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When erect my head isn't that full need a little help.

I’m using that V, and it’s working, it’s one more evidence then I have a venous leak.

Conquering my goals.

I don’t understand? You are getting a full headed erection using a V? Wouldn’t this mean the problem is an overworked dick or something not a venous leak? Becuase if it was a venous leak it shouldn’t make a difference taking a V???????

My hardons are crap in general but I ass about with my dick far too much but with a V or yohimbe they are perfect. So I’d like to know others thoughts on this situation to.

I think ‘V’ = a technique, not viagra

Pussy Pounder

ok lol I see.

Yeah I meant V - with my fingers pressed on my fat fad near the base of my penis and not Viagra.

Conquering my goals.

I’ve remeasured my self today, I have lost my erect length gains :(

Conquering my goals.

Seriously, you need to stop stressing about everything. Don’t worry about your PE. Stress can be bad for you — it certainly isn’t conducive to erections.

Mate do you wank a lot and watch porn this can also give you weak erections. How about going one week no dick touching at all/ no porn and then check your hardon?

Well, I just wanted to update you, I’m going to an urologist today who is specialist with ED, he is working in one of the biggest hospitals in Israel, there is a slight chance that I’ll login from his clinic to TP and let him see Yataghan50 posts and image, I’ll tell him that I want him to redirect me to an interventional radiology to help me.

I’ll update you.

Conquering my goals.

Good luck mate wish you all the very best.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Well, I maybe have some hope after all!

The urologist was very apathetic to me, but he gave me a lot of examinations -
NPT / RIGISCAN (night wood test with a machine that attaches to my penis during 2 nights and I think check night erections)

Dynamic color duplex doppler DSDD + PBI (with injection of PGE1 - very good for my Chemical PE experience) (I think that they will XRey my penis during erection or something)

And two more test - ultrasound to my testicles and for my kidneys (veriscula) + Duppler for blood veins)

He said that he might fix it, if the leak is from one source, he wants to check that I didn’t broke my penis - he his mistaking, no way it is broken.

Any thoughts? Can you give me any advice? Do you think he can find the leak with those examinations?

Thanks a lot, I’m hoping for good.

Conquering my goals.

I have the same problem, unless I have a cock ring on or I am clamping the base of my penis, my head doesn’t get any bigger than what it is flaccid when erect.

Don’t jack off for a while and you’ll see a difference.

Man this is huge for me. For a while I just thought I had weak erections, but this would explain a lot. When I’m not that horny both cc’s enlarge to normal size, and while I don’t have a throbbing erection, it is very hard to the touch. The cs stays basically flat however which really pisses me off. The head does not quite stay at flacid size, but it doesn’t get nearly as big as it can. If I’m incredibly horny then both cc’s and cs will be full. I recently got a cock ring and it works perfectly to keep everything engorged, I love it… and when I wear it I’m like an extra 0.25” bigger in girth. Should this basically be my regular erect girth size, or is the cock ring making it even bigger? Either way, I would gain a significant amount of girth if the cs were full.

I’m definitely considering seeing a urologist, I would love to get constant erections where my head was really full. I might wait until I hit my PE goals, but I will definitely go to one.


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