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A question for the "natural biggies"

A question for the "natural biggies"

This thread is addressed to the ones who have started their PE career in the statistically “big/huge and above” range. Let’s say BPEL 7 to 7.5 inches or more in length and EG 5 inches or more in girth.

And no, I don’t want to start another “what is big” thread! So please, don’t bump in…

To be even more precise, I’d like to preselect: only those who were aware of being well above average. Not the body dysmorphic, really those who knew they were already big before they knew Thundersplace and got interested in and started to PE.

And second precision: it is not at all about telling the world you have a big one. I guess there are other forums serving that purpose much better. The question emerged from a side remark in the Italian forum an I, falling into that very category, felt caught in the act.

So now the question:

why do you do PE?

What are the real motives you started? Knowing you were already big, why do you want to be even bigger?

So “Because I want to be even more” is not a real helpful answer. Or be prepared I may ask back :-)

I will answer myself, promise given. But right now I guess the bed is calling and Madame too…

And that is one of the few things even more important than Thundersplace!

Modified forum rule #69: Your avatar must show a JUICY ass, may it be female, male, mermaid, even sheep or horses are accepted. :-)

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook

When I first heard about PE (not Thunder’s), is was about “Hmm… I can be smarter, fitter, more muscular, why not being big/bigger?”

It is a long journey to begin PE by me: better sexual life, some thought that bigger is better, kind of being better in every aspect of life.

I don’t know if You consider me as big; I was about 7x5 inches. That’s not “whoa huge”, but not small.

I don’t quite fit the survey premise because although I was well above your BPEL criteria I was a little below the girth criteria. (Predictably, my principal goal was/is to enhance girth.) However, I would happily take additional length if it should come along.

Questions of dysmorphia aside, lots of straight guys probably might have no significant exposure to other guys erect units, except possibly for porn, which would hardly provide a basis for realistic assessment. Thus, regardless of BPEL, a guy might have little awareness whether his erect cock qualifies as S M or L -especially if he’s a grower. That could motivate a large guy to seek more size.

Also, even if satisfied with the size of his tool when its “ready for business,” a guy might be motivated to improve flaccid hang, especially if he’s a grower.

Because I can, I guess. Like many others, my introduction to PE was a tv-show that mentioned jelqing. I did a little research and came upon Thunder’s Place. I started out with a “why not?”-attitude, mostly doing it out of curiosity.
I’ve never had a size complex or felt inferior in any way. I just found it strangely fascinating. The fact that enlargement is even possible is fantastically interesting to me.

And of course vanity does play a part. I must admit that I did have a very different view of penis size before I came to TP. I’d never given it much thought, but obviously the prospect of a larger penis was compelling enough to make me look into it.

To answer you briefly simply for increased penile health. If you’re exercising to make the rest of your body healthy why neglect your special friend? :-) HH

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@Tidio and @halihung
Academics and physical fitness are all around us. There are clear paths for getting smarter or fitter all around us in our daily lives. PE on the other hand, is a little more in the shadows. I didn’t even know it was possible until i accidentally stumbled on a website talking about it.

So I guess what Richard is asking of you guys, is what specifically motivated you to search for PE. If you already knew you were big, what made you even think about it.
Were you curious if such a thing existed? Did a friend tell you about it?

I lurked around this site for a few months before I decided to start and that was mostly for EQ reasons. I’m not gonna lie though, the other main reason is that I do just want a bigger dick.

I knew I was big but my best friend growing up was bigger. I was actually looking for sex toys and found an extender and being obsessed with improving myself I stated researching and found this place. Decided to give it a try and here I am.

7.5 x 5.5 here and I want to be massive, I Like the idea of improving myself ( Not everyone’s Idea of improving )

I also love powerlifting and conditioning and I feel it goes hand in hand.

My main reason why I started PE’ing was better sex life, penis health and EQ and all that.. and offcourse! I allways wanted a massive dick.. and I’m on my way to my goal..

Well.. I was big when I begun PE, but not huge in my eyes point of seeing it..

The reason why I started (again), was because my girlfriend said to me a want bigger tits, so my comment was OK, if you want bigger tits then I want a bigger dick :)

So now where both having a goal!

I’m really not sure I have a good answer to this. Probably just from getting good reactions from the first few girls I slept with and thinking “Well if some is good, more is better”. On one hand it’s definitely just an ego thing, but on the other I do really love the intense sensation of being squeezed by a snug cunt and of course the snugness is increased by a larger dick. Plus it enables you to go really deep, which some women love.

My first post here though I’ve been lurking for a few months.

I’m naturally 7.5 x 5. I always knew I was above average lengthwise but thought I was thin in girth (until recently when I found the forum and realized my girth is slightly above average as well). I’m only 5’6 tall and until recently, have always been very skinny. So my dick looked even bigger than it was.

About 15 years ago a girl I was dating who always bragged about my dick size to our friends made a comment that another mutual friend she hooked up with had a “short but really thick” dick. The way she said it I got the feeling that she really enjoyed the girth.

