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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

I have the 4aderm from Avant labs. Fish oil and a daily multi-vitamin are the only supplements I take. I ejaculate about three times per week, and will continue to do so. I don’t see any reason why that would affect growth. Possibly if someone was ejaculating ten times per day they might run their body down and deplete Testosterone and GH levels. Three times per week feels healthy for me. Masturbation certainly doesn’t prevent teenagers from achieving penile growth.

Re: Put up or shut up

Originally posted by iamaru
Jones, please respond:

Please, read the following and prove the suspicions of some of our members to be unfounded. Be mature and address our concerns rather than feign persecution. If your intention is to help guys get a bigger unit this should be no problem.

Name the 6 people that have gained from this and provide links to prove it. Also provide a percent, 6 out of how many. If you have lab rats at sites other than Thunder’s and love-scents provide links.

Provide links. If these guys are all at love-scents ask them to come over and post a quick “Jones is legit” at Thunders. If they have gotten bigger tools due to you they will be glad to help. If they are members here name them. Once again, provide actual numbers. What does “most” mean? X number of guys out of how many?

I am NOT asking him to site studies to prove his theories. This is not about the science end of things, or whether or not it might work for some. I AM questioning his honesty and intentions. Please read back over the data that I have asked Jones to provide. Nothing that I have requested is unreasonable. Judge for your selves, what possible reason could he have to become indignant and refuse such simple requests? If he puts up I will be the first to post (as well as pm him) a big thank you for proving his critics wrong.

So Jones, put up or shut up.

Jones chose to not put up,
Jones has been banned.

If you guys want to keep this thread going that is cool; but, I expect that pelearner’s suggestion of starting a new thread might be a better idea.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

That was a mistake.


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Why was it a mistake northstar?

Jones was asked nicely even to provide answers which he did not. He skirted the issues.

I agree with Iamaru, this thread should continue, or be divided into different sub categories.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I agree with the decision. There could not be one set of rules for Jones and another set for everyone else. The only alternative is no rules and then we are back where we started 5 years ago where every other thread was a flame war.

Anyway, anyone who wants to communicate with him can at the love scents board linked in the first post of this tread. Thunder’s retains it’s integrity and Jone’s brain can still be picked.

Well, back into the wood-work for me.


Why was it a mistake northstar?

Read the last 42 pages.

Jones was asked nicely even to provide answers which he did not.

He was rarely “asked nicely”, he was attacked from the start.

Sunshine, we don’t have answers yet, this is largely unknown territory. We were in the process of finding them.

He skirted the issues.

Which issues were these? All the half-baked theories going about? Jones was no more guilty than anyone else.

I agree with Iamaru…

I do not, and I find his conduct lacking.

If you would look over the past few pages, you will find that much of the hostility had disappeared. The lab rats could actually discuss their experiences, and perhaps everyone could benefit.

But Iamura couldn’t handle this.

He took it upon himself to call Jones a troll (let’s call a spade a spade), to question his ‘honesty and intentions’ and when Jones wouldn’t take the bait, save to say:

Ok, I will answer your questions. My intentions are to find the best ways to grow dicks.

He was banned.

So I’m calling you out Iamura.

Why did you take it upon yourself to attempt a character assasination of Jones, and sabotage a thread that had actually become productive?

Where is the integrity in that?


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

I think in banning Jones you just axed a promising avenue.

Allowing personality differences to get in the way of learning and progress for all the people that make this forum, and judging on our behalf is a huge mistake. Or did I miss the poll that asked what the members opinions were?

Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of Jones, and I think some people here will end up kicking themselves.

As for starting a 4AD thread, that shows that the point was missed. This was never about 4AD. That’s like using an apple to describe a Newtons law and focussing on the apple.

And by making this all about jones you also stray from the point. He wasn´t the one that came up with all this to start with, he just brought it to the board. And even when he did so others were already on that track here, they just hand´t posted about it yet. Why? Because it´s highly experimental.

I agree that jones did get a rough treatment at times, that comes with controversy, unfortunatly he chose to look on everyone who wasn´t cheering this on as the enemy who just wanted to shut him up, or shut him down. That wasn´t true. Many of the mods were, and are, as interested in this as anyone else.

