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Lies, No one has real video proof let alone valid picture evidence, prove me wrong.

Lies, No one has real video proof let alone valid picture evidence, prove me wrong.

Most pictures claiming to prove gains with a “before and after” are truly not convincing enough to me, and merely look like photos taken at different stages of the person’s erection. Or, of an erected penis in its healthiest and fullest state in comparison to it after being exhausted, or while suffering from hard flaccid (which effects erected size and feeling as well as flaccid).

In addition, the ratio of testimonies without picture proof to that with picture proof is ridiculously unbalanced. Surely these people that claim to have gained would have taken photos for themselves to archive at the very least, and post picture evidence on the forum if so, why would they be shy. I don’t mean to burst newcomers’ bubbles or hopes but am only stating what I believe to be the truth. We are being fooled by people that get off talking about stats and lying about them, or don’t know their true natural size or are deluded.

I would love to be proven wrong and want to be proven wrong. If someone does have honest, clear photos of their healthy unit at 100% erection before and after jelqing please enlighten me.

Here is the thing, I made the same mistake in thinking I was smaller when I measured my unit at a stage when it was exhausted and suffering from hard flaccid due to over masturbation, which was for a long time in my life. When I gave my unit a break and focused on my health, exercising and eating the correct foods including the right supplements I thought I’d grown my penis, when in fact I just never knew or witnessed the correct measurement.

Therefore, I can see how one may believe that jelqing made their unit grow, when in-fact they never knew the actual size of their penis due to it never being healthy enough or due to over stimulation, and the timing was just coincidental. Jelqing may seem to make your penis larger due to better blood circulation.

Please, prove me wrong and correct me if I am, as like most men in the world, I would not say no to more inches.

There’s over 400,000 members of this site and you really think all of us are lying? Some of us have been here for 10 plus years. I’m not going to try to change your mind but there is undeniable proof that this works. There’s many different peer owned sites just like this one with the same information. I’ll admit some people exaggerate their successes to a degree but it works for most people. It’s not all just an increase in erection quality.

There are even scientific studies now that prove extenders work.

As far as picture proof goes, not everyone wants a picture or video of their dick plastered all over the internet. Imagine the shame people would feel if this site got hacked and all the pictures were posted somewhere with people’s actual names attached to them.

Just my two cents. I have no pictures to offer other than what’s in my progress log. With that being said I don’t have before pics because I was dumb and didn’t take them when I started. Speaking on progress logs if you want actual hard proof I would start looking there. Some people here have logs that are years old and you can actually see the growth rate.

At the end of the day believing if this works or not is up to you. Only way to know for sure is to try yourself.

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I agree, picture proof doesn’t really exist. It’s so easy to fake anyway. We’ve had a small amount of pretty obvious photoshopping over the years but the majority could be created using the techniques shown in How to Make Your Dick Look Bigger.

That being the case why does it matter to you that only a small percentage of people have posted pics?

In the end, you’ll either try PE for yourself and prove (or disprove) it within a short time or you won’t bother. Either way this forum will still be here and people will still post because enough of us do get results. You’ll probably see that from subsequent posts.

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The people here are not forcing you to believe mate. This is more of a personal experienced based sharing. Even some are backed up by research studies. No matter how many new comer would say this is BS, we ourselves have experienced the benefits of PE, and this community, no matter how many we are, will continue to help each other.

Bros, I first tried this 10 years ago. Within that time I’ve gotten erectile dysfunction unfortunately. What I’ve learnt from having ED is that, when my unit doesn’t want to be as hard as it can be, the flaccid state can be almost as long as the erect length when my blood circulation is tip top.

I understand these terms are contradictory, and that I might only be merely suffering from psychological ED and that still there is a slight chance this works. I am not just a hater trying to debunk a myth, I’ve done this on and off over this 10 year span. I am only 27 so trust you me I’ve been eyeing my unit a lot due to this embarrassment. I want to believe, I just wish these people that claim even a mere inch gain in girth have the proof.

And thank you for your replies.

It only works when you’re consistent, after a long time.

Penis is a hard tissue and can take a lot of stress.

It’s been working for me.

Thanks thunders.

If you’ve spent 10 years PEing and you don’t know that it works. Give up now.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Learn how to read, interpret, pay attention to detail and remember. You poor cognitively dissonant waste of space and sustenance.

Thank you Edubrsurf, I will update you guys on this thread in the future when I try again.

Originally Posted by farisss
Learn how to read, interpret, pay attention to detail and remember. You poor cognitively dissonant waste of space and sustenance.

If that was aimed at me, you’re a little off the mark.

Generally speaking, ad hominem attacks are not tolerated here. if you have an issue with what someone has said, attempt to deal with the argument rather than attack the person.

Please read this

Forum Guidelines

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

If putting someone down is considered tolerant, then I do not want to be. It’s quite redundant to cry wolf to the wolf.


You are on hold for two weeks. Take some time to think about how you can become a positive contributor to Thunders.

Attacking members is not how it works here.

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I have all the photo proof he needs but he will have to pay me for my trouble. I wonder how much he would be willing to spend. Hey I’m easy but not cheap!

Be gentle with farisss. If you read his other thread he has some serious issues he is dealing with, which I suspect is giving him a jaded view of the PE community.

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