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Attacking the fat-pad! Join Me!

Originally Posted by pullNgrow
Great advice, I have always been a sucker with my diet… Like I said my metabolism is, well, just fantastic. I basically eat whatever I want and do not really gain weight. Up until recently anyway, but that is mostly because I have been very inactive this last year. Hell in college, I worked out twice a day and ate about 6-7 full meals. Everyday!

Any advice on how to figure out what my BMR is? I have never heard of calculating it before. I would be interested in loosing about 15lbs. I am also looking to tone up as well though.

Last night the dog and I ran for about a mile. He is old so its a couple minutes of running then a couple of walking. Felt great to be active though. I also did 4 sets of Pull Ups. I am out of shape, my in-durance is completely shot. I got 12 the first set, then 8, then 6, and finally 5. Yep definitely a great time to start working out again. I also was tired after 10 back tucks…. not my finest moment. Push ups tonight + another jog with the dog.

There are several different formulas that have been created using regression on the BMR data from study participants. Only way to know for sure is via a machine that’s able to tell how much CO2 you produce.

There are tons of online calculators out there that use the formulas such as: http://www.bmi- … bmr-calculator/
BMR Calculator, Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator |
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Calculator |

Do those and find a few more to get an idea of what result it gives.

For figuring out how many calories you burn via activity there are online tools for that as well.

Now if you eat 500 less than your BRM + activity you’ll lose 1 lb per week. How big you should make your deficit depends on your current body fat level. Calipers are generally the best simple option but they’re not that accurate. Best way is the “rule of thumb” via just pinching your abdominal region. Basically if you can only pinch skin / less than 1/2 inch keep the deficit at 500 or just under 500. If someone can pinch 6+ inches then it’s safe to say a 2,000 a day deficit would be just fine. It’s nothing exact or anything. Basically the higher your body fat the less muscle mass your body will metabolize as you drop weight.

Biggest mistake people make in my opinion is having too large of a deficit or too small of a deficit. Also opposite kinds of people have those problems. Lean and skinny guys in my experience eat at too large of a deficit and guys with lots of fat eat at too low of deficits. Should be reversed.

Since you can do a good number of pullup a good target would be a 500 calorie a day deficit so you don’t lose as much muscle. I just said most of the above in case anyone else reads it.

Hi everyone!

Is someone have tried cryolipolisis?
I saw a girl in youtube ( nerseey67) who use cheap ice pack for it.

Originally Posted by Rizlo
Hi everyone!

Is someone have tried cryolipolisis?
I saw a girl in youtube ( nerseey67) who use cheap ice pack for it.

Haven’t tried it. I’d just work on the diet so you lose weight all over your body.

I mean you can do the freezing to kill the fat cells if after dieting you still have some fat in some locations.

Some guys just store fat differently.

Not read whole thread sorry. However there are products that you can inject (not big needles just small bot-ox/insulin type needles) into specific areas of fat to reduce them. The main ingredient in them is clenbuterol hcl.

Oral clenbuterol won’t work although it can help reduce overall body fat.

These products are usually used in bodybuilding to reveal the lower abs but it would work just as well in the fat pad.

I’m in, got 1 inch and would like to get it down to half that. Don’t know what I had before I started working sitting at a desk hehe. Used to be lean, but now I’m skinny fat :’(

Have now lost 4kg since first reading this topic, so I’m at just below 85kg. 10 more kg to go til I’m skinny again!

Less calories, beef jerky instead of potato chips, nuts and dried fruits instead of candy and finally no alcohol on Mon (or sun) - Thu. This seems to work good for me!

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Latest 2016-12-09: BPEL: 7.4 EG: 6,5

Future: BPEL: 9.0 EG 6.8

Awesome job fellas… I havent fallen off the band wagon… I just havent been able to post my progress… well im up to 7 nbpel and a hair up on girth aswel… ive lost 2% fat since my first post on this topic… so its coming along… good to see so many people hitting it hard!

NBPEL 6.5 X EG 5.80

Always open to the best way to get that length!

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Originally Posted by WangZ

Awesome job fellas.. I havent fallen off the band wagon.. I just havent been able to post my progress.. Well I’m up to 7 NBPEL and a hair up on girth aswel.. I’ve lost 2% fat since my first post on this topic.. So its coming along.. Good to see so many people hitting it hard!

2 percent units or 2 % of your previous fat? Awesome job anyhow!

As a home brewer my biggest obstacle is not drinking my Imperial stouts everyday :D

Best breakfast tip is quark, some goji berries’ and walnuts, very nice!

Start 2013-04-04: BPEL: 6.3 EG: 5.9

Latest 2016-12-09: BPEL: 7.4 EG: 6,5

Future: BPEL: 9.0 EG 6.8

Excellent thread. Except two main guys in it are adolescent.

Why older guys don’t like to think this way? Because it is easier, with more pleasure, to ‘play’ with dick then go to gym and spend 2 hours of hard work.

Where am I in this story?

I am 57. Starting with PE before 1,5 month. Find this site two weeks ago.

Before that try for weeks to find a holy grail of burning my fat pad. Why?

I am 6 feet tall barefoot, no shoes. 185 pounds. Ideal!?

Nooooo, I got 1,25 inch pad. When I start measurements of my unit last evening I didn’t know what to do. So it looks that I have barely 6” of NBPEL. But where to start measuring. Base is not flat. Ok I reach 6,5” BPEL which is my average length when I was younger.

When I was 36, I lost 25 pounds, and was very skinny. I got erections 3 times a day. One day it my dick seems to be longer than usual. I measured him, and woooooow 17,5 cm, about 7”. Half inch from nowhere. No pain, no any effort.

