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Is LESS more, or is MORE more?

Originally Posted by s101
I agree with the first part of this, that it is alot like weight trianing, and is why I recomend like weight training you take at least 1 day off inbetween workouts.I say this because when you are buildig muscle you need to take off at least 24 hrs, and muscle is easily repaired, being sore after a penis workout is not nessisarily a good thing, you need to know the difference between fatigue and soreness

I don’t doubt that you can gain inches with more work, but I think it is smart to start out with less and build up from there if you need to.less meaning less that 1 hr a day

Some guys do great every other day, some must work it daily to see gains. You have to see what works for you.

There really needs to be more discussion about this issue. I may not be that experienced at PE, but I have finally started to realize that there is such a thing as over-training. When you PE with the right intensity, you are stimulating growth, and possibly doing “micro-damage” that is beneficial. When you go past this point, there is a defense mechanism that kicks in that does hinder gains. Not only does growth not occur, but tissue begins to remodel in a way that is protective of this stress in the future. Shortening may even occur. I’ve noticed that the elasticity of my unit varies from day to day, and that stretching too hard can be the cause of this.

All human tissue does this- when you work with your hands a lot, callousing, a form of tissue remodeling occurs to protect the tissue. Our tissues are dynamically changing every minute. Cells are constantly dividing, growing, and producing proteins that, as a whole form a functioning tissue. In order to coax the desired behavior from the dynamic processes in tissue (to produce growth and expansion), you need to realize that exercising does not equal growth. Some people have different healing capacities based on their age, metabolism, diet, genetics, and possibly any supplements they take. This determines how intense your workout can be and how frequently you should PE. I think most people agree that rest days are beneficial, but not everyone takes them nearly enough (in my opinion). Even the people that do gain with only 1 rest day per week should probably see what happens when they do it every other day, or do a much lighter routine every other day.

Secondly, I’d really like to test the validity of the “healing in the extended state” theory. It does make sense to me. If you break down some of the inter-cellular tissue in your penis, it will initiate a growth/healing response. Your cells will begin turning on their protein factories to rebuild what was torn down. The cells can sense and communicate with one another and know when to stop building these proteins, trying to maintain a certain density of cells and protein structures characteristic of the tissue. If you artificially extend the gaps between cells during this phase of regrowth, the cells will naturally have to produce more proteins, or possibly be even forced to divide if they sense they are not close enough to neighboring cells. This is just theory, but I plan to investigate it further both in literature and hopefully by feedback from others who add an extender or ADS to their routine.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Is LESS more, or is MORE more?

More or less, yes.

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Originally Posted by iamaru

More or less, yes.

That’s the long and the short of it.

For some guys it’s about as broad as it’s long.


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All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. The ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth. Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

I see a connection between this thread and this:
Knowing whether you are limited by Dorsal Thickening/Septum

I think the major reason why many experience that “Less is more” is that they are limited by the Dorsal Thickening Septum. The harder they try, the harder the unit fights back. I have tried the following routine for two months (combined with clamping like once a week) and gained in bpfsl about 0,5”. Didn’t gain anything in bpel but I hope that I have conditioned my unit for some clamping which I will focus on during the autumn.

- 2 minutes warm-up using hot wrap
- 30 seconds stretch in 4 directions, 5 seconds rest between the directions (total of 2 minutes and 20 seconds)
- V-stretch on three locations of the penis (base, mid and top), 20 seconds each with a 10 seconds break between. Repeat two times (3 minutes)
- 2 minutes warm-down using hot wrap

Two days on, one day off.

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I have this theory: a man will gain more with less in girth department IF he already starts with a good girth , the same is true for length

For example a guy with 6 x 5.5 has got a thick dick but pretty short for it’s girth , well this guy will gain easily in girth and hardly in length meaning that he needs more length work and less girth work

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It is my theory that less would be more and the reason I believe so is because it seems that you should only do just enough to get your tissues to expand and grow and anything more is overkill, unnecessary and perhaps even detrimental.

I understand that there are plenty of guys who only got gains with more is more which is why I present my theory as opinion and obviously not fact. Who really knows what’s going on inside that dick when you’re tugging and stretching it out? Not me.

I guess we’re all our own guinea pigs. :)

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Sparky - great thread! I’ve read the whole thing and also did a search for Mem’s rapid gain routine (Mem's Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism) which someone had mentioned somewhere in the thread - also read the 34 pages of that thread, it was so interesting.

The whole less-is-more concept has got me thinking about my own routine which I had re-started only 5 weeks ago - I had seriously started hanging weights but realize that I will probably have to reduce the weight like you suggest until I get to that sweet point where my EQ was very high. Night/morning wood isn’t there now, so it seems that higher weights might not be having a beneficial effect. I think the idea of using EQ as an indicator of the correct amount of stress is really good sense. I had done PE before (jelqing mainly) but overtrained at that time as well - so I reckon I must be a less-is-more guy….!

In fact, I am also wondering even if I should switch to Mem’s routine (or an adapted version dependent on my EQ/PIs) and stop hanging weights like I am now. In that thread I read about the experience guys have had gaining over short periods of time with what are fairly low stress/time routine (compared to other techniques out there), plus experience of guys who hadn’t gained anything for months on end by doing exactly what I am starting to do now - so cross-referencing that knowledge with this thread makes me want to get it right and not rush or be impatient, or overtrain. Like Sparky keeps saying - convincing ourselves that we can gain with a minimal routine might be the hardest part - I always want to do that bit more, to push it a bit further, but without referencing that against EQ etc.

Seems 5-10 minutes of jelqs & manual stretches work for me.

Sparky - forgot to ask you…. I didn’t read it in this thread, but what were your gains prior to and after your taking the less-is-more approach?

More is ok if less is not enough.

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Don’t know how I missed this thread for 3 years. Sorry about that sparkyx. Especially seeing that nobody has been able to give you a definitive answer in that entire time. But don’t worry, I can hook you up!

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Is LESS more, or is MORE more?

Yes; yes it is.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

When I first started PE back in 1997, I began with a cheap vacuum pump from a sex shop. For one year I would pump from 30 minutes to one hour, every second day, resulting in gains of 1” in erect length and about 3/4” in erect girth after 1 year.
It seems that less is more for me, my recent “more is more” attempts all seemed to fail so since the beginning of the year I’ve been pumping for 1 hour every second day.

I’ve noticed something a bit strange, after each pumping session, I have noticed a consistent increase in girth however during my rest day, my erection seems smaller than when i started. My EQ seems fine, I usually wake up with a mega boner. I’m going to continue and see what happens.


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