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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

@Flexy, the swanson capsule 400 mg bark and 100 mg extract with 6.5% phytosterols means that there is 6.5 mg active chemical. I have also taken solaray with 6.5 mg active chemical. Both have worked for me.

Bark by itself may have very little of the active chemical. I have never taken the bark only products.

Also people’s individual responses to chemicals can vary based on a lot of factors. Read about other people’s experiences here. Some people notice no difference. Some take weeks or months.

To eliminate variables I would suggest trying a product that has the 6.5 mg active chemical per pill. Start with 1 pill daily.

Also ensure that you are getting proper sleep, exercise, nutrition, hydration, etc.

See a doctor if you have other health issues. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

Good luck.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Yes I have learned that Swanson has different Pygeum capsules in Europe and in the US. The one I have here is that European variant.
On the bottle it only says “Standardized extract”, but oddly doesn’t specify to what percentage of active chemicals.

I will try another brand next time.

(Yesterday I opened one capsule out of curiosity. It is a gray-ish, light-brown powder that with some water becomes dark brown. There is absolutely no taste or smell.)

A follow up on my progress.

Bumped my pygeum up to 1 pill 2x a week yesterday. When I got up to go to the bathroom earlier today after little or no stimulation I noticed I was leaking. Cool! Never had that happen before. Very exciting. I want to try feeling a little out of control.

A few days of 1 lecithin pill per day, and my ejaculate has noticeable additional white clumpy thickness even on my current daily ejaculation schedule. So that is also good.

Ordering the Nature’s Way Damiana.

And ordering the Pygeum Standardized 1300mg by Carlyle. It is 12.5mg phytosterols (vs 6.5 for Swanson) per capsule. So I may have to split capsules.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Starting my cum load increase journey.

I see that this thread is still very active even after so many years, that is exciting. I as well as most of you guys want to increase my cum load and orgasm strength and I have some questions to ask, if anyone is willing to help me out that would be much appreciated. After finding the original post and reading it, I decided to try to make my load bigger and my orgasm stronger. I think it is an exciting idea and I want to increase my load as much as possible. I started the other day with the “stack” that is recommended in the original post except I cannot really get pygeum where I’m from. I have not really noticed any effect yet (I’m only 3 days in) but I am very hopeful. Now for the questions:

First of all, how long does it usually take to see results? I have many posts on this thread but it is just too long to read all the way through so I was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences they would like to share.

Secondly; is there any replacement for pygeum that is easier to get? In my country, it seems like it is banned or the import is banned because it’s a B-species listed on the CITES website (I’m not super familiar so feel free to correct me).

I am doing the normal stuff of eating healthy and drinking a lot of liquid etc but are there any other quick tips you guys have that can help?

And for my final question has anyone looked into edging and not cumming for a while and how that affects the load amount?

Thank you for reading my post and hopefully shedding some light on my questions.


Apparently it has had a CITES listing since 1995 because of unsustainable harvesting practices.

I do not want to destroy the planet just so I can get off.

I may have to reduce to 1x dose per week.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

I have been taking supplements for over a week now and believe I think I’m already seeing results. I was scared that this was just going to be a placebo type of effect so I decided to measure every single load and track my progress and as many factors as I could think of. I decided to measure things along the lines of water intake, hours slept, time since the last ejaculation, and how long the session lasted as well as taking extra notes on the side for my own benefit. So far I have only been tracking for a week, but already I am seeing an upward trend and I am pretty sure that it is because of the supplements. Will keep recording loads until my current supply runs and then probably post my findings here. I will also have to do a run after to see if my loads go back down I didn’t think of recording anything before beginning my so-called journey.

On a similar note, has anyone else ever done something similar to this? This being recorded their findings and not just post very unsatisfactory descriptions like describing their load as bigger.

Of course, I took accurate measurements of my loads (look at my nickname, hehe).
I use an accurate scale and a large 50 ml stack. Her weight I know and subtract from the weight of the stack after ejaculation. A maximum of 9.1 ml was obtained.

I also established a pattern that with the second orgasm comes out about 40% of the amount of the first, and with the third - 40% of the amount of the second.

And how do you measure and what results did you achieve?

Originally Posted by Alb Einstein
Of course, I took accurate measurements of my loads (look at my nickname, hehe).
I use an accurate scale and a large 50 ml stack. Her weight I know and subtract from the weight of the stack after ejaculation. A maximum of 9.1 ml was obtained.

