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Is LESS more, or is MORE more?

Are you taking accurate measurements to see if it is smaller ?

I found when I was pumping that my normal erections started to look small but they measured the same as always, just the mind playing tricks.

Originally Posted by MagnumXXL01

I believe in the less is more theory. I am still using the newbie routine and doing only manual stretches for 6 minutes after warmup 3 days per week, and have gained from 6.75” EL to 8.50” in my first 12 months. When I do more my EQ goes down and I can’t stretch as far, and my gains come to a halt and have to take a decon break.

Really? Maybe I belong to the less is more category too :)
Recent experience has taught me that.

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal: 20cm NBPEL||||

But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy.

Originally Posted by Growing28
I think this post really adds to what you have just said..

There are so many mixed opinions about penile enlargement, especially on this board. Some have seen fantastic gains in as little as 2 month, while others have seen nothing after 6 months. Some have erections of steel, while others have a harder time attaining an erection.

As to date, I have gained 2 + inches, most of it being in the last 3 months. Basically, I look at my penis the same way as if it where any other muscle in my body, and take into consideration all the factor that determine muscle growth.

Have you ever been to a gym before, then stopped going, and returned a year later?? What do you usually see? Well, for argument’s sake, let’s say everyone that was there a year ago is still there. You will have some people who have gained a tremendous amount of weight, while others have gained very little, and most have gained nothing at all. Why? Were they not working out?? Yes, but one must realize that there are so many factors that need to be there in order to make growth possible. You cannot expect growth just because you do the exercises. All the exercise does is stimulate growth. Once you’ve done that, you must give your body what it needs to be able to achieve growth. Genetics will play a part as to how fast you will grow, but regardless of your genetics, EVERYBODY is capable of growth.

The 2 most common reasons why people attain very little to no growth.

1. Your Diet
2. Overtraining

The most important factor of all, and I cannot stress this enough is your DIET!! 90% of people have a terrible diet, your penis will not grow if you are not giving it the raw materials it needs too grow no matter how perfect your training is!! No breakfast, fast food, lack of vitamins and minerals, lack of proper calories, essential fat, protein, and the list goes on. I can go to the gym, do everything right, but if I do not have the proper diet, I will gain NOTHING!! And could even end up losing weight, the same goes for your penis. So if you are serious about growth, look at your diet very carefully. Adding a multi vitamin will not solve your problem. If you don’t have the proper diet, a multi V. Will do very little for you. Yes, they are important, but there are many other factors to one’s diet that must be looked at.

Overtraining. Your biggest enemy. So many people are under the impression more is better. I see time and time again, people who go to the gym, and have the mentality that the more I do, the faster, and the bigger I’ll grow. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I am 5’9”, at a competition weight of around 210, 5 % BF, 21” arms, 55” chest. And I do less sets and reps than 95% of the people in the gym. Why?? Simple, to attain growth you need to stimulate your muscle, telling it to grow, right?? Let’s take my biceps for example. I do three sets. 1 warmup set, one heavier set, and the last set I will do to absolute failure. (You must have INTENSITY on the last set) What have I just done? I have put my muscle under stress that it is not used to, hence, it will adapt. How will it adapt, by growing. You only need that one set to stimulate growth. If I were to continue and do 3, 4, 6 more sets, the only thing that I am doing at this point, is tearing it down more. I am doing nothing to increase growth. So my body will need more nutrition, hormones, as well as time just to repair the muscle. My point being, MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!!

What happens when you work a muscle, is that you tear it down. Then your body goes in, repairs the damage that was done, THEN after that it will grow. If your body has not finished it’s repairs on the muscle, and then you work it out again, your are overtraining. There will be little to no growth. Your body is going to work hard and struggle just to repair itself. So if I preform 10 sets instead of 3, then I may be doubling the time it takes to repair my muscle before it can adapt. So why would you do more, when it only slows (or stops) gains??

There are two types of overtraining. Localized (Just a specific muscle) or your entire body. With penile enlargement, you obviously only overtrain locally.

My point to this post is this. Most people on this program are lacking the two most important factors that determine growth. Diet, and proper exercise. Don’t take this manual and follow it to the T. Experiment. Find out what works for you. Everyone is different, so you cannot set a guideline that will work for everyone. I have experimented with this program. For the first month on this program, everyday my sex drive would go down, my erection got weaker and my stamina got worse. So instead of continuing the program (as so many people do), I stopped and analyzed why I was going downhill instead of up. My biggest mistake, I did exactly what the manual told me. So after months of experimenting, I am now having excellent gains from this program. 2 + inches in length, 1 inch in girth, harder erection than ever before, and stamina has much improved.

