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The Icy Clamp - sounds good and bad


The Icy Clamp - sounds good and bad

I read a thread on plasticity, and how the best way to turn flexibility into plasticity was to stretch something to the warm max and then apply a cool pressure, which got me thinking.

How about then, I clamp for 7 minutes, then apply ice for 3 minutes or so, then immediately go warm my penis in the shower with a soothing massage?

Logically, it seems like it could work perfectly. But then again, cutting circulation and cooling down an extremity like this also seems like a good way to lose my penis.

Thoughts on this? I gave it a shot just now, iced my penis for 1 minute at the end of the clamping sessionand it felt ok.

I read that some people immediately after their P.E work out put their penis in icy cold water.

This is supposed to freeze the stretched tissues in an elongated state.

It totally defies my logic that is such activity will evidently cause the tissues to contract rather than to expand.

The only way I believe to freeze the tissues in an elongated state would be to use sub-zero temperatures.

( But then you’ll end up with a totally useless penis.)

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No, no, think of it this way:

the clamp is holding the blood inside the penis and stretching the tunica, correct? If you cool things down, things will naturally contract, but that blood isn’t going anywhere, so you would essentially be cooling down your tunica and ligs in their most expanded state. Blood doesn’t contract.

What you are saying here makes perfect sense actually.

But wouldn’t we reap the same effect if we clamped for a while longer or would the act of putting your penis in icy water cause more pressure on the tissues i.e you force the tissue to contract but since they cannot contract, they stay in their current expanded size.

I was thinking that we could actually expand the tissues by actually keeping the penis (in its expanded state) in a cooler medium but for a much longer period.

What do you think?

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

What I think wouldn’t matter because I’m no doctor, really, and it would take a considerable knowledge of phisiology and anatomy to take this discussion further. But, my two cents is I feel the ice would work better because the contraction would be greater and wouldn’t allow for much adapatation.

It would shock the penis, and maybe we could induce the artificial priapism environment that generates a megalophallus condition like in that article.

Very interesting thoughts.

Still, we will need to know the amount of time that would be required to actually induce an artificial priapism environment because putting your penis in a cold medium for 30 seconds is not as effective as 5 minutes in the same medium.

P.S: What article are you referring to?

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Anyone feel like bringing some input into this thread? I think this has some potential.

Very interesting theories about icy clamp..

El Wino: You said that the blood in the penis wouldn’t go anywhere and that we would be cooling down our tunica and ligs. Since the blood is stuck in the penis, wouldn’t that increase the chance of having severe discoloration?

El Wino, I had the same thought along the lines of length, but I don’t think the idea applies for girth. Hear me out.

When I used to stretch, I warmed up to get the tissues as pliable as possible, and - after the session - when I had it at it’s most extended state, I held it stretched under cold water. My theory was that length was obtained through creating micro-tears, and by stretching your tissues to the limit, then forcing them to try and recede by running cold water over them, I thought the tears would come easier that way; I had some success with this, as I would hang longer (albeit, thinner) throughout the rest of the day/night.

My problem with applying this theory to girth is that girth and length work on two different principles - while I believe length is dependent on micro-tears, I think girth is dependent on blood chamber expansion. The biggest limiting factor in girth is getting your body to retain it’s expanded state, which I feel is completely dependent on blood - get your body to adapt and keep as much blood in your penis as is in it when it’s fully pumped and plump, and we’d all be making gains in a few weeks, but it doesn’t work like that. After a good session, I find my dick becomes a sort of fatter, limper version of it’s old self; I love the girthy feel, but the hardness leaves something to be desired. I think the body needs to adapt to a sudden increase in blood demand to retain the rigidness, and when your body is forced to choose between growing thicker and limper, or harder and thinner, I think it will try to remain rigid, as that is more advantageous to reproductive success. Since I think the biggest deciding factor in girth gains is blood flow, I wouldn’t do anything to decrease the blood flow to said area - in this case, putting cold on said area.

That said, let us know how it goes, since I assume you will keep experimenting with this.

Edit : Ah, I see you’re saying ice it down WHILE in a clamp, huh? Interesting, I think I might agree with this line of thinking, as you’re forcing the chambers to retract in an expanded state… worth giving a try, I’ll let you know how it goes for me.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Nice. If it works it’s gotta be called “Wino’s Teh Awesomeness Icy Clamps for Girthiness and Fullness of Penus”.

I’m gonna try it too. I’ve got a good feeling about this. Even so, I’d really like to reiterate: pay attention to your dick while you’re doing this, because cutting circulation already darkens your penis for lack of oxygen and decreases its temperature: adding a low temperature to that equation can end up really badly.
Don’t fuck around with this, be responsible eh? And warm that sucker up immediately afterwards.

Originally Posted by NeedBiggerPenis
Very interesting theories about icy clamp..

El Wino: You said that the blood in the penis wouldn’t go anywhere and that we would be cooling down our tunica and ligs. Since the blood is stuck in the penis, wouldn’t that increase the chance of having severe discoloration?

My guess would be maybe. Discoloration is still a mystery, if I recall correctly. Some think it is one thing or another; the only theory that comes to mind is iron deposits in your skin. Either way, I would guess that, being a little extreme, this exercise would probably increase discoloration.

I tried this, didn’t see much from it. I think I was doing it not only for what you are discussing, but someone had said that they were able to recover faster from PE stress better from it. I didn’t see the effect.

The concept that make sense to me is that connective tissue is more conducive to stretching above a certain temp (104 F comes to mind, but I can never remember it for sure) and loses that benefit below that temp.

So, in reality, if you raise it above that temp (lets just say 104 F) then just drop it to normal body temp (98.6F) that should be enough. Ice would just serve to get it down faster, and perhaps increase circulation temporarily.

I do think it is probably worth trying, just because I didn’t see any effects, doesn’t mean some of you might. The trick is getting ABOVE the needed range, then drop below it to cement the tissue.

That would be the trick alright.

Ice ice baby……. Ice ice baby.

Ok, an ice pack is impractical, so I’ve resorted to dipping my penis into ice-cold water. I thought it was funny how it seemed like I was forging my penis the same way a sword is forged.

I feel this is going somewhere. Check later for results.


El Wino, this is certainly off topic but who’s the chick in your avatar?

Excellent choice by the way.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life


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