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L Arginine And Fleshlight



I have been having a longer flaccid all day, and my erections are strong enough I don’t require a cock ring. I never got results quite like this, and I can rebound from an ejaculation quite quickly, and am developing mutli-orgasmic characteristics (I can barely cum and stay hard, which previously killed my erection). I have always had constant erection problems. I take 6 g of - The Most Trusted Name in Vitamins

I started with 1.5 g and worked to 6 g after a couple months.


sounds like you’ve had som egreat results. My concern is as follows- being someone who already has insomnia- if I take it and don’t get to sleep within a couple hours will it keep me up? also what if I want to take a slow acting protien (casien) before I go to bed so I can burn more fat and not lose muscle… what shoud I do then?

sorru if this is incoherent- I’m tring to get to s;eep but the drugs aren’t working

stubby, casein won’t help you burn any fat at all, it would even keep you off a catabolic state, so if your muscles are recovering from a weight training session, you’ll probably gain some muscle.

Casein might slow down the arginine absorbtion though, wasting a part of it.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
shooter -

I found that gel capsules with L-arginine powder in them were way better than the hard GNC tablets. They seemed to absorb better. I got them at

http://www.vita … /NSI-L-Arginine

Now I have just switched to a powder L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate — two teaspoons twice a day (6g) mixed up in juice or water:

http://www.vita … lutarate-Powder

works well, less expensive than GNC pills or capsules


Thanks a million Sta Kool! I switched to the powder you recommend. It does work better. I take 6g a day. 3g in the morning and 3g at night on an empty stomach. I drink about a gallon of water a day.

Have much better erections. The loads are better than ever. It doesn’t seem to matter if I wait a few days or not. I can get huge (well huge for me) pops everyday if I want to. This was not the case before. I would not shoot as much and would get easily depleted.

Shot several streams from pussy to neck the other night. This was after spankin it twice the previous day. The wife was impressed.


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