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Casual PE


Casual PE

Hello All,

because of lack of time/commitment for PE, I have a very casual, so to say, workout schedule. I’ll do the exercises on and off whenever I feel like it or get some encouragement to keep going. My question for you is whether there is anyone on this forum, that has had this kind of casual routine and has had some length/girth gains.

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I believe that the chances of you making any substantial gains through causal PE are remote. If the chances were high then we would all be doing casual PE.

I have taken the liberty of pasting part of a post by Bigger, one of the biggest PE gainers. Make of it what you will.

“I think you will find that the one thing all big gainers have in common is tenacity. This is expressed in the consistency and levels of work. I believe you will find that as long as the techniques are performed properly, the best results are attained by those who are able to work the most. I was lucky in that I PEed all day while working. I work at home with very infrequent interruptions. I was able to incorporate PE in my daily activities with few problems. Some men do not have the time or privacy to do this many hours per week. If they are consistent however, I feel they can achieve their goals over time. The key is consistency. Most on this forum who complain of small gains admit to little work. I believe others think they are working a lot, but are only fooling themselves. I must say I think I could have achieved the same results with less work. I probably went overboard once I realized PE was possible.”

Here is the link to the whole thread.

Bib’s history

Good luck.


Thanks for the link. I know that the majority of people that had gains were working hard and consistently for it. I also noticed that a lot of them were hangers. And it seems like most gains for Bib came from hanging and not stretching or jelqing. However, some people here report gains without hanging. Therefore, I was wandering, whether some had any gains with casual PE.

After reading BIB’s post, I am considering whether it is even worth PE’ing if you can’t get time to work on it intensely and consistently enough to achieve any gains at all.

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

I’m afraid it’s hardly possible to make a correct decision without knowing the relevant facts, unless you are lucky in your guess. I am trying to gather all the facts so that I can make this decision.

One of the other concerns that I have is what it means to work hard or consistently. Is 30 minutes of stretching or jelqing per day an intensive workout and if done for 3-4 days a weeks is it consistent? Do people use consistent to mean the same exercises at same level every time, or regular time intervals that the workout is done?

I do manual stretches for about 10-15 minutes a session with 2-3 sessions per day. Let’s say Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sometimes I will do 250 jelqes during stretching day or on an off day. Do you think that this is working hard and consistently? That’s the routine that I am planning on implementing.

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

I’m definitely in the category of a casual PEr. I did not have enough privacy time etc. so my efforts have been extremely sporadic. However I have gained 3/4” in length and 1/4” girth over about a year. I was up to 1” in length but I seem to have lost a 1/4”.

Now that I just purchased a house and am living alone I plan to get on a real routine and go for some big gains.

That’s fantastic nelsondogg! Good gains and very encouraging to me. How casual was your PE?

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

hrabia, how bout telling us your LOT, your starting stats, your goals, and how much time/privacy you have M-F, and if not all at one sitting, could you commit x# of minutes per day if it were broken up into different sessions.

I have gained over 3.5” EBPL and 1.5” EG with only 20-30 minutes per day, M-F, done in 3-5 minute sessions throughout the day while working over 17 months.

I think working smarter is much wiser than working longer and harder, and if you answer my questions we just may be able to help you out…

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Lets see, I started by stretching in the shower for a few minutes but didn’t get any results other than improved flaccid which I thought was good enough at the time :) Then I got the power jelq and would use it sometimes 4 times a week in the shower, sometimes I would go a week without using it. I got a 1/4” length gain from this and I was stoked.

Then I stopped doing much for a month or two and eventually got a pump. I would use it maybe once or twice week at most. For a while I combined the pump, jelquing and powerjelq and suddenly, it seemed, it was up to 3/4” gain. I stopped power jelquing, pumped a little and maually stretched when I had the chance and got to 1” a couple months later.

Then I stopped doing much pumping and started messing with cock rings and extreme uli type excercizes. It seemed like i quickly gained 1/4” in girth when I started that. I then noticed I lost 1/4” in length :(

All this time I would go days or sometimes weeks in between sessions, never really sticking with anything. But now I’m on a mission and hopefully will be able to get a nice routine going.

RB: you mean you would like to be my mentor? :)

I will post my stats and other info tomorrow….gotto run now

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

No, not enough time, but we can point you down the right path…

Don’t fool yourself though, you’ve got to want a bigger dick to make it happen…

I just remembered, I’ll be out tomorrow and not back in until Monday. Go ahead and post your answers here, but pm me as well so I’ll be sure and see it Monday, lest I forget…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Originally posted by hrabia
I'm afraid it's hardly possible to make a correct decision without knowing the relevant facts, unless you are lucky in your guess. I am trying to gather all the facts so that I can make this decision.


You are worse than me. There are no correct or incorrect decisions. PE is an art not a science. Each one of us is different. You are in danger of thinking too much about it instead of just doing it.

I recommend that you just go for it.


I have gained 1/2” roughly since Christmas, and I’d estimate I’ve done about 5-6 workouts a month since then, until about 2 weeks ago when I got back into the swing of 7 days a week.

Sure my gains slowed down by about 50% compared to when I was doing an hour a day 5x a week but I still gained and I think you can too.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

For me, casual PE is 20-30mins of stretching, followed by 20mins of jelqing. 6on/1off. I’m on my first week of “casual PE”, after 3 years of PE, I need to take a step back and breathe. Versus the PE I’ve done in the past(2+ hour sessions), 20mins of stretching and jelqing will be very easy.

I know that the majority of people that had gains were working hard and consistently for it.

Very true. Worked my ass off to make gains. It was priority number one, for a few years.

I also noticed that a lot of them were hangers.

Hanging is an alternative, not the only option to make gains.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

I’ve ONLY ever done casual PE, mainly due to my shiftwork, and privacy. I’m a week-day-in-the-afternoon PE type of guy. So, this limits me as to how many consecutive days in row I can PE. But I have made gains. Since December, to day, I’ve gained .25 BPEL and around .5 in EG. I haven’t measured since I started hanging last month, and I’m sure the gains are more.

Do what you can. At the least, jelq. It has benefits beyond enlargement.

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