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What's Your 2020 PE Resolution?


What's Your 2020 PE Resolution?

In the fresh light of a new year and decade, what do you plan to do to get closer to your PE goal?

For me:
* Research and buy new cylinder/pump; toss old one
* Run longer pump sessions while doing work (at computer)
* Investigate ways to reduce the pressure of pump on pubic bone - thus reversing my numbness problem

My Progress Thread | Ball Pump FAQs | IMAGE: Long flaccid | IMAGE: Ideal flaccid | IMAGE: Flaccid post-stretch | IMAGE: Big ballsack

"One definition of paranoia is suspecting the truth too early." - Walter Kirn


Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

PE = Hang consistently for a year and reduce fat pad.

Non PE = 10% body fat, find a job I’m happy in, learn to drive.

I need to get back in the gym.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

To get back to pumping and reach 5.5” erect girth.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 8.2” x 5.1” (5.3" BEG)

My pictures

  1. Get thicker — It looks like I’m going to be working from home, so I plan to clamp a lot throughout the day (adding sets gradually). I’m also changing up my routine, which I’ll save for my progress report.
  2. Use it — No one has seen the thing since before I started PE, and it’s high time I got it back out there and got some reactions.
  3. Lose weight — Feel like my penis is bigger because more of it will be visible! Should help with #2, as well.
  4. Stop — By the end of the year, I expect to be done—whether I meet my current goal, get big reactions that convince me I’m thick enough, or fail to break through my current lack of progress.

Why the Smithsonian? Because you could walk around it for a week and not see the whole thing.

To make it to 7 inches nbpel.

Penis Pride

Make a new under clothes hanger to accommodate 6.5” mseg comfortably. Easy task.

Increase my girth to 6.5” mseg by dusting off my wider tubes. Easy task.

Refine my routine or find new ones to gain 1” to 1.5” EL to reach 10” to 10.5” by the end of the year. Tricky task, but within the realm of possibility.

Starting: 7"bplx5.2" 2017 (shrunk from disuse)(originally 8"bplx4.5", gained to 9"bplx6")

Current: 9.0"bplx6.125" 2020

Goal: 11.5"bplx7" 2021.

For PE?

To use this ever improving tool in a romantic situation.

Adjust routine to be more efficient.

Gain 1 inch (2.54 cm) BPEL.

Gain 0.5 inch (1.27 cm) MSEG.

Finish research for a stem cell activation post.

Put in even more time and effort…hopefully end up 8.5”x5.5” or larger by 2021. Still have never really focused too much on girth goals yet since length came easy for the first bit (and it is easy to stretch manually), so hoping maybe even more given initial gains.

Outside of PE directly, also to push harder at the gym. Made a lot of progress in 2019, and hoping to drop the last 10-15 while also putting on 10-15 more muscle if I can. Hopefully doing that also drop my fat pad down another 0.25-0.5” too.

Current: BPEL 8"/NBPEL 6.75" MEG 5.2", BPFL 6.75"/NBPFL 5.5" FG 4.5"


Realistic Goal: BPEL 8.5"/NBPEL 7.5" EG 5.5" | Optimistic: BPEL 9"/NBPEL 8" MEG 5.75" | Dream: BPEL 10"/NBPEL 9" MEG 6.5"

Bust into the 7” club.

*️⃣ Now (6/1/20): 7.125” BPEL x 5.6875” MSEG

*️⃣ Start (10/31/19): 6” BPEL x 5.25” MSEG

Easy Peasy’s Quest to Swang an 8x6

More girth and better EQ.
That is all!

If I can gain .25 MEG in girth I’ll be happy.

Start- Nov 2017 BPEL-7.2 NBPEL-6.75 MEG-4.75

Updated- BPEL-7.75 NBPEL-7.2 MEG-5

*GOAL- BPEL-8 NBPEL-7.5 MEG-5.5* My journey —>New Guy In Town Progress Report


My name is sarcastic.

Stand the heat, and put some 3 - 5 cubic inches more.

START 18/13.15 cm Jul 24th 18 (7.09/5.18") NOW 22.5/15.2 cm Fer 12th 20 (8.86/5.98") GOAL 8.5"/ 6"

When connective tissue is stretched within therapeutic temperatures ranging 102 to 110 F (38.9- 43.3 C), the amount of structural weakening produced by a given amount of tissue elongation varies inversely with the temperature. This is apparently related to the progressive increase in the viscous flow properties of the collagenous tissue when it is heated. (Warren et al (1971,1976)

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