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What are your PE goals for 2011?

What are your PE goals for 2011?

I remember there being a thread like this last year and it was pretty cool seeing what everyone wanted to achieve for 2010, so I figure we have it again. What is your current size and what would you like to be before 2012 gets here? As for me I am currently:

7.4 NBPEL (7.9 BPEL) — 5.4 MSEG

Even though I came up slightly short on my goal for the last year I am going to have the same goal of .5 inches of length for this year as well. I have learned a lot more this past year and think I can definitely achieve it this year which would make me very happy:) . I am not too concerned with girth so any gains in that area are a bonus to me.

So what are your goals for this year?

Jan. '08:----------------------------------------------------------Feb '19:-----------------------Goal:

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |

6.5 BP-------------------------------------------------------------8.5 BP-----------------------9.25 BP

Half an inch to an inch and a quarter in length, get my mid girth to 5.5 inches.

My tool, my tool one day you shall be long, thick and full.

Start: 5.00x4.50 - Now: 5.75x5.00 - Goal: 8.50x5.75

Been on and off for the past 2 years but now more focused.

EQ of 10

10/2010: ~bpe 6.2x4.8, 1/2011: bpe 6.5x5, 2/2011: bpe 6.75x5.1, 3/2011: bpe 7x5.1, 4/2011: bpe 7.25x5.1, 6/2011: bpe 7.38x5.1

My status thread

Another 0.5-0.75 in length and 0.25-0.5 in MSEG would be great along with 10 EQ and increased penile sensitivity.

But I’ll take what I can get. :)

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.


6.25 bpel
5.5 eg

End of 2011 Goal:

7.5 bpel
6.0 eg

1cm (cca.0,5inch) of length and 1cm (cca.0,5inch) of girth would be awesome.. And a little bit better EQ, of course :)

Looking at historical stats, it is not unfathomable for people to pick up an inch in length, and i don’t have much to go in girth to hit the bottom of my range. So I would love to be at the bottom of my target range of 7x5.5, but I’d be happy if I got to 6.5x5.5.

Start (Oct 2010) NBPEL: 5, BPEL: 5.875 inches, BASE GIRTH: 5.25 inches, MID GIRTH: 5

(November 2013) NBPEL: 5.875, BPEL: 6.625 inches, BASE GIRTH: 5.625 inches, MID GIRTH: 5

Goal NBPEL(7-7.5)xMEG(5.5-6) (journal)

Last I Measured I was 7.0 NBPEL or 7.4BPEL and 5.25 MSEG

My goal for 2011 is 7.6 NBPEL or 8 BPEL and 5.5MSEG

I just hope that these are realistic goals for me, and that I will be able to reach them this year. Even though I may have some privacy issues.

+1 inch in length
+0.5 inch in girth

And I promise to god I won’t complain about life anymore :)

Dec '09 : NBPEL: 6'' x EG: 5.1'' x FL: 2" -----> Aug '10 : NBPEL: 6.3'' x EG: 5.6'' x FL: 2"

Yeah, don't worry. It did not take me 8 months to get these gains. I was more off than on when it came to PE :O

Goal: EL: 7.25" x EG: 6.2" x FL: 4"

Sadly, I’ve not gained anything in the last two years. I was reminded if this when I dug up a ruler pic dated January 2009. My length is the exact same today as it was then. Picture perfect truth. Sobering.

I’d really like to just stop PE all together. The amount of time I devote to the pursuit is outrageous.

Anyway, I want another 1/4 to 1/2” of length. That’s all. I guess that is my goal. I have no idea how to achieve it though.

I want to hit 5” EG and 6” NBPEL. That’s somewhere around 6.7” BPEL.

Start 5.25 BPEL x 4.36 EG

Current 6.2 BPEL x 4.60 EG

Just starting but willing to work for it

Hi I’m just starting from a 2 year stop where I was really not so compromised with the PE routine, now I follow a routine and waiting to see it at 6 or 6.5 at the end of this year,if it comes to 7 better for me,

Right now, I’m at NBPEL 5, BPEL 6, flacid 4 , girth of 4.7

I love this site, helps so many people, all you need for this to work, is faith and compromise , and a loooot of patience

I started in december the 22nd, so know this is most likely my 2nd week,

Hey can someone give me some advice in stretching grip for not circumcised guys like me, cause sometimes I’m loosing my grip and looking at the videos I see the guy holds it with one hand and pulls with his other hand, when I do that my grip loosens, sometimes it stays but it’s not always, so maybe someone can help with some advice cause I think the stretching must be done with all the force your arms can give you pulling out,

I would love to get to 7nbpel x 6.5 mseg

1st May 2010 - BPEL 6" EG 6"

Current - BPEL 6.25" EG 6.5"

25th Dec 2017 (goal) - BPEL 8" EG7"

Just to keep hitting my Short Term Goals. It would be nice to hit my Long Term Goal this year. But realistically there’s a possibility it won’t happen this year. So I’m going to say 7.875 BPEL and 5.5 EG.

19th Feb 2012

Erect: 7.625" BPEL and 4.875" EG BPFSL: 8.063 Short Term Goal: 7.75" x 5 Long Term Goal: BP 8.5 x EG 5.75

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