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Is It Normal? Newbie Routine Plateu?

Is It Normal? Newbie Routine Plateu?

Hi, I just posted before about my routine.

I need some confirmation and advice from y’all.

I just completely did 3 Months Newbie Routine a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t sure whether the gained I had was actually the EQ or EL.

On the 2 months and half of Newbie Routine until I stop the PE, I didn’t see any length gained, it’s something like Newbie Plateu I’d say. I can’t even see a single mm gained.

I am currently on 2 weeks resting from all sorts of PE right now. What y’all called it? Decondition, right?

My question is, for how long/weeks do I have to deconditioning?

If I’m planning to start doing the PE back, do I have to repeat the Newbie Routine? 5 mins stretching, and 10 mins jelqing? FYI, I was increased the intensity of my routine on the early weeks of the 4th month to 15-20 mins all directions streching and 20mins jelqing before I stopped doing PE right now.


So far I haven’t seen any progress myself. I think that we just need to keep going and eventually, the gains will come.

Started: 13 Dec. 2018 - 6.25" BPEL x 5.5" MSEG

Current: 13 Mar. 2020 - 7.25” BPEL x 5.75" MSEG

Long-Term Goal: 8.25" BPEL x 6" MSEG

I am new as well and have achieved a quarter inch in BPEL in a month. Here’s what I’m doing which seems to be working for reference:

5 min warm up with rice sock
10-15 min stretches
50-100 wet jelqs
10 min pumping at 5-10 in hg
50-100 wet jelqs
10 min pumping at 5-10 in hg
5 min warm down with rice sock

About an hour in total, 5 days a week. Having a lifting background seems to help (paying attention to physiological indicators and where the cusp of unproductive efforts are). I find I generally need 12-18 hours to completely recover from an exercise which seems about right based on what I’ve read.

I’m certainly open to feedback from more experienced forum members, but this has seemed to have served me well so far and hopefully is of help to anybody starting out.

Originally Posted by Growth8213
So far I haven’t seen any progress myself. I think that we just need to keep going and eventually, the gains will come.

I’m only a month in and I’ve seen a gain of .3 inches in length. I attribute it to strong downward stretching for at least 20 mins a day. Hopefully I can keep this growth up !

Jan 19 = 6.75 BPEL x 5.5 EG

Oct 20 = 7.6 BPEL x 5.5 ish

GOAL 8x 6

I saw zero gains for 2 months, maybe 3. Not 1mm increase. Then suddenly one week I measured and was up half an inch.

Not sure what caused the change, and I was near giving up as well. Glad I stuck with it.

I’m doing the newbie routine and going to remeasure when I finish it soon, I think the general advice would probably to add extra exercises in increments until some gains or positive indicators happen. So increasing number of jelqs or adding extra stretches etc.. I’m going for length for example to start so if I plateau after I finish the newbie routine ill add extra and (different) stretches, trial it for a month no gains then try more or increasing time/duration intensity etc.. It’s easy to go over board however adding too much too soon, but I think the key is changing things slowly and when gains happen make no change to your routine until you plateau again.

In effect doing the newbie routine strengthens and conditions your cock whether you gain or not, ready for longer and more strenuous training so a deconditioning break would undo that work id say.

Many have written and discussed the so called plateaux and deconditioning breaks.

Pay your dues, put in the days, weeks, months even years and avoid injury by trying to gain in shorter periods of time.
Injury aside, I am of the opinion that PE should be done daily, even if it is very minimal.

Any PE (no matter how minimal) continuously daily, weekly, monthly beats laying off for a couple of weeks.. Which become months and years.

Read Thunders, there are many of these deconditioning break /plateau stories that follow that pattern.

Keep putting in the work and have a hunger, a burning desire to get hung like you want to.

Longer, thicker, tighter, deeper

You shouldn’t need a decon break at this point. Keep up with you newbie routine. Don’t lose hope, you will have a break through. It just takes more time for some. You are closing in on your 3 month mark, so make a plan based on what your goals are… Decide on what exercises that you can add to your routine. Sometimes just changing the routine will cause growth.

PE rules!!!

Sept ‘17: 5-3/4” BPEL X 4-1/8” MSEG

Now: 6-1/2” BPEL X 4-5/8” MSEG

If you rubbed the magic lamp and the PE genie told you he would grant your size cock that you wanted…
But he told you it would take 3 years of PE every day…
Would you still want it😏

Every man who has grown his phallus goes through a different yet similar journey… Put in the time… Put in the work and don’t get injured by pushing harder and faster.

There is no faster.

Longer, thicker, tighter, deeper

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