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When erect my head isn't that full need a little help.


When erect my head isn't that full need a little help.

When I’m erect my head isn’t full, when I tried clamping for 2-3 min’ my head looked twice as big.
How can I get this kind of erect head when I’m getting a 100% erection?

For most cases my head isn’t full at all (I’m 18 and I gets a lot of erections during the day), when I’m getting BJ from my GF my head isn’t full at all, and I’m really erected, it isn’t growing a lot at all, and I think that it can grow a lot more. (I saw my head grows with the clamp on and loved it.)

Is this some kind of ED? I can’t get it to grow, when I’m pushing my fingers at the base of my penis, on the sides of my fat pad my head grows a bit, and I haven’t done any PE a week or so.

Thanks a lot for helping :) (sorry for my grammatic mistakes)

Conquering my goals.

Thanks a lot, I’ll go to the urologist.

Conquering my goals.

That’s good — he or she can help you figure out what’s going on. Whatever it is you can get it fixed and sorted out.

I never went to a urologist until this last year — he is my favorite doctor now, a real good guy.

Hm, I thought it was a side effect of PE, that may explain why I can’t maintain an erection without stimulating directly my penis.

I shall visit my doctor next week.

One day I'll be able to do PE o/

BTB jelqing may be what you need to do.

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Does some one know what is the treatment for valve leakage?

I’m afraid that the urologist will turn me off, and tell me that everything is in my head, because I’m young.

How is it diagnostic?

Conquering my goals.

I need to wear a cock ring for the rest of my life to maintain a good erection and a good head? I’m young it can kill my sex life, not a lot of young women (18-20) will see it in a good way.

Conquering my goals.

I’m sorry for my third post on a role here.

If I have it I’ll need to go throw a surgery, I’ve just read about it, dam I’m shaking, and confused, at 18 to go throw this kind of procedure, I’m really afraid now.

Conquering my goals.

I think you guys are overreacting. Not everyones head gets rock hard and huge like it would when clamped.

OS_q, don’t get that scared pal, it’s a very natural thing! There are a lot of men like you, and a lot of penises like yours! I think jelqing is the key, it will definitely help you to achieve your rock hard erection in your head. Well, anyway, you must keep in mind that it will never be the same as when you’re clamping. That wouldn’t be natural!

My 2 cents.

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I think it\'s amazing, the way that love can set you free...

Os_Q, go see the doctor just to rule out anything bad.

If he says it’s all in your head, you can then proceed to hit him in the balls and go get the advice of another urologist.

Just do not start freaking out now.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Originally Posted by OS_q
I need to wear a cock ring for the rest of my life to maintain a good erection and a good head? I’m young it can kill my sex life, not a lot of young women (18-20) will see it in a good way.

1) There is no need to panic like this. You do not know if you have Valve Leakage. Even if you do, it is not a dangerous condition. All anyone is saying is go visit with your doctor.

2) “it can kill my sex life” — If a woman you are dating is shallow and immature enough to reject you over a cock ring, then you are better off not dating her anyway. That to me would be a warning sign that she is not a good person, or well equipped to deal with the complexities of love and life. Better to find a better young woman.

DO NOT BE AFRAID. Just have a nice friendly visit with your doctor and describe what is going on.

Thanks a lot, I think that I do have a valve damage, I’m having problems with my erections, I get a lot of erections during the day, but those erections are maybe 80% erections(even during sex, my CC is very strong and the head isn’t),plus my CS chamber is little, I can’t get a 100% erection, my head girth when erect is like my entire girth, with some erections it’s even smaller, there are times that my head looks exactly the same as it when it’s flaccid, my CC is rock hard and the top of my penis is very soft, you can feel the CC through when you are pressing the head.

I know that I can’t compare an erect penis with clamp and without, but this only shows my the capacity of my head size, I will be satisfied if it will be 75% from an erect head with a clamp, my head barely grows, and I’m having a hard time to maintain a good erection, if I get a good erection it will be lasting for a good 2-3 minutes, I need to press at the sides of the penis (on my fat pad)
With two of me fingers, to get a better erection, and then my head is bigger with something like 20% from normal, it looks like I’m stretching the skin of my penis on the chambers and this is helping me with my erections.

I can’t use a cock ring every time I’ll have sex, I’m 18 and now I have a GF which I loves a lot and I know that she will help me and support me when ever I need her, but I’m thinking about my future here, most of the young girls won’t get it in an understanding way.

In my opinion the doctors in Israel are no experts and I don’t think that they have a lot of experience with this kind of problem, I’m going to the urologist on Wednesday and I’m hoping for good, do I need to tell him about my PE life? In Israel there is a big claim that you can’t increase your penis size.

Do you know how will the doctor exam my penis? Will he inject me something to get an erection? I’m hoping that he won’t tell me that it’s all inside my head, cause I’ve seen a lot of erected penises here when erect, and my head is smaller then every one, I know that my had can get a lot more blood then it’s getting, when I’ve clamped my head was a lot bigger and It looked like a normal penis head, ordinary one, I haven’t clamped a lot, another thing it that when I had oral sex with my GF, I was investing a lot of kegeling to get the erection harder, and then I heard a knock sound, I know that it came from me, but I don’t know if it was from my penis or from an other part of my body, I didn’t feel anything but I thought that it might had came from my penis, but I’m having the problem with the head for a long time now, and from that day with the knock sound.

Do you know if the operation is dangerous? Can I end up without a functional penis? They need to cut one of my chambers to get to the veins??
I know that If I’ll do this operation I won’t be able to do any PE in the future, and this is one of my biggest concerns (beside loosing my penis with all of it’s shortcoming - literal)
I’ll try to find out about the surgery.

Thanks again.

Conquering my goals.

OS_q: I am going to use a couple of American English idioms, I hope they will make sense to you.

1. Don’t get ahead of yourself (You do not know you have Valve Damage. So there is no point in worrying about all these things yet).

2. Don’t Borrow Trouble (You are agitating yourself and creating worst-case-scenarios that will probably never come to pass. Again You do not know you have Valve Damage. So there is no point in worrying about all these things yet).

(By the way, I am sure there is no “cutting of chambers” involved in the operation. Modern surgery is quite precise, not like in the Old West of John Wayne movies)

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