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Too thin to jelq - 4" girth


Originally Posted by spacedude86
15 minutes with the rice sock.

That should do?
And is it easier to stretch after 15 minutes of warm up?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I remembered a post from Kevin12 that really helped me with my jelq technique:

Kevin12 - Kevin’s log…or soon to be “Log”

Originally Posted by Kevin12
I have a new understanding in perfecting my grip and ability to trap and move blood. It was almost like leaving cheese out and then discovering penicilin. I’ll explain:

After my very short workout and slightly discouraged, I jumped in the shower to warm down and do a few jelqs while I still had a good size erection. I put one hand on my penis hand, and the other at the base. I slightly pulled my penis straight out, keeping my right hand below the gland, and used my left hand at the base to move towards the right hand. I’ve done this a thousand times, but this time was different. By slightly pulling my penis out and using my opposite hand to jelq towards the gland I was able to create a bubble of blood between both hands. And the best part was: I didn’t have to use much if any force to do it. Just a grip that was slightly more than masturbating (thank you Kingpole, I now understand what you meant by slightly more than masturbating grip). By using this method I could make my jelqs last the recommended 3-5 second minimum with no loss of trapped blood, I could go longer if I wanted to as well. It was great! And I think this is the key to gains. The part of my penis between my hands was plumpier and I could even feel it’s extra expansion…and I only had about a 70% erection. My workout was a success!

In the past I’ve been using a lot more force and thought I was trapping and moving blood properly, but after this light jelq with both hands working as a team, I really saw how the jelq is to be performed. And it only took two months! The positive side is it was also so light and effortless that I feel I’m doing less damage, and can go consecutive days if I want to. Comparing this method to before, I feel as if I was beating the shit out of my dick, thinking it was getting blood moving. You can read a thousand posts and watch a thousand videos, but there’s a science and form that I now see in the jelq that you can’t learn until you just do it enough.

Originally Posted by kingpole

That should do?

And is it easier to stretch after 15 minutes of warm up?

Definitely. I get that “spongy” or “clay-like” feeling everyone talks about, where I feel like I can manipulate my dick better.


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