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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

Originally Posted by ADM2600
How would you know whether “having an affair with a ridiculous hot asian girl” is not one of (if not the) contributing factor to your improved “cum load”? Did you unload a “bucket of cum” prior to your “cool-down” period?

Hey there, mate, I will gladly answer your question and share some more of my experiences
1) That wasn’t my first sexual encounter with that girl. We had a few dates before that, so the fact that she is very attractive in my eyes wasn’t the sole contributing factor to my cum load increase. I also had a few very attractive women in my life before, and this had no noticeable influence on my cum load.
2) During our first few flings I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. My cum loads were normal and moderate, as it had always been during all my life.
3) The increase in cum load correlates beautifully with me starting to take the supplements that have been recommended in this thread here.

I notice that I have a lot of easier time to get and hold an erection, now that I am drinking deep from the Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase. I never had any true problems at all, but sometimes I would go a bit flaccid during an extended bedroom session, and now my erection just feels better and firmer. My whole dick feels firmer, it’s hard to describe, but feels very satisfying. And when I come, the feeling is much, much stronger and better than before, especially if I abstain from fapping for a while.

I haven’t tried Maca, Pygeum or Horny Goat weed yet, but I definitely want to check out Pygeum. I am not excited about the other too, as their main contribution seems to be increasing your libido and making you horny, is that right? My libido never was a problem and I am horny enough, but maybe someone can offer some insight of how they interact with the other supplements? I heard good things about celery stalks and bushels and even seeds and I actually like munching on them. The recommendations I found talk about consuming at least a whole bushel .. Well I got no problem of doing this the night before a date where I expect some action and during said days lunch, but for a regular habit this seems to be a bit excessive. The celery seeds seem to be much more manageable on a daily basis, so I will get some of those this monday and try to expand my experimentations.

I am super happy that I stumbled over this thread here and this stuff is actually working really well. Btw, I haven’t tried any of the PE stuff, as it all seems very involved. I tried jelqin once, but couldn’t get the hang of it and I sometimes exercise my Kegel muscle, when I am sitting in the bus or something, but that sums up my experience with PE. My dick is already a bit above the norm, so I don’t feel pressured to increase my size, but maybe there is this one technique that’s easily done and that yields moderate or small results? Thanks in advance ;)

Sunflower Lecithin

Originally Posted by coolbill
I just picked up some Lecithin and immediately saw the word ‘soy’ which raised this flag. Any comments?

Great thread. You must have been reading my mind.

Sunflower Lecithin by the Now Foods brand is also an option. Being vegan & soy-free I didn’t have Lecithin as part of my regimen until I became aware of the Sunflower/ other varieties.

Kind of in a different situation right now but I think this thread might be helpful since people might have knowledge of my issue.

I’m not currently on a stack but found yesterday that my output was significantly lower than what I was expecting. I had already been feeling paranoid about the amount decreasing over time (far faster than I would expect at my age). But yesterday there was *very* little. It was as if I had ejaculated several times in the day already. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I wish I had a decent amount when I was off the stack. At this rate, I will need the stack to just have a small amount.

I had thought it was retrograde ejaculation at one point but I don’t have cloudy urine which I thought was a necessity as a symptom. Any ideas?

For me I have become a firm believer that the stack doesn’t add much more to what you can already produce. At least for me.

I’ve gone back to taking only my daily vitamins (they do give me a total of about 12g of Zinc), I do drink a lot of water, and consume a shake daily that contains quite a bit of amino acids.

I haven’t been taking lecithin or maca for about 6 weeks and my cumshots seem a bit more watery than before, or at least not as thick as before, but volume hasn’t changed much.

As most times, if sex is great and the level of arousal is high = more volume of ejaculation, plus an intense first spurt that can reach probably up to 3 feet, rest usually follows in small short spurts, no ropes.
If I’m not that aroused, it is just a quickie and not a lot of oral/foreplay = less ejaculation volume + not much distance.
If I squeeze one out by myself = always less volume + it doesn’t really shoot out.

I am getting some more Maca though as I love the extra energy it gives.

Nice, thick load without the stack. Just a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle with an occasional multivitamin.

Erome . Com/a/DRAHEnhU

Originally Posted by sippalnomah
You are probably right. Its genetics. You just have to find your thing and you will get a little push and see some results but you will never be a Peter North. There is some amateur clips out there and it would be nice to ask how they do it but I bet its genetics also.

