help with girth:


Originally posted by Jones8315here
Most people see good gains in girth.

Provide links. If these guys are all at love-scents ask them to come over and post a quick “Jones is legit” at Thunders. If they have gotten bigger tools due to you they will be glad to help. If they are members here name them. Once again, provide actual numbers. What does “most” mean? X number of guys out of how many?

To the members of Thunder’s that feel Jones is getting shagged without a lube consider:

If this stuff tests out with a sufficient control group, say 30 guys and no hair loss 3 months after stopping treatment, I WILL be spraying some of this crap on my unit. This is not about the ego of anyone at Thunder’s. Do not let someone prey on your hopes and fears. If Jones’s ideas are wrong (notice that I say IF) you can always pull your pud bigger.

I am NOT asking him to site studies to prove his theories. This is not about the science end of things, or whether or not it might work for some. I AM questioning his honesty and intentions. Please read back over the data that I have asked Jones to provide. Nothing that I have requested is unreasonable. Judge for your selves, what possible reason could he have to become indignant and refuse such simple requests? If he puts up I will be the first to post (as well as pm him) a big thank you for proving his critics wrong.

So Jones, put up or shut up.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

chiming in

I don’t post very often, unless there is a subject that catches my attention.

A few months ago, for three weeks I used Testroxin gel every other day. Wow was all I could say. Addictive.

I applied a small dose on my penis, then a PE workout. My penis was fuller and felt different, better.

There are warning labels for using over the counter products, that with certain medical conditions not to use it.

Would a gel give long term gains? I would like to have found out. If not for the cost, I’d still be using it.

There were side effects. At first, it makes your heart race and dizzy. I was horner, plus a tad edgy. My friends pointed out, that I was grouchier then my normal self.

Using a gel or spray is not for everyone.


for fun

Forgot to mention:

A while back, I wrote and posted chapter one of a short story at the fiction part of this website. The Making of a Porn Star, where androgel is used for PE.

The story is a work of fiction and not meant to be considered as a prescription for PE.


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iamaru wrote:

>To the members of Thunder’s that feel Jones is getting shagged without a lube consider:<

Iamaru, this doesn’t address myself :) , still I read the entire post till the end. Respectable analysis, iamaru :up: And perfect style and attitude. I tried to speak up but ended up giving food to the troll due to my emotional approach. Glad to have skilled troll tracers on the board!

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I don’t see Jones as a threat. He is a smart, young kid. I have children his age. They are all lippy. It’s a generational thing. I think he did an admirable job of defending his ideas under a constant assault of disbelief. Which is fine for the believers and disbelievers. No one should rely on this site or any other internet site for medical issues. This isn’t Sunday school where we judge attitudes or science class. I found a lot of the pages of ” look at this study” quite boring and carping.

I think the members of this forum can judge for themselves whether or not they think Jones has been treated fairly. As to a larger control group of “lab rats” that won’t happen if he can’t be on this forum. Each of us current rats chose it for ourselves. If you have decided to remove him, I would suggest that he not post and be allowed to be communicated with by private email. Otherwise give us a few days to exchange emails so that we may communicate with each other and share our experiences with the product.


I guess I will add my 2 cents.

I think you make some good points but I disagree on your interpretation of motive.

I like the guy but I think he has either some maturity issues, some difficulty interpreting peoples intentions and an ego that will severely limit his future success if left unchecked. I don’t think there is any way he can address your concerns and I don’t think that his intentions are trollish.

I feel the same about Nearlythere. He comes flying in, posts a couple of studies, insults Jones to a point that would not be tolerated in any other thread and then says he is bored and leaves. I also like this guy. I think they are similar in many ways. I would hate to see either of them leave because they seem to have the time and interest to research this.

In terms of the number of guys doing this, If you start from the beginning of the thread and read it all of the way through, you will see a link to the pheromone forum where some guys are doing this and a couple of other links if my memory serves me. There were probably six between these. This is what he should have said. I don’t think it is trolling, he is young.

Don’t get me wrong. I completely agree with your belief that far too little is known about this subject to have the apparent leader of the study behave in this manner. I see that it can’t go on like this and I respect your decision to do something about it.

iamaru is a moderator here and I think he makes some good points. You will probably have a Ph.D or an MD some day and you will have to behave differently, it simply won’t be tolerated by your peers. So why not apologize and stay: ) If you want to stay, and I hope you do stay, you are going to have to settle his doubts. It looks like he has his finger on the eject button : (


4-ADerm vs. 4-AD in ISOH and IPM

I think this is the one of the next questions. Perhaps 4-ADerm is the better trans dermal in terms of getting the juice into the blood stream. Maybe ISOH/EtOH & IPM is somehow better for our purposes (this is what Jones an Whitehall used).

Also, maybe activities like pumping and the ulithing are bad for this treatment as pumping can cause some fluid buildup under the skin and they both cause the veins to become engorged. Perhaps the juice gets washed away. I know that some who reported gains jelqed so there is evidence against this idea.

I also know Jones and Whitehall are into supplements. It would be nice to know everything that went into their bodies.


Another Thought.

Lets assume for argument sake that Jones was 100% correct and our in house docs were wrong on the current evidence on safety.

These studies have been done on relatively very few people. How many drugs have made it though clinical trials, where the evidence suggested they were perfectly safe, only to kill a few people once prescribed to the population at large.

Maybe this stuff with fvch 1/300 guys who try so close to there testicles and prostrate to the point where they no longer want to live. We just don’t know.

I don’t think we could conclude this is safe even if my assumption at the top of this post were correct.

Science does about faces on safety all the time. Just think eggs and red wine. Who knows, they might be dangerous again 5 years from now. Enjoy them while you can!


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I think this is getting funny!! The people that are pissed with Jones are the same people that give advice all day.

Is the problem that Jones is giving personal advice? Is the problem that he can’t back some of this up with medical advice?

You are the same people telling me to hang weights off my dick!!!!!!!

You have no medical advice or sources!!!!!!!

It’s your personal advice. I don’t see any one bitching about your NON Medical community proven advice!!!

All this PUT UP OR SHUT UP is crap! Let’s get back to the chance of a break through.

You guys need to name this board: DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO


Personally I don’t think jones is a troll, and as far as giving advice on PE we all will tell you right up front that there are serious risks involved. If you read the whole thread you will see that Jones backed up his data with studies that you or me could not read and when questioned on this he would become defensive and mad. Personally I hope he hangs in there and starts to back his claims with real facts or just comes out and tells us you know what this is just an educated guess on my part and I’m going to try it and see what happens.


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