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The Long Game: Learning with Longerstretch, Key Principles to Make Sustained Growth

Understood, thank you for clarifying that.

Do you limit the tension on the fish scale to your max working weight when hanging? For example, if you are working up to 10 pounds over the course of the hanging session, do you use 10 pounds of force on the fish scale when measuring post-BPFSL?

Originally Posted by scienceguy
When I measure with the fishing scale I still have the vac chamber on my dick. I put the end of the fishing scale that would get held by a hand around the door handle. The end of the scale that the fish hangs on I hook on the vac chamber. Then I walk backwards until I reach the force I want on the scale and then I measure my BPFSL.

I go above my max work out weight when measuring. I started using 3kg when measuring but changed this to 4kg as my max weight is near 3kg. Might test measuring with a weight less than my max work out weight see how that affects the strain.

Measure for accuracy not for gains

I went from 17,8 cm to 19,5 cm BPFSL in 45 Days with Longerstretchs Routine, that was back in May.

I was on a Break for 7 months, on December first I was at 18,5 cm, so I cemented 0,7 cm and am currently in my second Cycle, my Goal for this Cycle is 60 Days.

Before, I tried Longerstretchs Routine, I wasn’t gaining any Length.

Start: BPEL- 5.62 | BPFSL- 5.62 | MSEG- 4.33

Progress: BPEL- 6.6 | BPFSL- 7.48 | MSEG- 4,92

Goal: BPEL- 9 | BPFSL- 9 | MSEG- 6.3


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