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Is LESS more, or is MORE more?

I definitely find “pure”length training far less stressful than “pure” girth work. When I was doing some hanging, it was far less stressful to the EQ.

I think that pure stretching hits the tunica more and not so much to the smooth muscle…I think thats the key. The more you stress the smooth muscle, the more it effects the EQ…at less for “less is more” guys.

Neither small nor large I think medium is best, but the discussion about PE can hurt any person,it is dangerous.But I think if you use some cream that n’t be bad.

Is there a chance “more is more” guys tend to have larger starting girths?

It would make sense, and tie into the “more force needed to deform wider rubber band” theory.

I can’t find it discussed - sorry if it’s been asked before.

(Also - somewhat tangential request for input on my personal, “more-is-more” routine alert - does everyone think 2 hrs is too much time to jelq/horse, even if PIs/morning wood are good? My progress thread:

ForYourPrivacy’s Progress Report

Typical more-is-more? Or too much?)


Originally Posted by MagnumXXL01

I believe in the less is more theory. I am still using the newbie routine and doing only manual stretches for 6 minutes after warmup 3 days per week, and have gained from 6.75” EL to 8.50” in my first 12 months. When I do more my EQ goes down and I can’t stretch as far, and my gains come to a halt and have to take a decon break.

2 inches in 12 months?

Wow that would be great

That’s the best gain report I’ve heard of on here. Or can anyone better that?

Good thread by the way

Originally Posted by 17ml
2 inches in 12 months?

Wow that would be great

That’s the best gain report I’ve heard of on here. Or can anyone better that?

Good thread by the way

Yea those are ridonculous gains and only stretching I think? No jelqing? Seem’s a little fishy, but who am I too judge.

Reading these post has encourage me to start peing again~as you can tell I’ve been a member on this forum for 2 years but got lazy & stop peing. I can only move forward and can’t wait to see results

I think everyone must have an amount of PE per day, that makes there rod turtle and make them not gain and get negative PI’s etc.

Even guys like Bib who hang all day, probably have an amount where there rods say, stop this is the no gain/turtle’ing zone.

I definitely got some bad advice thinking my penis could gain doing all day hanging. More, more, more, just does not work for me.

All day hanging sucks, manually stretching and jelqing is like being in Disneyland, compared to being in your bedroom all day, hanging.

I think it’s all about balance, and common sense too. Becoming “one” with your penis and knowing when enough is enough and when to calm down. Us boys get too adventurous and ego-heads! It backfires sometimes.

I read on some PE website out there that the more time, the better the results. So I did I believe 2 hours a day of manual stretching and jelqing.
Then I went to Bib’s website, try hanging hours a day.

Then I finally smartened up and found this thread, which makes much more sense, with PI’s and NI’s too take into account, obvioulsy I would get NI’s the more is more way and therefore not gain.

(With regard to penis size)

IMO: more is more. The female anatomy is very accommodating with enough foreplay.

Of course too big might cause issues. I think once you’re at the size when less than 90% of women can take your penis comfortably you should cool off a bit.

(With regard to PE sessions)

I think just under too much is perfect. The main thing is to have enough rest (at least one day) after serious work outs.

Start; NBPEL: 6.0" EG: 4.4" (August, 2009)

Goal; NBPEL: 7.0" EG: 6.0"

Struggling with EQ, caffeine addiction and being overweight :-(

I am not sure about duration of workout, but I have learned from experience that in terms of intensity, less is more. The penis doesn’t just grow in response to exercises; it gets tougher and stronger, making it more resistant to further growth. I have definitely noticed that my ligaments are much stronger now and I am not sure if I can get them to lengthen very easily. I think the key is to induce growth without inducing scar tissue and restructuring of the tissue.

Nice thread. As a newbie I would say I studied this site as if it was the bible to a religious person for about a month before I started PE. I just got out of the military and have been having my ridiculous vacation for about 2 months now. Overall I have been doing PE for about 3 months. I still find it hard to dedicate my time due to ADD. What I’m getting at is that the most PE I have actually done within one month was at least once a week, very light sessions. I have been increasing overall intensity of my manual stretches/jelqs without really doing outrageous amounts of them. I have had extremely poor EQ my whole life due to my own insecurities of having a horribly wicked bent dick. Well not untill just recent I have noticed that I too have been waking up from having this powerful hard on, for the past 4 days now actually. My wife has been complaining that it has been starting to hurt her lately, claiming I must have grown over night or something. Now I can’t say that I have gained anything since my PE journey. NBP I measure 7 in length along the curve, and 6 while bending it back straight. Needless to say that my boner tends to begin the plunge the second I start this abnormal bending of the horribly curved penis.For the first time in my life I have actually had a completly hard dick from the moment my wife (or any woman for that matter) flirts with me, all the way until my pay load has reached lift off. I do tend to feel bigger look bigger by far but I’m not making any claims, one things for sure though.PE has improved my EQ/Sex Life/Self Esteem/Overall Happiness with hardly any time devoted to the cause. I had it in mind that I was to eventually pick up the pace and get some intense frequent workouts out there as much as possible but after reading this thread I have made up my mind to keep to what I am doing because it works for me. Knowing is half the battle.more like all of the battle.

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!


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