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Are you doing PE for yourself, or for a woman

100% for numero uno.

My ability to provide and protect should be enough for a woman, or else she could get a larger dildo or find someone else and leave me alone to let me enjoy my own company and free time.

Coming from a guy with a below 5” pecker.

As of today, for my wife. 2003-4 I tried really hard for several months, stretching and jelging and hanging, but I never had any gains. I’ve always kinda kept my toe in the water reading but never went back to consistency. Today, for some reason, my wife and I had a discussion about length vs girth. For her, she said she’d only be able to have a g-spot orgasm if I was longer. I’m 5.5/4.3” So basically just below average. For some reason, that sparked motivation in me and I’ve been on the site for an hour now after doing the newbie routine in the shower.

Hi everyone.

This is my first post and I realised that this is something I would want to talk about. I have been on this forum on and off, though mostly off. I have noticed that whenever I have started doing PE, I would inevitably stop doing it. Maybe it was because I didn’t see any real results or maybe because other things have taken priority in my life at any given point. The past few months, I have been at it and this time I have made it a point to stick on to doing PE, especially since I know the basics and the “science” behind it.

I won’t say that I started on a whim. No, it started because of a fight and some harsh words were said between me and my partner, which included our sex life. As with all fights after 10 years of marriage, we made up but something inside me said that it was time I gave PE some serious thought.

So what has changed? Did my dick magically gain few inches and now this forum is the gospel truth? No. In fact, I’ve seen little or no change (maybe 0.25 inches but I am not sure). What HAS changed is that because of Kegels and edging, I’m able to a. Last a lot longer than I ever did before (I can last about 20-25 mins on my first time and 40 mins easily on my second) which brings me to b. I can get my dick hard within 10 minutes of ejaculating. This alone has made our sex life so much more enjoyable and something we actually look forward to. This has opened up avenues in our relationship that was severely lacking, including her exploring oral sex (from me to her) which she was very uncomfortable with earlier. All this has resulted in a tremendous ego boost for me and I am able to say this without hesitation that although it started out with doing it for her and our sex life, I am now doing it for me. I’m keeping small goals and I’m actually enjoying PE rather than making it all about the gains and putting unnecessary pressure on myself (no pun intended!).

Thanks for reading this.

I personally feel that a girl, woman or wife will tell me/you what I/we want to hear as it’s totally irrelevant to her. I’m just starting to get my head around that, but I could be 12 inches long but my wife would still play it cool and make me think it’s either just not enough or she’s had bigger or it’s simply amazing. But, that would be my perception of it, simply from her choice of her words regardless of honesty.

I’ve now learnt that if she has an orgasm whether it be clitoral or penetration, she is simply not bothered. She’s had her bit. (maybe just my wife)

So, it’s simply my mind telling me, bigger is better, but as most people say, you can satisfy most women with a finger of just a few inches, yet most of us on here are aiming for a bigger penis (especially me) for my/our own daft thoughts.

Not sure where I’m going with this, but I think even Mandigo has doubts he satisfies some women and that says it all to me.

Yet I’ll still be hanging tomorrow :) Embrace PE and you’ll see results. Just learn to accept what you perceive those results to be ;)

Well I am going to say 100% for me, but I certainly like the positive response from my wife so maybe I should give some credit to her.

I do PE for me. I wanna see how big I can get and it is a turn on for me to have a big dick.

Started: 13 Dec. 2018 - 6.25" BPEL x 5.5" MSEG

Current: 13 Mar. 2020 - 7.25” BPEL x 5.75" MSEG

Long-Term Goal: 8.25" BPEL x 6" MSEG

Your account is a lot older than 9 months.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with working toward a bigger cock for either yourself or for a partner. I’m into the seduction community and swingers community, so I’m looking for multiple partners, and it’s fun to grind on the dance floor when you have a big dick.

It’s like when people say “I’m working out for myself and not for girls.” Cool, but what’s wrong with that if you’re trying to be more attractive? I don’t think it should have a negative connotation.

I do this 100% for myself. I want to go for more length and maybe more girth so I can get more surface area stimulation during sex. But also having a bigger unit tends to increase confidence, not that I have a lack of but having more is never a bad thing! Having a bigger unit can benefit the wife or my side girls as well, but it all circles back to making me feel good both physically and psychologically.

Both for myself and for the girl, but primarily for myself. It boosts your confidence like crazy

Like many others I will say for myself. The confidence boost is a definite draw; I’m lifting in the gym and want to build myself in every way possible. Being able to surprise my girlfriend with extra than I had before would be fantastic; another part of that is to be able to go deeper and feel more stimulation during sex and getting more out of it. Finally, the confidence seeing a hot black or Latina girl with a delicious round booty walking by and thinking “yeah I can fill that”.

Myself 100% .. No effort during sex is amazing. She’s moaning and I’m just sitting there. I enjoy that personally. And lol some size queens aren’t filled by 7 inches .. Just saying.

Starting NBPEL 6.8 -7.3

BPEL 7.5-7.7 (based on EQ) (2018)

Current - same. Goal NBPEL 8

Originally Posted by DocOct
Myself 100% .. No effort during sex is amazing. She’s moaning and I’m just sitting there. I enjoy that personally. And lol some size queens aren’t filled by 7 inches .. Just saying.

Yes. Guess I’ve always been a ‘lazy lover’, but intercourse seems so much more enjoyable and relaxing when I can just lie there and let my partner do all the work. And then they pick the depth and the pace that best gets them off. Hell, whatever they choose to do is great with me. It’s why cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions are my favorites …. especially when done with gals who are passionate horsewomen.

Very first post here. Sorry if it’s too long. I’ve paired it down about four times, on the off chance you don’t all want to hear some newbies life story.

TL;DR I’m doing it for myself. I please my wife thoroughly right now, but she also likes being stretched and filled. Being larger might please her more. Bringing her the most pleasure brings me the most pleasure.

I’m brand new to PE, and while there are a hundred reasons I’ve made the decision to start, I can definitely say that I’m doing it for myself.

Like a lot of guys, I’ve had a few instances where women implied either directly it indirectly that I wasn’t big enough. I’ve also been with a couple of girls that had difficulty with my girth. Now, I know there’s not a problem with my size, I also know that the way it made me feel to be on the receiving end of one of those derogatory comments was really cruddy. I don’t think that feeling ever truly leaves you completely.

I met the love of my life a few years later, and we had a great sex life. Fast forward ten years and three kids and our sex life had fizzled to almost nothing. We have recently revitalized it rather spectacularly and it’s better than ever, primarily though full and unapologetically open communication. With that openness has come a greater exploration of each other’s kinks and pleasures, and we’ve discovered that she likes size. This is a new discovery for her as well.

That revelation took me to the internet and ultimately brought me here. That may sound like I’m doing it for her, but I fully recognize that I’m here primarily for my own edification.

I was open with my wife about wanting to start PE from the first day I considered it. Of course, she assured me that it wasn’t necessary. When we make love, I usually bring her to three or four orgasms, which is three or four times more often than anybody else she’s been with. After some research together, she agreed that it seems safe enough as long as I don’t overdo it, and is supportive if I want to try, so long as I acknowledge that I’m doing it for myself not for her. Bringing her the greatest pleasure brings me the greatest pleasure. It’s that simple really, so anything that might accomplish that is worth it.


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