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Don't Measure it, Weigh it.

Don't Measure it, Weigh it.

Don’t Measure it, Weigh it.
A Grower’s Guide to
(Fowfers, ADS and Flaccid Gains)

I haven’t gone into any particular routines in this thread or covered anything really new. All the methods discussed here at T’s place are good, some better than others, and every individual has his own favorites and know what works best for him. Basically I do them all, with most emphasis on hanging, pumping, edging in clamps aggressive clamping and the constant wearing of an ADS. But it doesn’t matter which of these works best for you, what I’m talking about in this thread is what we do after and in between the various routines. Neither have I gone into great detail to explain terms. I assume anyone reading this thread has a basic knowledge of PE terminology or knows how to use the search engine.

The majority of men on this forum are chiefly concerned with erect length. Honestly, I don’t think extreme erect length gains are for everyone. In fact they may be impossible or at the very least extremely difficult for some of us, and in any case they take a long, long time. But despair not, all of ye of low LOTs.. Even for the most hard core turtlers out there, there is hope. The silver lining behind every grower’s black cloud is a thing called total penile volume. This is how you can appear to have a really big dick while you are working to get one.

I have to admit, I made some pretty quick newbie gains in my first year of PE in all areas. Then erect length came to a crashing halt and has seemingly cemented at 7-1/4” for almost a year now. On the other hand my girth and flaccid gains have continued slowly without ever stalling out and have really picked up just recently since I’ve begun all this aggressive clamping. I’ve posted tons of stuff on girth so I won’t talk too much about that here. Almost everything I know about girth can be found on the clamping thread. What I want to talk about here is Flaccid Hang and total penile mass. I’m not the only member who cares about flaccid size there are a lot of us, and because I feel girth and flaccid length go hand and hand due to total penile mass, and also because these gains come much quicker than erect length, they kind of pave the way to a bigger dick in general whether it is hard or soft; Due to this I believe my methods may be of interest to all.

If you apply yourself diligently the following methods will give you more total penile volume and weight, and to the eye that IS a bigger dick, even more than what the ruler says. I spend a lot of time at nudist camps, and there is a lot of crotch watching goes on at these places. I’ve yet to see a woman walking around with a ruler, but I have seen their eyes bug out whenever a man walks by with a nice flaccid hang.

Sure, nothing probably looks or feels better to a woman in the bedroom than an 8X6 NBP boner pushing inside her filling her to capacity, and I’m sure every man on this forum wants this or more, and I honestly believe most of us will eventually meet out goals, but the hands of the BPEL gods move very slowly, in the meantime, while we are working toward that big boner, a fat heavy flaccid goes a long way, and I’ll tell you why.

I’d say 90% of the time a dick is seen in public or in private it is flaccid. Most of the times your dick is seen by anyone, including yourself it is soft: No matter if it’s just guys in the locker room, at the urinal, your doctor, people on a nudist beach, your wife, or even that new girlfriend on the first date. The first sighting of your manhood by anyone it is most likely to be in the flaccid or at most semi-erect state. First impressions carry a lot of weight. I don’t care if your bone press is nine inches, if the first time your new girlfriend sees your dick it is turtled up inside your body with just the tip sticking out, that will be the impression she will carry with her until you prove otherwise, and if you know she’s seen you like this, proving otherwise can be difficult. So, flaccid size IS important. Showers are blessed by the gods. Like being born with a high LOT or a natural 8X6 a shower is one who nature smiled upon from the moment of conception. Even with all the work we do, stretching hanging and torturing ourselves, I’m not sure that a grower can ever become a shower without severing ligaments. But I know for a fact that a grower can pretty easily train even the most stubborn turtling dick into one that will hang heavy and swing nicely when it is soft. I’ve done it and this is how.

First rule: NEVER EVER for any reason let your dick retract back inside your body to heal especially after hanging, but also after manual stretching, pumping or any exercise. In fact Never means Never. There is no reason other than laziness’ to let your dick turtle up in the fat-pad, not anymore; not knowing what we know and from what we’ve learned about ways to keep it extended. I know you Vets have heard me say this a million times and for some of you new growers in the forum this sounds trivial. It also sounds like a tall order, but it is really very easy to do but you will have to do this if you want to beat the turtle. But you will need a few supplies and instructions.

