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Hard vs Big

Originally Posted by animalwannabe
I’m with the concensus. Bigger penis is more spongy most of the time. If a girl is experienced she’ll know if your rock hard and if you aren’t then prepare for bad sex and a slew of uncomfortable insecurities coming from her.

I don’t think size correlates to hardness. There are plenty big guys that are rock hard, and plenty smaller guys that aren’t. I don’t think porn is a good indicator for much of anything other than what happens in porn.

I’m bigger and harder now.

In my own experience, jelqing makes my dick harder, really hard.

Pumping makes my dick more easily to become hard ( and harder too anyway).

My girlfriend likes bigger dicks but being hard is much more important to her. She says it does her no good if I am all pumped up after a session if I can’t still get rock hard. As long as i don’t overwork myself during pumping sessions she loves it.


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