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Fool_4's automatic PE device

Originally Posted by marinera
It wasn’t Dracula actaully, but the actor Alberto Sordi in an old movie, ‘Complexes’
I complessi (1965) - IMDb

It seems “An american in Rome”!

The present is “Un americano a Roma”, the previous ‘I complessi’ (Complexes).

Originally Posted by marinera

The present is “Un americano a Roma”, the previous ‘I complessi’ (Complexes).

Ahh, il “dentone” che avevi prima!

Reading info from the forums, I stumbled onto mention of ultrasonic tissue heating (and some members fertility concerns). A quick Ebay search turns up many Chicom knockoffs of these units for very little outlay. What do you guys think about maybe the piezo electric transducer being mounted in my “strapping ring” so as to keep it right on top of the penis and directing it’s heating straight into the suspensory ligament area. My understanding is that heat is produced due to tissue vibration and friction present in this process, so heat would be being “produced” directly in the tissues most desired to heat.
Thoughts, comments, warnings welcome.


Originally Posted by marinera
It wasn’t Dracula actaully, but the actor Alberto Sordi in an old movie, ‘Complexes’
I complessi (1965) - IMDb

Thanks for the link!! Looks like an interesting movie.

Ball bearing drawer slide upgrade.

Well here is where she stands right now. I know rack and pinion is a little arcane, but I used what I had laying around.
Questions, comments, suggestions welcome.


(92.5 KB, 82 views)
(67.6 KB, 71 views)
(72.1 KB, 76 views)

Hopefully the last thing an average penis ever sees!

(31.5 KB, 83 views)

Come ON guys, someone say something, please, tell me I am not the ONLY lonely loser sitting at home on a Saturday night playing with his pecker??

F4 (accepting his lot)

Still waiting for the pictures to pass through customs F4

I’m like blown away by this. You’re going to end up with the fastest gains and biggest penis just in the R&D testing stage of this thing.

My compliments on the quality of the assembly. You must have a working machine shop available.

Thanks DGA, I did blow a good part of my yesterday re-vamping the “unit”, and yes on having a home machine shop as well. I am wondering if a suit case able “rental” type unit might result for these experiments. This would negate some of the extreme costs of producing such a thing. Hopefully one would not require one of these permanently.
Here is a photo of the flat embed-able RTD I plan on wrapping up into the “heat zone” in the cuff (cuff seems a better term to refer to the entry constriction I had been calling the pinch valve), also note the roll of 20awg nichrome wire also pictured.
I will order at least one ultrasonic “deep heater” thingy, it’s just too good an idea not to incorporate continuous ligament heating in addition to the “cuff” heat.

Question, comments, curses welcome.


(65.5 KB, 50 views)
(64.8 KB, 32 views)

Sorry, another thought fragment.

I am thinking now that a strain gauge or load cell in the mechanical drive linkage would make this far easier to control. With a real time force measurement I could run the reciprocation servo on a straight “position loop” and just have the PLC feed it new position commands based on what the strain gauge is doing. Sensing load indirectly through the servo amp’s torque is more difficult and less precise. I know there are higher end amps on the market, but this thing is going to get a $150 Gecko drive. (On the shelf already).

Another problem, the only HMI I have laying around not slated to go into a customers equip is a freaking $2,700.00 15” color touch screen! Should I go nutz and do the killer graphics and animation this thing supports? What do I animate exactly?!


Please be careful with ultrasonic heating F4. I first became familiar with ultrasonics in the plastics industry using it to weld two pieces of plastic together. I am sure you are familiar with the unit I am talking about where a horn comes down putting pressure on two plastic parts and using a high frequency sound actually welds the two pieces together. The horn coming down on skin could coagulate the blood internally amongst other things.

A problem I noticed in going online trying to come up to speed on this thing is ultrasonic warming seems too “focused” for soft tissue heating resulting in “hot spots” along with areas not really heated much at all. I am concerned these hot spots could easily get too hot too quickly and I am not sure there is a way to know before any injuries occur.

The other side of the coin is I am sure you’ve done your homework and are already taking into account a way to soften the focus of the ultrasonic heat to heat evenly, or at least I hope you have. All I am saying is please be careful with this heating technology.

The strain guage feedback system on the surface sounds like a superior and direct way to control the mechanics but I would need to familiarize myself with the actual design before I would dare venture an opinion.

My opinion is before spending too much time getting into any killer graphics just make sure it monitors all the critical needed data accurately. While not as fun as killer graphics they can always be added later at your discretion. However, if you enjoy that kind of thing then by all means knock yourself out.

I am following this project with great interest.

DGA, I was unaware of ultra sonic shortcomings, thanks for the heads up. My only experience with ultra sound has been in material measurement and detection, though I had heard of ultrasonic welding before.

Here is the HIM shown in the flight case I am aiming to get everything to be stow-able into, as an added bonus this case was once used as a nuke source shipping container and still carries the radiation warning stickers :) this should help keep curious and prying eyes at bay.

Note my newly added “home” proximity switch. So now my machine will be able to get it’s coordinates absolute on the 1st cycle.

Thanks for the feedback, looks like it’s just you and me caring about this endeavor DGA, I still see this being something useful.


(52.3 KB, 51 views)
(51.7 KB, 46 views)
(53.8 KB, 58 views)

I am realizing a need of some kind of local on-board junction box (small and maybe mounted under the motor) to take all the vacuum tube, pressure tube, sensor, motor and encoder leads into to be able to make up to some sort of a snake as the umbilical would be totally un-wieldy otherwise.


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