I also established a pattern that with the second orgasm comes out about 40% of the amount of the first, and with the third - 40% of the amount of the second.

And how do you measure and what results did you achieve?

Alb Einstein,

Were you able to identify what part of the stack was the cause of your increase? As I mentioned in my previous posts there is nothing (as far as I can tell from trial and error) that the stack has done to increase the quantity of seminal fluid. I personally don’t think that is physically possible. However, I do believe that you can achieve your maximum potential (which will vary for everyone) by adhering to a strictly healthy diet (and a healthy lifestyle—physically and mentally). Prolonged abstinence (5 days max), arousal and genetics plays perhaps the most important factors in determining your cum load potential. In my case I’ve been able to consistently achieve a bountiful range between 8-10 ml. The max. Average amount of male ejaculate is approximately 5 ml (1 tsp). Of course, the volume is lower after frequent ejaculation.

I did not see a confident increase in any case of observation.

But according to personal feelings, lecithin and zinc work.

I have been taking sunflower lecithin, pygeum, zinc, multivitamin, fish oil, l-arginine stack for well close to 2 years. Definitely doubled (or more) my load size. Quite often it is so much that my wife can hear it being forced back out with my thrusting after orgasm. Always results in her doing the “cup my vagina” walk to the bathroom. Plus, my orgasms are much longer with more contractions. The stack difference is night and day for me.

Originally Posted by Mr Inbetween
…results in her doing the “cup my vagina” walk to the bathroom…

Lol! Need to teach mine this technique.

Start (8/30/21): 6.5"BPEL X 5.25" MSEG

Now (12/5/22): 8.75" BPEL X 5.75" MSEG

Goal 9.5"BPEL X 7" MSEG My Journey

First Test

So. I have been reading this thread for a while and was skeptical, but finally decided to give it a try. I ordered Zinc, Lecithin and Pygeum from Amazon and they all came on different days. I got the zinc first (50mg) 4 days before my test. Then the Lecithin (1,200 mg) came in and I took it for 2 days prior to my test. Finally the Pygeum came in (400 mg) 1 day prior to my test. To be clear, I am 55 and have seen a general decline in EQ and semen volume and ejaculation strength over the years, so I was curious if it would work for me. Well, I am happy to report that it is unbelievable so far. I noticed a more pre cum than normal but nothing crazy (I normally don’t have much). However, when I ejaculated, it was intense. There were 3 solid ropes that shot out MUCH further than usual, along with even more that kind of just ran out. Did not expect that. The volume was easily around 3 times more than normal though I didn’t measure it. I’m telling you, the streams were so strong that I could have easily hit myself in the face had I been lying down and pointed in that direction! I have only had that happen a couple times in my life and that was back when I was 25, so this was a complete shock. Also, the consistency was much thicker and whiter than normal, and I could “feel” it leaving my body more than normal, which was a great feeling. Now I am going to continue taking the supplements and wait a week to ejaculate and see if the pre cum increases, and what further effect it will have on volume and intensity of ejaculation. Should be interesting.

Hey Night Rider, that is Interesting with just those 3 supplements. Good luck with test 2. I’m curious how it turns out.

Just a quick question. What is your bmi and how is your prostate? Prostate health is a big influence on cum trajectory.

12/31/17 BPEL= 6.25 MEG = 5.00 , 08/24/22 BPEL= 6.875 MEG = 5.125, 01/16/23 BPEL= 7.0 MEG = 5.25, 01/08/24 BPEL= 7.125 MEG = 5.25

01/24/24 BPEL= 7.125 Meg = 5.50 <---- Girth Goal Reached

Next Goal ---> BPEL = 7.5 Meg = 5.75

I haven’t had my BMI checked for some time, so not sure? I am 6’7” and 235 lbs, probably a more “average” build though I do try to work out and jog 3-4 times week. My wife says I could stand to lose 10 lbs. As far as prostate, I have never had issues other than urine stream is not as strong as it used to be. Prostate exams have been good. I probably should say that I have been using the “Stamena” app on my phone to work on Kegels and Reverse Kegels almost every day for the last 9 months or so and am at the top level on the app. So I think my pelvic floor was already pretty strong, which may help? Also, those aren’t the only supplements as I also take L-Arginine at 3,000 mg along with Maca at 750 mg. I just didn’t mention them as they help my EQ but had no previous effect on ejaculate.


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