TOOLS OF THE CRAFT: There are a lot of wonderful PE gadgets out now. There are also still a lot of rip-offs out there so buyers be ware, but there are some great devices, too. The more we learn about the Craft, the better the gadgets become; new gadgets get invented and old ones get improved, and those inventions and improved devices are mostly possible due to the feedback that pours in from nearly 40,000 men daily. That’s a lot of dick pulling folks. And these are not just ordinarily men; these are men who are driven with a common obsession. Just think about that figure a second. That is 40,000 minds. Some creative inventor types, some doctors lawyers, some smart guys, some dimwits like me, but all of them desperately searching for that one thing that will make a difference, the one thing that will give them the DREAM.

This forum is the biggest and best GADGET of all. It runs on contributions. If you have cash, Make a Donation of some of it. If you don’t have a dime you can still contribute. Post, get involved. If you discover something new that works or seems to work, TELL US. If you find something that does NOT work tell us. Especially tell us if something that has caused you injury. There are too many lurkers on the forum. Thundersplace works and we are all very lucky to have stumbled across it.

Other than the forum, here are the other tools no PEer should ever be without.

CABLECLAMPS: They’re cheap. You can get them anywhere now, probably because of the attention this forum has generated for the things. Wal-Mart’s has them, Home Depot, almost any hardware store. You guys overseas can get them from the website linked on my Clamping thread. Buy them by the box, they’re plastic, they break, they wear out. THEY WORK. Newbies have no business doing X-Ulis or abusing themselves with aggressive clamping, but even after modest conditioning some mild clamping can be done and eventually a lot of clamping can be done. Clamping works, folks, plain and simple. Stick a couple in your pocket and take them every where you go. You can clamp just about anywhere you can get an erection. (See Clamping Thread) And I have no doubt clamping will bring you greater penile volume. And no, I do not work for the CableClamp people. I have nothing to gain here other than the satisfaction of knowing I’ve helped some guy thousands of miles away to build a nice fat flaccid hang. Even if you are not ready to clamp yet, if you see them buy them. Put them in your PE box for future clamping.

HOMEDICS THERAPUTIC MAGNETIC WRIST WRAP: This one is getting harder to find. Some Wal-Mart’s still carry them, drug stores, usually where you find ACE bandages. If you find them, buy several. They are about seven bucks a pop, but are literally indestructible. These things are great to use under your clamps are just to wear as an ADS when you are too sore to wear weights. If you can’t find them you can get them from the HOMEDIC’s website. Or you can use a mouse pad. It is not as convenient without the Velcro fastener, but they work pretty well with clamps. What you want is Neoprene. Neoprene, soft on one side rubbery on the other, keeps in heat can be used under water: hot tub, pool bath tub shower. Cut up a wetsuit if you have to, but a rectangular or oval shaped mouse pad cut into strips works fine.

ADS: There are a lot of good ADS devices out now, use the one of your choice even if it is nothing more than a traction wrap, but use one, always after any PE routine. For me the best, cheapest and most effective are the lead rings. I won’t post a link here because I don’t want to be accused of promoting any financial ventures. But if something works for me I talk about it, and these things work. I’m sure everyone knows where to find them by now. Wear your ADS every waking moment. If you dick is not sleeping or up to it’s glands in pussy it should be in your ADS.

FOWFERS: It is really easy to Fowfer, almost anywhere. Of course it is always best if you are alone in the room, but you would be surprised how easy it is to unzip, tuck and sit even in a semi private office with people coming and going. Any place you could get by with scratching an itch on your genitals you can Fowfer, especially if you work at a desk job. If you work on your feet you don’t need to Fowfer, because your lead weights will keep you from turtling.

SLEEPING and the BED FOWFER: Okay guys: This is probably the most important thing of all: There have been a lot of threads discussing the benefits of somehow utilizing the healing process the penis goes through during nocturnal erections. If you haven’t seen the excellent link Thunder posted in Dangles Clamping at 4AM thread, read it. You might want to print it off and read at your leisure, because it is pretty lengthy and in depth, but very informative. In a nutshell the time your dick is doing its utmost healing is while you are in your deepest sleep REM sleep. Holy shit I got it right. REM, not RIM. Rapid Eye Movement. This is when we dream, this is when we get hard and most importantly this is when we HEAL. Having the micro-tears elongated during this time is very important to PEers. I’m not suggesting you wear your Bib hanger to bed, guys. Although there are probably some who do. I can’t even advise traction wrapping while you sleep, although I used to do this myself.