Bottom-line is: I must take back 1/4” which I lost during years, and if I continue to PE with moderate success with other exercises, my growth will not be visually moderate, but very nice.

Long post, but fat pad I really hate.

The fat pad, or more aptly named the adipose tissue just above the pubic bone, and covering the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle and the iliac crest, is a difficult bit of your body to work on. There are a lot of exercises you can do (for example these Best Lower Ab Workout - Read, Watch Exercise Videos to Lose Tummy Fat).

Ever saw a female fitness model? they have next to no fat pad, because they do a lot of core training. Michelle Lewin is a perfect example. Not only does it look beautiful (in my opinion), it’s also incredibly desirable because core strenght prevents all sorts of back problems. When I read up on it, they tend to focus on hanging leg raises and upper leg exercise. It’s easier on the back for most people. Male fitness models or bodybuilders focus on the external oblique muscles as well, and that gives you that nice thick bulging V-shape above the pubic bone. That is why they focus on pure abs training including oblique and side-to-side exercise.

Secondly: for exercise that burns fat, working out while fasting (so no food or pre-workout shake for at least 3 hours before exercise) is the simplest option. After a workout, try not to eat for a little while. I am doing this right now, both cardiac training and strenght training, and I love doing it. I workout between 17:00 and 18:00 and then eat at 20:00. Added bonus is that I am never hungry in the evening, I don’t get the cravings ;)

And yes, I know I will get a lot of flak for the above statement, but I stand by it. My own fat pad is 2 cm, or at least, it used to be. I swear it gets smaller every day. And guess what gets bigger?

* 7 July 2015 (start): BPEL 17 cm (6.7") / EG 13 cm (5.1")

* 6 december 2015 (latest): BPEL: 18.7 cm (7.4") / EG 13.6 cm (5.4")

note: I study medicine, will be honest and skeptical, but I never mean to offend :) My picture thread: TCG's pictures, gains and rants.

Very in depth and well written… Will keep this in mind… I have been doing the more or less fasting/ training… And it really does do wonders for body fat percentage and cravings

NBPEL 6.5 X EG 5.80

Always open to the best way to get that length!

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Well I am in I have lost 60 pounds and I still have a 3+ inch fat pad. Can’t wait to get rid of it. I will see how much I really have.

Hey fellas expect a picture February 11 , I will be posting one with no shirt on this and the other on my page… This will be the leanest I’ve ever been… Keep striving guys!

NBPEL 6.5 X EG 5.80

Always open to the best way to get that length!

CHECK out my progress WangZ achievements with PIC

Hi I always had some fatpad over the penis root, read about ice that removed fat so I had to try. Took a weight the smallest I found and let it freeze overnight, then let it over the boxer and forgot that it lay it there .After 20-30 minutes, the fat under the skin was a frozen hard lump and I was scared. The next day the fat was gone and it became a good result. Can not recommend this but rather that you use some plastic with water inside and put it in the freezer trying out and you want a penis that looks much bigger.

Originally Posted by djrobins
Hey fellas. I actually did pubic lipo 2.5 years ago… It helped my fat pad around .5”… Afterwards I couldn’t help but to think to take a slower, but consistent fat loss process until fat pad would be nearly completely bare would be a better approach.

Pubic lipo can be considered if you are super lean and super skinny and have a big pillow for a fat pad stealing 1” of length. the fat pad sucks!

Body fat steals testosterone and converts it to estrogen. So if you are like 15% or over on body fat like most non-competitive non-atheletes are, you are literally a huge man-boob.

You will help yourself and testosterone levels by stripping fat off thru diet, nutrition and excersize. It takes time. Consistency over the months will tear it down.

Some of our members have .25” fat pads…. And many of us are like 1.25-2”… Fat pad is visual COCK, and women do not give credit for cock stolen by the fat pad. If you are smart you will pull that meat back or something while she’s giving head so she can see your full length of your man-spear. Still when the fat pad resumes its position she will not credit you over someone leaner than you with the same cock size.

Body fat also holds toxins, and the estrogen will make you more depressive.

Part of our PE improvements should be improving our bodies and our minds… PE is an iterative, process that relies on consistency. So is the process for improving the body and improving confidence.

Like they say confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

I highly agree with that,
4nbp. Looks small to some women
5nbp. Looks small to some as well
6nbp. Ideal, looks neither small nor big
7nbp. Looks big
8nbp. Really big
9nbp. Huge

If you look at any nbp measurement on the internet you will notice what I wrote above. But girth looks kind of confusing in a picture, but in real life it isn’t, so in between 5 to 6 nbp is about average and looks ideal, so people who have been well over that should lose some weight to get to that ideal range.
I myself, need to lose a .75 inch fat pad as I progress in my PE journey. :)

Start Jul 2016 - 4.5 BPEL x 4.25 MSEG.

Peak - 6.6 BPEL x 5.13 MSEG

Hi WangZ A great thread. I have exactly the same problem as you had when you first started this thread years ago.
Since I have been PE I notice the fat pad too.
I gave up sugar, all things containing sugar or as much as I could.
Have reduced my carbs very little bread, pasta, & so on.
I have taken to riding my bike every day for about an hour till I get my heart pumping & breathing deeply.
I was 83Kg & am back to 80 now my BMI is 22.5. Loosing another 2 or 3 Kg’s should get rid of the fat pad.
The fat pad is still there, but about half the thickness. That has given me half an inch in visual length already. When its further gone it will certainly enhance the look of my cock. My girlfriend is already wanting to look at just to see how big it is. She is more proud of it than I am! I’m sure the sight of a big cock turns a woman on.

Great side benefits are, I am fitter & healthier & can wear the clothes I put aside when my waist line grew.


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