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New Jelq City!

OK got it, I’ll try that.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Ok I just tried this for the first time and wow! These are SO much more intense than just a regular jelq. Thanks Cheeva!

:up: Don’t hurt yourself. :)

Great cheeva! I’ve been advocating low level Jelqing for a while now, it just seems more effective to me. Now if I could just get off my butt and go do some…

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It would be very easy to hurt yourself with these. As a matter of fact I feel just a bit sore today from doing these yesterday. So today I will be lessening the intensity. When they say listen to your dick, you should listen. Mine really talks to me, out loud. And it was saying “Hey I want to be bigger too, but WHAT THE FUCK!”. Is that wierd?

I couldn’t agree more with your description, and feel that jelqing this way has been one of the keys to getting some post newbie gains over the last months.

Talking in erection percentages is difficult, but you said it very, very well when you say there should be no rigidity whatsoever. Once the sides become hard, I have to stop until there is some give there. As long as there is substantial give on the sides, I consider it ready to jelq. Like you describe, plump, but not hard or rigid.

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I have been doing lower erection “V” jelqs. Seems to be a different sensation than doing “V” jelqs at a higher erection level. Say 40% vs 60%.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Thanks for this great thread Cheeva.

Two questions:

Does your daily routine now contain more than jelqing?

What type of days on days off schedule have you found gives best results with this technique?

My daily routine also consists of stretching and piss pulls. I also occasionally throw in some golf weights and pumping to keep things interesting.

As far as days off, I average 3-4 days a week, depending on PIs. I’ll do two days on, one day off, three days on, two days off, etc. I generally don’t do more than four days in a row without taking a couple of days off. If my unit doesn’t need a break after four days, I need to up the intensity a little. I try and keep my unit guessing as to what’s coming next. :)

Fantastic post! I’ve long been a firm (haha) believer of low level erection exercises. It was something that came up in the ‘O-bends’ thread; about how length gains are often more achievable when your unit is more elastic and pliable. I also feel 70% jelqs have never really done anything for me. Looking forward to trying 40% out tomorrow!

One thing I have experimented with: I get a cock ring, elasticated hair tie or whatever and wrap it around the base of an erection. Then I let the erection subside, but the ring stops most of the blood escaping. This combination of a flexible unit and lots of blood to work with seems to work well for me.

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That's 1.5" both ways. Wish me luck! :D

Mostly all of my gains have come from low erection jelqing for 30 mins a day 4-5 days a week. it just works!

:up: In terms of gaining length, it might be right up there with heat as a secret PE ingredient.

Thanks a lot i think I will jelq like this!

What do you do to stop skin stretch?

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I place an OK grip at the base with the alternate hand.

Thanks for the info Cheeva, I have been looking for something exactly like this. I am nearing the 3 month mark on my newbie routine and wanted to get more length focused once my unit feels properly conditioned and I feel that I’m there. I will certainly be incorporating these into my routine.


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