I think this is right. As someone whose lucky to always be able to shoot huge loads, a lot of it was just that way. Up to 11 ropes and when I used to be better about training my PC muscle, some could actually hit my face when laying down.
Zinc definitely helps making those loads thicker, whiter and Horny Goat Weed can help just by way of better erections and arousal but you’re right that supplements will not make anyone go from a 1 shot dribbler to Peter North.

Originally Posted by sippalnomah
I ve tried L-Arginine two times, both times my heart felt weird. Like skipping beats etc. So I stopped.

I had a similar feeling.

At what dosage did you take arginine?

Hey there and I am in with an update.

So, my stack definitely and lastingly increased my cum load and I am super happy with it. I didn’t do any actual measurement, but it feels like its twice the size it was before .. At the very least it should be +50% or something. Compared to before my load is now fucking humongous.

Also, the final piece of my puzzle arrived, the pygeum. The first time I noticed its effect was while I was preparing for a date with my partner in crime and edging the day before to preload my meat rocket for the first shot. At one point I thought that I had overdone it and actually came, but it didn’t feel like it, there was just a big puddle of mostly clear substance shooting out of my dick. When I continued my edging session, this time more carefully, this happened a few more times. I can’t wait to see the full effect in action!

My current stack is
Sunflower lecithin 1200mg
Zinc 50mg
Vitamin D 5000 IU

Looking to add Vitamin E for a bigger load.

Does anyone have any recommendations for what kind of dose and type of vitamin e I can add?

OK so it’s been a good few weeks since my last update.

I’ve been experimenting with other supplements here and there, while using up my supplies of other supplements that simply had no effect for me, or were not worth the price for little effect. The two supplements that I am still using up are the Maca Root Extract (may have increased libido, but not worth the price) and the Zinc (no effect on load volume whatsoever).

So with that said, I’m nearly 3.5 weeks in with the RealHerbs’ brand of ‘Pygeum & Saw Palmetto’ supplement, as well as adding PipingRock Celery Seed about 3 days after that.

The verdict:
Precum volume increase, clearer loads, thinner loads, possible minor increase in load volume.

Whether that’s the combination of the Pygeum & Saw Palmetto and the Celery Seeds, or one of the two, I am unsure, but the effects certainly kicked in this past week or so. It began is being able to come close to edging and feeling a need to ‘pre-orgasm?’, where I’d just quickly spray a very small amount of clear watery fluid. Not much, but very noticeable. In the past few days, I’ve been trying normal stimulation and edging, to see the effect, and I definitely see a good bit more pre-cum. Nothing like the insane amounts I want to see yet, but certainly a few squeezes while aroused brings out a drop or two at a time within small intervals.

I’m now trying to abstain (it’s really hard, no pun intended), and it’s day 2 of teasing but no masturbation. I’ve been noticing small dark spots and feeling wet sensations on my tip, even when I’m not actually turned on by anything (I may be gaming or watching TV or even right now typing this post :P).

I’ve heard good things about the PipingRock brand, and several UK posters on other forums have expressed wild successes with the PipingRock’s ‘Standardized Pygeum’ as well as it’s ‘Celery Seed’ supplements that I’m using, so I’ll probably try both after the current supply of Pygeum ends. That is of course if I don’t continue to see further increase in pre-cum.

Sunflower v. Soy Lecithin

Besides the obvious disfavor for a soy-based supplement for men, has anyone actually found that sunflower lecithin is superior STRICTLY in terms of the volume gain to be had?

Originally Posted by holygrailsupps

Besides the obvious disfavor for a soy-based supplement for men, has anyone actually found that sunflower lecithin is superior STRICTLY in terms of the volume gain to be had?

I’ve actually found the opposite. I tried some soy lecithin once and for the first time ever shot my girlfriend in the face while being by her pussy. Recently I wanted to try it again but the store only had sunflower available and I have had ZERO volume gains.

Originally Posted by Alb Einstein
I had a similar feeling.

At what dosage did you take arginine?

Even with 1 capsule of 750mg I felt that weird feeling. Tried 3,4 times with the same result. I can’t use it.

I don’t really have any ropes and my cum is usually more watery/more translucent. Only if I save up a few days it gets a bit more ropey, but far from the cumshots you’re seeing online.

Did anyone have any success in going from watery cum to actual thick ropes?


First of all, Congrats for starting a discussion thread that has sustained for 10 years.

I am starting my stack this weekend and I’m looking forward to experimenting for the optimal results my body can achieve.


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