I do suggest however a very simple routine I call BED FOWFERS. I used to call them Pillow Fowfers, but lately I’ve found it works better without the pillow. This exercise works best if you sleep nude. Simply tuck your flaccid dick between your legs and sleep on your side. Most people sleep on their side most of the night anyway, but this can be done even if you sleep on your back, you just need to start out on your side. After a little while your body heat makes the inside of your thighs a literal penis magnet. Once that sucker is tucked in there and body heat builds up it will STAY tucked, even when you toss and turn during the night. You may have to retuck once and a while, especially if you are one of these sleepers that tosses their bed partner off into the floor during the night. It is very easy to keep that dick tucked between your legs. After a while you’ll get so that the retuck is involuntary. When the time of night, or morning comes when REM sleep takes you deep under, you won’t have to worry about it. Your nocturnal erections will pull that sleeping penis right of its warm cradle and do it’s healing. During this time you don’t have to worry about turtling, because you will be hard. The minute Mother Nature is done with her little healing episode you will be waking up for the day. Before you get out of bed, reach over to your night stand and get your lead ring, slip it on and start your day.

Good luck

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Great post BG!!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

One of the better posts I’ve read on this forum.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Fantastic post! Thanks!


I have a question about the lead rings. I have been using an around the waist type homemade ADS, but I don’t feel it gives me enough stretch. However, in my job I am usually sitting down. Would there be any benefit to the rings in a seated position, or do you need to be standing to let gravity pull you down?

Fantastic post!

Fantastic post BG. Thanks for taking the time to put this summary into such focused form. The nighttime fowfers are definitely activities that all guys should include into their PE rituals for bigger flaccid size, which has always been my main goal.


Forum Guidelines PAST: 5.25"L x 4.75"G (base),EBP (January 2001) / PRESENT: 7.50"L x 7.00G (base),EBP It doesn't happen overnight! Commitment! Focus! Patience!/ Main Routine = Pumping/Jelqing/clamping + Homedic TheraP or ACE Wrap TheraP or ACE Wrap

Another amazing post by BG :thumbs:

Thanks, Jesse

Thanks guys

Originally Posted by Redwood1981
Another awesome post BG, this could sort of be considered an update and sequel to this great old thread of yours.

Redwood: Thanks for pulling that old thread out of mothballs. I enjoy looking back on how much we’ve learned and how far we’ve come. I still stick by most of what I said then, except the part about sleeping wrapped. It’s not that I think it is all that dangerous using just the mag-wrap. It’s just that he Bed-Fowfers work so much better. With the wrap I usually lost it during the night and woke up turtled where with the Fowfer when I wake my dick is still stuck between legs like Velcro.

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No Nukes

As long as you aren’t sticking your dick up your own ass, I’m cool with it. :D

Originally Posted by xlmagnum
As long as you aren’t sticking your dick up your own ass, I’m cool with it. :D

Another stretching technique for the extra long?

Forum Guidelines PAST: 5.25"L x 4.75"G (base),EBP (January 2001) / PRESENT: 7.50"L x 7.00G (base),EBP It doesn't happen overnight! Commitment! Focus! Patience!/ Main Routine = Pumping/Jelqing/clamping + Homedic TheraP or ACE Wrap TheraP or ACE Wrap

Great post BG,

I have a question about Fowfers. Do you tuck your sack in between your legs as well?

Originally Posted by mravg
I have a question about the lead rings. I have been using an around the waist type homemade ADS, but I don’t feel it gives me enough stretch. However, in my job I am usually sitting down. Would there be any benefit to the rings in a seated position, or do you need to be standing to let gravity pull you down?


I wear the rings all the time. Right after a hang session I’ll put on three of the big ones (2lbs) and jog or power walk 4miles. But I can’t wear all three all the time, especially while I’m working at my desk. If I’m going to be sitting for a while I’ll only wear one. One is enough to keep you from turtling, but not so bulky to make sitting uncomfortable. If I’m sitting for a long time, like an hour or more I’ll slip it off and tuck a Fowfer. The weights are more effective when you are walking or standing. The objective is to not let it turtle, using whatever means necessary. The rings are the best way standing or walking; Fowfers are best for long sitting periods

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No Nukes

The long tuck, self fuck

Originally Posted by xlmagnum
As long as you aren’t sticking your dick up your own ass, I’m cool with it. :D

Xmagnum and peforeal:

If I could stick it up my own ass I wouldn’t have to PE and all my posts would be in the LL&F forum.

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No Nukes

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