I personally wish jones would have chosen to be a bit more humble and stayed, but he didn´t. He refused to see any of his own flaws and with that goes any hope of improvement.

Like penismith says, there can´t be two different sets of rules. And jones IS still available at the Phermones board

As for starting a 4AD thread maybe that was to gather the people on the same substance in one place.

The art of conversation is not a martial art

Jones didn’t bother me. Most trolls have nothing to contribute, Jones did. 42 pages later, here we are. We can start a new thread and experiment among ourselves but we lost a good lab rat in Jones. I think he would have said so if he had any adverse reactions. Any team involved in creating something has conflict among the members, look at the Rolling Stones! :firejumpe <— Jumpin’ Jack Flash

But mods have to make calls. Iamaru has my respect.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; It is the source of all true art and science. " Albert Einstein

Unfortunately the issue of Jones and the issue of the little experiment got mixed up.

Jones would have been canned some time ago were it not for the subject matter. People come here for various reasons but if they choose not to play by the rules they don’t stay for long. Jones was given more chances than many others to do so. If it seems like he was pressured, he was. He was pressured from the start to treat the board and the people on it with respect. Most of the others maybe you don’t notice because they are out within ten posts.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I had contacted Jones yesterday when I realized he would be removed. I asked that he stay in contact with me and he said he would.

My yahoo email is listed.

I support the decision as well. Honestly, I can’t tell whether this has been a promo attempt for a product and a new niche market or just good PE curiosity. Either way, it does have it’s potential dangers and Jones approach to this can mislead. Not certain, but alot of this does not look much like the product of a degree or area of study so much as it looks alot like the net literature of the supplement marketers. Seen it alot over the years and I don’t mean to offend any academics, but there doesn’t appear to be many if any here that can draw very decisive conclusions on the efficacy or saftey of these products pertaining to PE. Controlled risk experiments are one thing, unknown risk of fucking with the hormonal balance is another.

I understand the nature of the experiment and it is interesting. However, it is the early beginnings that confound me a bit. All this heady academic stuff about the substances themselves and how to get them, but no preliminary investigation as to the potential in this area. If I were to seriously give a fuck to try this, the first places I would search for answers at are BB forums., EliteFitness, Avant Labs…all of them have Pat Arnold, Par, Dante, 1fast400. The creaters themselves and readily accessible! They could likely give a pretty good answer to the dick growth question related to these substances. That’s the real college approach, folks! Question the manufacturer first, by PM if you want to avoid any liability issues if they exist. Or go to the forums and see if anyone is reporting any PE effects from these and all other substances they use Hell, two of the above sites even have sex forums (bb/sex, Elite/BTS) with plenty of penis size posts, even some on PE. Give yourself one hell of a preliminary overview of the potential before dumping cash on this and taking unecessary risks.

alot of the previous pages seem to be chock full of arguments attempting to convince others of how great this works…not a question of IF it works. Doesn’t look that much like an experiment setting to me, more like advertising. Jones could have approached this differently and was warned many times. If he is really just a guy trying to conduct an experiment, his banning might be unfortunate in some ways, but it was a situation of his own creation.

Experiments are great, no question we learn much from them. However, let me encourage those who are interested in this to really look at the forums mentioned. Ask the guys listed as well. Why rub expensive stuff on your balls before investigating? Take a dry run, so to speak and error on the side of caution. What is contained in these products is not exactly new and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to take one fairly close to an answer if your speaking of growing your penis. Not chemistry facts, theory and extrapolation, but real people using these products for years. Hey, you may learn something very new on this subject. FWIW, these are only MY opinions on the situation and are not to be taken as those of other mods.


I think banning Jones was a pathetic decision.

Tell us what you think wanna, don’t skirt around the issue.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Sorry. I think the moderators here are brilliant, in so many ways, not just troll removal. Moderations don’t just moderate, they provide guidance, anecdotes and jokes, company and a myriad of other things. I just thought that the decision was wrong. Nothing personal.


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