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bundled stretches for people struggling with girth gains

I haven’t posted in my Restorex thread in awhile. I’d given up on anymore length gains so tried clamping for a month and a half. I got close to 1/8 inches in girth and lost about the same in length. Then it occurred to me that the restorex would make holding it easy. I started on 12/26 and will remeasure on 2/7 to see if anything happens. If not, I’ll go back to clamping but it would be nice to get both length and girth at the same time. I’m doing 1/2 turns 20 minutes l&r at low tension then do the regular stretch at 20 minutes two to three times a day. That’s after some experimentation to see what’s comfortable.

I seemed to have jinxed myself as the restorex broke after writing that. Back to clamping for now.

I’ve been doing PE off and on for years, and I’ve been occasionally trying bundled stretches in the last month or so. Because I’m already well-conditioned/advanced for PE, I can pretty much do 2 full twists (720 degrees) no problem. I seem to be getting some girth results, but it’s very early to tell.

But here’s my big question: what are the DANGERS of doing bundled stretches? What can go wrong? I’m a little more paranoid about this exercise than others I’ve done.

Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
About two months ago I started doing 100 jelqs followed by 100 side to side bundled stretches in each direction and then another 100 jelqs before starting my ADS (home made) sessions. Will wait for four months before making any measurements.

Any updates?

Originally Posted by Stixman
I have noticed increased MSEG from bundled hanging, especially width wise.

I LOVE them!!!

Still improving with these? And can you explain how you do bundled hanging?


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