This is now my routine.

6 day’s a week:

5-10 mins hot wrap before and after
10-15 mins of jelqing, that’s it!

I usually never go over 10 min. But I make it an intense 10 minutes. Hard, slow jelqs. And I make sure that when I do my strokes, that my penis expands bigger than normal. I find that sometimes when I am not erect enough, I can still jelq, but I don’t expand beyond normal size. You must make it bigger than normal in order to attain growth. I also find that I need to be around 80% erect to achieve gains, not 50-60% as I was told, this may be different for you.

Now I only do stretching 2-3 times a week, and no more than 5 min per session. I found that to much stretching, as well as pulling to hard was the biggest factor in my ED.

Kegels, in the manual, it says you can never do to many of these. Bullshit!! Don’t ever listen to that. You can!! I do a good set of kegles every 2 days. It took me about 1 month before I found out how to truly isolate the muscle, unless you know how to focus on the muscle you won’t be able to effectively work it. But once I did, the next day I was so sore, that I could barely walk lol.I was sore for about 3 day’s after that. Give your PC time to recover. Don’t think that doing them in the morning, when you drive, at the movies, at night, 5 times a day will make it stronger. For me, it is counter-productive to work it so often. Try to give it one intense workout every 1-2 days. If you feel that you are overtraining, take a few days off. It will do you more good than most people realize. If you are performing tons of kegels a day, and still have a hard time getting an erection, decrease your frequency. My kegel-workouts are very intense. If I perform them everyday, that’s when I have trouble to attain, and maintain an erection. I can only perform them every 2 days. Any more, and it’s to much.

Dedication. One must be dedicated to see any gains. Don’t expect to see gains after a week. Give it time, they will come. If you do not have patience you absolutely will fail at P.E. No if’s and’s or but’s about it.

This is only my personal experience with the program. I am, by no means, saying that this will work for everyone, but it is something to consider for those who have not gained and with a bit of self honesty, know they are over training. Again pay attention to the P.I’s

Make it huge.!

The best post ever. Knowledge is power. SparkyX - great thread btw.

More is more. More stretching equals more flexibility (gains). Anyone who thinks that 5 minutes of PE 3x a week is the key to gains should look at all the casual/lazy people who do that and aren’t gaining anything.

If we can agree there is a line between “too much” and “not enough”, than I think the less is more approach suggests that starting below this line and working up to it is safer, and more effective than being a tough guy and disregarding the line entirely.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

I let my EQ rule my routine - so It’s admittedly kind of up and down. But I’m working with the theory that EQ is positively related gains. So I do as much as I think I can safely do (given the time I have available). Sometimes I still overdo it. I know this because my EQ drops, or because my dick hurts. When that happens I switch to mild exercises, or just rest completely until my EQ returns to acceptable levels, then I increase the intensity again.

This seems to be working for me for the past couple months. my flaccid length has increased from 4” to 4 5/8 - 4 6/8. I admittedly haven’t measured my EG in a while, cause I’m kinda paranoid about measuring too often. But I’m encouraged by how it looks and feels.

This method was inspired by sparkyx’s now famous EQ post which I’m sure most have read by now.

eponymous - I must agree with your theory. I’ve been doing the same. If my EQ really starts dropping, or I don’t wake up with morning wood, I relax my PE.

I also believe consistency is key. Once I’ve been PE’ing consistently, I notice that my dick has acclimated to the exercises & gains are more possible. Even if I can put in the allotted time, I believe it’s important to do at least something minimally.

I too have wondered what is best. One of the frustrating issues I keep dealing with and that keeps me from being my most effective is that when I jelq (after my 5 minute warmup) my erection level after 1 or 2 wet jelq strokes causes too high of an erection level that I constantly fight waiting til the EL subsides to continue safe jelqing. What am I doing wrong that keeps me from being soft enough to constantly jelq like what is shown in the videos?

I’ve actually taken this thread in chunks in the past few days (yay ADD) but finally read the whole thing. I’m glad this got stickied/featured, because it’s real brain food for PE’ers.

