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JT's Progress Thread, from Day 1.

I feel like based on what is happening with my flaccid, 7lbs was an “unlocking” weight for me. Can’t wait to see what 8 lbs brings whenever my unit tells me to advance. I do want to get into pumping as well, no idea where to begin. I suppose I will get to reading.

Officially 91 days without porn.

Hanging low till I'm hanging low.

Use the cylinder sizing guide in the sticky at the top of the pumping session.

If you fall between two sizes, go for the smaller diameter tube if your primary interest is length.

If you need a gasket or rubber seal ring to keep vacuum, your tube is probably too large.

Tube diameters are generally in 1/4 inch steps. except for LeLuv, which offers most of its tubes in 1/8” steps.

When you pack the tube, you’re not adding girth any more; you’ve just filled the space between the inner shaft and skin with lymph.

Be sensible and work up time and vacuum slowly; you can hurt yourself if you jump in with both feet. (not that I have to remind a hanger of that…)

Do the aquarium pump conversion. It costs about the same as a hand pump.

Add a tee fitting and a bleed valve to control vacuum.

Add another tee and a vacuum gauge.

If you use a hand pump, get one with a gauge or tee one into the line.

You can get a hand pump online or at Canadian Tire.

Vacuum gauges can be found at auto parts stores or eBay.

Without a vacuum gauge, you have no idea what you’re doing; it would be like trying to hang without knowing what your weights are.

You will need lubricant in the tube. Some people have claimed success with baby powder, but most people use a liquid lube. Glycerine or coconut oil work well. Water-base lubes may dry out in longish pumping sessions.

Andy my friend, you have given me a lovely introduction to pumping and I appreciate you. Thank you for your continued awesomeness here on my thread from day one.

Hanging low till I'm hanging low.

I must admit that sounds fun. I also have this gut feeling that pumping will just be so advantageous for my growth. When I look down at my member and I see stretch marks on the skin, I feel like I need to get some blood and expansion work done to help “fill in” the new tissue damage if that makes sense. I am going to start looking at some new hardware, and order something soon perhaps!

Hanging low till I'm hanging low.

I have ordered a pump and I am excited to try it out in a week from now! I am starting to do some more research and thread reading about hard gainers. After a good hanging session, my unit is really loose and stretchy, when I pull it out I can feel that tight steel cord limiting further movement. Must figure out how to get past this point! Been sleeping with a lovely lady recently too, pumping should be a good time.

Hanging low till I'm hanging low.

Hey everyone. Took quite a decon over the holidays and had the absolute time of my life. Back in the new year to keep on trucking. I am now convinced that I am an extreme hard gainer after one year of such solid consistency in hanging. I will keep on trucking through this year while trying to figure out what to do.

Hanging low till I'm hanging low.

I started out at 6.25 BPEL, and can now get to a max of 6.75 BPEL. Although with my increased EQ I am enjoying sex much more so there is that. I am not one to easily give up. This year will most likely be a year of pumping since I will not have time to consistently hang.

Hanging low till I'm hanging low.


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