About 10 years ago I got Peyronies. Besides the excruciating pain I experienced for a year every time I got a boner, and the slight curve that it caused, I lost half an inch in length, bringing me down to 7 x 5. After I recovered from the pain and emotional/mental distress I still felt that I had an overall larger than average dick and always considered myself a giving and passionate lover, so I moved past the .5 loss and went forth

About 5 years ago an ex-girlfriend made a comment that I was “long and thin” which, in my mind, confirmed my belief that I was still longer than average but had less than average girth.

About 4 months ago I became involved with a girl who’s just off the charts beautiful. Her body is just unreal. It looks like someone drew her. And her face, so, so gorgeous. The next thing I say, I don’t say to brag, truly it is not the case. It’s just to further my point. I’ve been with over 50 women, many of them extremely attractive though admittedly some were beasts! Haha. The number of girls I’ve slept with is nothing compared to some guys on here but you can see that I’ve had my share of sexual experience. I have never, not once, ever had a complaint from a girl and almost always receive compliments, both on performance and dick size. This often has led to a females friends hearing about things and then wanting to find out for themselves. My point here, is that I’ve always been extremely confident due to my experiences and never considered PE. I thought it was ridiculous. But that recently changed.

The woman I started seeing recently is not only stunningly beautiful she’s also older than me and has had many more sexual partners than I. With me being at 50+, that’s saying something. That was brand new for me, I’ve always been the one with more partners. That, plus the age difference, plus her beauty, I started to feel like there was nothing I could do that she hasn’t already experienced. Due to that thinking, started to experience mild ED. Another first for me! Making it worse was that when we’d have sex she didn’t make much noise. Again, another first. Usually the women would go nuts. Since she didn’t make much noise I started to think I wasn’t pleasing her. Which worsened the ED. Then while drunk she told me of a guy she hooked up with who’s dick was so big that it tore her vaginal lining so bad she had to go the emergency room. Well that did my head right in. I started thinking well of course I’m not pleasing her, she’s been with a guy who’s dick split her in two! In the past I assumed girls had been with guys both larger and smaller than me and I never cared. But with this girl, I cared and I was all fucked up. The ED, the feeling of not pleasing her, thinking she’s seen it all, my loss of half an inch from Peyronies, her being with a monster dicked dude, and all of it causing further ED. Vicious cycle.

Thus, I looked for ways to get and stay hard and looked up kegels. Which somehow led to a study that found a slight restoration to length for Peyronie’s sufferer’s by using a penis pump. Then I looked up info on pumps which led me to Thunders. I thought it was all bullshit but wanted to increase my girth so stayed and read everything.

From there I started the newbie routine and also added pumping to hopefully restore some length.

I felt a bit empowered knowing I was working on growing my dick, which helped the ED. Also, the Kegels helped as well. Then my flaccid was noticeably bigger. Again, helping mentally with ED. Also, this whole experience caused me to pay even further attention to my girls reactions during sex so I alter my movements, strokes, etc, more than I ever have, and now she makes the noises my ego needed, haha. Furthermore, I’m back to feeling like a sexual tyrannosaurus as we now are having tons of sex, weekdays about 2x a day, and weekends 4-6x times a day.

Also, she deserves credit. I told her about being anxious to please her (didn’t tell everything else though) thus my problem with getting it up/staying hard and she was incredibly sweet about it and understanding. Which also helped ease my nerves a bit, improving the ED.

Now that I’ve started PE though, I don’t want to stop as I’ve already seen a gain of 1/16 in girth in about a months time of jelqing. The increase has nothing to do with bad measurements or differing EQ levels, so I’m incredibly psyched. I’d love to get back to 7.5 length and increase girth to 5.5 so will continue on.

Whew, that was a long post!

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My starting size doesn’t fit your criteria but my mindset at the time I joined does. What I mean is I “felt” big when I joined. I had no problems with my size and felt above average even though I had nothing really to base that feeling on.

I started PE out of a desire to prove to myself if any form of PE was possible. This is a big part of my nature, I can’t accept something as fact without truly understanding it. We’ve all got the emails about magic pills, and one day after clearing the spam out of my emails I decided to research if any legitimate methods of PE were hiding out there. I came across claims of manual exercises and devices that worked and proceeded to prove their validity to myself.

Pure curiosity.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

My penis was about 7.0 when I started PE and now is almost 8 inches from years of pumping and extending. I am grower as well as a pretty big guy at 6ft- 200 lbs, and actually never even knew I had an above average penis until a couple years ago when I got into PE because of the grower aspect plus being a pretty big guy physically, tending towards overweight also. I am now far more satisfied with my penis, both because it has responded to PE by stretching & growing, and because I know a lot more about the penis now including what is typical among men, and how to get more out of what I have. I was surprised to learn that average is around 6 inches in length, or maybe a bit less. Girth wise I have an above average penis too, but I have never been into that aspect as much. My glans has grown from so much bare noose extending, another great thing obtained from PE.

Started Oct. 2010 7.0" BPEL

Currently May 2021 7 3/4" BPEL

stopped counting after 1,700 extending hours

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