I’ve settled into a nice routine after first month, and am pretty sure I know what I need and what will work best for me from here on. Doesn’t mean I won’t experiment a bit as time wears on, but for now, I want to solidify the routine in my own schedule, firmly place myself in the mode of always doing my routine on time and never shirking or even considering not doing it.

willblong — yes, getting erect can be a constant battle while PE’ing. I personally like to jelq when I’m close to, but not fully erect. I feel I get a better pump, plus I get more blood to the base area. Otherwise, the pump forces most of the blood toward the glans. I’ve heard a view people mention “turkey neck,” which I’m guessing is because they’re not erect enough. I believe there is a risk if too erect, however there’s a risk even if not fully erect. It’s important that you build up slowly and be 100% to what your penis can handle safely. One mistake, & ouch, I have to wait till I’m healed. On the other hand, if you’re FULLY ERECT, there’s no room to really get the blood pumping and max engorgement. If that’s the case, you need to stop and wait for it to come down. Also, do not use porn or imagine anything sexual; count sheep, think about your day, or whatever to get your mind off getting too sexually aroused.

On a separate note, when I get too aroused, it’s near impossible for me to not have a happy ending. HA HA!! I’ve read some research that suggested ejaculating at the end of a PE session is counterproductive to gains. Well, hmmmm, maybe or maybe not. But ejaculating can ultimately end a PE session in its tracks, so don’t let yourself get to that point.

Thank you guys for this thread! Insightful and helpful!

I use an extremely minimalistic routine and have had great success with it so far. I PE 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the remainder of the week are rest days. My routine for the past month has been 100 jelqs and 10 30-second stretches, I haven’t felt the need to increase volume as I have steadily been gaining. In the past month using this routine I have gained 0.5” in BPEL, as well as increasing my EQ from a 7 to a 9/10 and maintaining that for the past 3 weeks. I too believe that EQ is of great importance, when I do add volume I will be watching my EQ as I feel that maintaining/improving on a high EQ allows your penis to accommodate its newly stretched length after successive PE sessions.

Starting Stats 19/05/2012: BPEL: 7.25" MSEG: 5.125"

Current Stats 10/11/2012: BPEL: 8.00" MSEG: 5.25"

Long-term Goal: NBPEL: 8.00" MSEG: 6.00"

I am still trying to find my way through this (new to me) PE ing adventure. Right now I jelq for 15 minutes 5 times a week. I warm up for 5 minutes and warm down for 10 minutes. This was working real well for me, but only with 80-90 % erection rate. I have recently not noticed exceptional gains this week, but am having to work harder to keep the erection level during my sessions. I am just hoping that I am having a “down” week.. I really appreciate this post as it gives me that hope, as there has been several posts with people having the same issue of “down” days or weeks.. Thank you!

I’ve found that EXTREMELY less is definitely more for me. Dunno if that has to do with cock size or not…I’m smaller but then again I see other people even smaller than me doing more. BUT, it does seem to be the monster cocks (in general) that can hang more weight, jelq more reps, and exercise at more frequency, etc. Larger/thicker tunica perhaps?

I mean I’m a freak of nature as far as ‘less is more’…I injured myself just doing 200 light jelqs (upped the number of jelqs each week too quickly and put too much pressure on the CS when jelqing). Still sitting out from that one…gonna give it till January. I’m also a big proponent of rest days, so I do a one day on, one day off (sometimes TWO days off) routine.

Everyone’s different, and that’s a huge point to get across (glad you made it OP). Personally I feel that, just to be safe, everyone should start out w/ a ‘less is more’ attitude and build up from there slowly, if only to avoid injury. Dick injuries, even minor ones can be scary!

Thanks for the great thread.

Right now I am on month two of PE and I have gained almost .5 in length and .25 in girth. I have been doing manual stretches alternating jelqs and bathmate days for two days on one day off. My EQ has dropped from a 9 to a 7or 8, but as long as I am seeing gains I think I am doing OK. I wanted to bring up the topic of age in regards to training. At age 24, I can still go to the gym 7 days a week, and as long as I am alternating exercise days I continue to gain in all my lifts. I think the major factor contributing to this is my young age as well as my diet, sleep, and supplements. I have learned that my body can take a beating, and as long as I am doing the right things out of the gym I can still gain. Relating this to PE, I find that I can pump and jelq with relatively high intensity. I max out the bathmate for three sets of seven minutes with very minimal red spots. My point is, I think it is very important to look at the bigger picture. While I know that penis muscle is very different from the muscle we train in the gym, I think proper knowledge of your physiological response to different types stimulation in the gym can be analogous to how you should be approaching your PE routine.


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